AFL 2021 Conference - Winter Launch

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AFL 2021 Conference - Winter Launch

The Launch of the 2021 Assessment for Learning Conference Experience

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February 3, 2021. 1-4pm PT /4-7pm ET

This free virtual event is the official beginning of the AFL 2021 experience, which will culminate in our May 6-7 2021 virtual Assessment for Learning Conference. At the Winter Launch we will set individual and collective learning intentions for the rest of the school year, guided by this question:

How will the Assessment for Learning movement lead the way through the crises of the moment to a more just and student-centered future of public education?

There are as many answers to our guiding question as there are relationships in the assessment for learning community. And to build a more just and student-centered future of public education, we will need even more. That is the mission we’re on together for AFL 2021.

You’ll spend most of your time during the Winter Launch in small group conversations on big questions about assessment as it relates to learning, accountability and justice. These conversations are part of a new guided reflection process created to help make sense of this unique moment. You’ll finish the event with a learning plan, new ways to connect with AFL peers, and the charge to invite more people into this community.