AIB2B Presents Meet and Greet with Assemblyman Steven Choi

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El Modena Park

555 S Hewes

Orange, CA 92869

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Meet and Greet / Fundraiser for Steven Choi, our principled Assemblyman. Get to know him in person.

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In my capacity as the President of the Orange County lodge of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance, as well as the founder and president of Southern California’s Asian Industry B2B, it is my honor to endorse our incumbent Assemblyman, Steven Choi for California’s 68th Assembly District.

身为华裔美国公民联盟(CACA)橙县分会主席,以及Asian Industry B2B的创始人和总裁,我很荣幸地为加州第68众议院选区的现任议员Steven Choi进行背书。

A Strong Voting Record

While this may seem like a no-brainer for our organization which supports pro-family and pro-business values, we would also like to highlight the importance of a thorough rock-solid voting record supporting legislation that furthers these values, over many years. In this day and age, lawmakers have fallen in line to support terrible legislation such as AB-5, which severely limits the opportunities of part-time 1099 workers (the “gig” economy) and imposes unnecessary burdens on already-burdened businesses, or SB-277, which tramples on parental rights and health freedom by the promotion of aggressive vaccination schedules, or AB-329, which removes parental ability to set limits around children’s sexual education in public schools and AB-1482, which places restrictive chains on property owners. This type of legislation has received solid voting on the side of liberty from our incumbent, Steven Choi, who consistently votes against the overreach of government. We see no current alternative in the field that will be an upgrade.


在我们这个支持家庭和支持商业的组织眼里,通过立法投票来体现自己价值观是很自然的事,但我们仍然想跟大家强调,立法者多年来立场坚定一致的投票记录至关重要。现今,某些立法者已经打破底线去支持一些可怕的法案,比如AB-5, 严重限制兼职打工者(“零工经济”)的工作机会、给已经负担沉重的企业带来更多重负;或SB-277,推行过于激进的疫苗接种安排,践​​踏父母权利和健康自由; 或AB-329, 剥夺家长干预儿童在公立学校里被动接受激进性教育的权利;还有AB-1482,限制房产拥有者根据市场供需情况上调租金的权利。我们现任的众议员Steven Choi则一直坚定地反对此类型法案, 总是投票反对政府试图把手伸得过长,尽力保障民主自由。迄今AD68选区内,没有人能比他做得更好。

Solid Homegrown Experience & Track Record

Steven also has a great track record from local government to his current position in the State Assembly and over the years, has maintained integrity and good relationships with people around him. We cannot understate how important this is, as I have seen so many newcomers to politics exhibit the worst of humanity in their first campaigns. These rookie mistakes are embarrassing and damning to a person’s character, as they engage in false delusions of grandeur, down to promises of quid pro quo with power they don’t even currently possess, something I have observed in some candidates and campaigns this cycle, drunk on ego. I have no tolerance for this behavior and this has made my endorsement of Steven even more urgent. That said, for many years, Steven has exhibited none of the typical ego of many politicians, and remains down to earth and possesses a clear understanding of his role as a public servant, as well as exhibiting high ethical standards in the way he conducts himself in public and with the community. Experience and a track record matter in these urgent times, when one party has supermajority control and the minority checks and balances party needs solid fighters with as few unknowns as possible. Steven is a principled fighter and it is not time to switch him out for any other challenger, Republican or Democrat.



Chinese Voter Education

This early endorsement comes also as a wakeup call to my brothers and sisters in the Chinese community. The Chinese communities in Southern California are characterized by low voter turnout and overall tepid registration. Both my organizations work tirelessly towards an important goal of educating voters on the issues and the overall American political system. Many are coming from China, not understanding how the structure works, or the power and responsibility they possess with their vote. Every bubble is important. We have a duty to care about what we bubble in on our ballots, and our mission is not a race to register as many voters as possible, but to increase depth of understanding and nuance of the issues.


提前对Steven Choi做出背书也是对我华裔兄弟姐妹们的一种警醒。 南加州华裔社区的特点是投票率低和总体上寥寥可数的注册选民数量。 我所属的两个组织都在孜孜不倦地对选民进行有关重要议题和美国整体政治制度方面的教育,这是我们的重要工作目标。 许多人来自中国,他们不了解美国政治结构的运作方式,也不了解自身在投票中所拥有的权力和责任。 每个选项都很重要。 我们有责任去关心自己在选票上所做出的选择,而我们的使命不是要争取尽可能多的选民登记,而是要加深对议题的理解和细微差别。

Voting Chinese Without Vetting Candidates

Therefore, we warn everyone in the community, in Orange County and cities in the San Gabriel Valley with high Chinese immigrant populations, not to fall for a candidate that says “Vote for me because I’m Chinese” without any serious assessment and vetting. Understand the difference between the candidates’ platforms, but also their desire to educate. The ideal candidate should give you the tools and education to become more politically astute, not keep the Chinese in the dark through dismissing questions and acting like they know better (“leave the details to me”). This is a recipe for future corruption, as California has already demonstrated with a one-party state that keeps curtailing liberties because of voter apathy and one party allegiance. Examining our values requires thoughtful grappling of the issues and the goal is for the Chinese community to care. The more you understand, the more you care.


因此,我们敬告橙县和圣盖博谷大量中国移民聚居地的华裔社区中的每个人,切勿轻信那些大言不惭高喊“我是华裔,你就应该为我投票”的候选人,而不对他们认真加以评估和审核。 要多去了解候选人们竞选纲领之间的差异,以及他们是否有意愿对支持者进行分享和教育。好的候选人应该授人以渔,引导支持者对政治的理解更加明晰,而不是通过回避提问和避重就轻地含混应付(“细节只有我知道”),而把把华裔支持者局限于盲人摸象的黑暗境地。这就是未来腐败的滋生土壤。加州已经是一党独大了,由于选民的漠不关心,民主自由正在日渐削弱。检验我们的价值观需要对议题认真思考,其目的是让华裔开始关心。你懂的越多,你就会越发关心。


We must also assess the character of our candidates, and observe how they run their campaigns, how they manage money, and how they deal with their peers. These data points give a window to our candidates and allow us to make good decisions on how they will act when power is given to them as they head off to Sacramento as our representative. If at a campaign level, they cannot demonstrate humility and integrity, a desire to build bridges, to educate, to focus on what matters, to stay professional and productive, and to avoid the “politics as usual” games, then they may actually be reflecting dictatorial “politics as usual” in China, instead of traditional Chinese values of morality, discipline, mentorship, cooperation and harmonious relations. We must select a candidate who lives and breathes liberty and democracy, which means a heart for mentorship and educating communities instead of a hierarchical mindset. I stress to always vote our values first and the betterment of the America that most of us now call home. These values can be furthered by a Korean, a Caucasian, a Hispanic, it does not matter.



After watching campaigns for the 68th district in both the Republican and Democrat field over the last year, we are proud to endorse Steven Choi, as the only candidate with the integrity and solid background to represent us.

在仔细观察了加州68众议员选区、共和民主两党几位候选人一年来竞选情况之后,我们骄傲地对Steven Choi做出背书,因为他是该选区里唯一诚实可信赖的、具扎实功底、能够代表我们的候选人。

诚挚的 Sincerely,

Marc Ang

华裔美国公民联盟(C.A.C.A)橙县分会主席 (President of C.A.C.A. OC)

Asian Industry B2B创始人/总裁 (President/Founder of AIB2B)

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Date and Time


El Modena Park

555 S Hewes

Orange, CA 92869

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