AI as a Sustainability Enabler

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AI as a Sustainability Enabler

Can AI be used as an enabler for more sustainable industries and organizations? And what effects will it have on our society?

By Nordic Innovation House

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Thursday, March 17, 2022 · 5 - 9pm PDT


Nordic Innovation House-Silicon Valley 470 Ramona Street Palo Alto, CA 94301

About this event

Welcome to our first physical Silicon Valley event in our series of events about how AI can be a Sustainability Enabler, and what effects that have on industries and on our society. The event serie is organized by Automation Region, PiiA, AI Sweden, Silicon Vikings, and Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley.

About the event series - AI as a Sustainability Enabler

Can AI be used as an enabler for more sustainable industries and organizations? How can this be achieved and when? To what cost? What are the opportunities today and how ready are we to make the changes needed? We invite great speakers with experience from different fields to share their insights and knowledge on making these changes and working with AI in their field.

This episode -AI as a Sustainability Enabler and its effects on Democracy and Equality

In this event we look at AI as a sustainability enabler from a democratic perspective looking at its impact on society. We have invited a panel of experts in their respective fields, to share their view on this.

After this you are welcome to stay and mingle with the panel and enjoy some food and beverages!


Lars Erik Matsson Fagernæs, CEO and Co-Founder.

Aviant, electrical selfdriving longdistance drones


Tina Huang, Policy Program Manager, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI)

Shilpa Kolhatkar, AI Nations & Smart Cities Business Development, NVIDIA

Elena Fersman, VP, Head of Global AI Accelerator, Ericsson

Supreet Manchanda, Founding Partner, Raiven Capital


Gro Dyrnes, CCO, Ivaldi Group, and Partner, Norselab

The Organizers


Automation Region

Nordic Innovation House Silicon Valley

AI Sweden

Silicon Vikings

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About the organizer

Nordic Innovation House is a Silicon Valley based work community scaling the best of Nordic businesses. A unique collaboration between the five Nordic countries, we are here to help our members hit the ground running in the world's most competitive startup environment.

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