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Afternoon Delight: Women’s Embodiment Practice Club

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$99 – $495

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Harness orgasmic energy to reduce stress, promote wellbeing, transmute emotions and manifest for yourself, your loved ones and the world.

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This program comprises the support and structure of community and led practices in connection with harnessing the power of orgasmic energy.

Join Lauren Harkness, trained Tantrika and Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, for thrice weekly Peaking Practice Club and an Women's Embodiment Practice Club twice a month.

Peaking Practice Club

***Beginning May 1:

Sundays at 1:30pm

Tuesdays at 6:30pm

Thursdays at 12:00pm

Women’s Embodiment Practice Club

Two Wednesdays/month, 3:00-4:00pm

May 12, 26; June 9, 23; July 14, 28; August 11, 25; September 15, 29

Intention Setting, Energy Transmutation practices, Tantric Breathwork, Self Pleasuring with music (with no camera or sound), Gratitudes.

All times listed are Eastern.

Join monthly or sign up for a five-month package.

Our Brains, Bodies, and Nervous systems are hard wired for survival.

This can put us into fight or flight. Especially during these times of change, uncertainty and the unknown.

Luckily, our Brains, Bodies, and Nervous systems are also hard wired to move towards health, well being and homeostasis.

Orgasmic energy can help.

Orgasms are a natural stress reliever. By stimulating oxytocin, your body naturally blocks cortisol and increases your sense of connection, and bonding.

Orgasms are good for your immune system and increase immunoglobin A, which strengthens your immunity.

Orgasms bring you back to center. They stimulate the Vagus Nerve which produces a parasympathetic response in the body. I.e. Rest and Digest. Or Feed and Breed. Calm, centered, safe.

Orgasms lower pain. They release endorphins which stimulate feel good hormones and lower pain.

Utilize important tools and practices in support of community

Practicing all of this in a group amplifies the results for everyone.

**A note: Please come as you are. We are like mother nature. Sometimes we are the storms: the hurricane, the tsunami, the dust storm; and sometimes we are like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, or the hot sun caressing skin after jumping into a cold crisp lake. This is a 100% non-judgemental, unconditionally loving space. We will all benefit from where every person is at. The beautiful thing about sexual energy is that it is a transformer. It can turn rage and grief into ecstasy, and ecstasy into power and creation. We'll ride the waves in a group soup to make all our magical manifestations with.

Your Facilitator:

Lauren Harkness is a trained Tantrika and Advanced Certified Tantra Educator with Charles Muir’s Source School of Tantra, Orgasmic Meditation Instructor, trained in the D/s arts and shamanism with Om Rupani, Graduate of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts, Mastery Graduate, Jewelry Designer, Seductress, and a stand for everyone ready to heal and further ignite their sexual self, sovereign and free! She teaches Tantra and other modalities of healing and personal growth. She also offers private Tantra Sessions, Orgasmic Meditation Training, Coaching Sessions, or Reiki Healing Attunements. She teaches large group classes internationally and has taught at Burning Man, FYN, Dark Odyssey, and is the Co-Founder of The Tantra Institute of New York.

For private sessions and coaching with Lauren, visit: www.radiantecstasy.com

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