Aegon's Conquest Megagame

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Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta

5750 Windward Parkway

Alpharetta, GA 30005

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Greetings, Lords and Ladies! We will be running the Aegon's Conquest Megagame at the Atlanta Game Fest ( We need between 24 players and 33 players, divided into teams of at least three, but hopefully four (so conscript your friends), plus one Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Play will begin at 10 am and continue until 5pm with an hour long break for lunch at noon. Please do not sign up unless you are willing to play the whole time! Also keep in mind that while the megagame is offered at no additional cost, you will still need to purchase a membership with the Atlanta Game Fest. One day tickets are not available.

Keep in mind the game is set during the initial conquest of Westeros by Aegon, the first Targaryen king, so unfortunately your rewrites of Season 8 will remain in the realm of fan fiction for now.

So without further ado,

A Brief Description of Aegon's Conquest...

It is the Age of Conquest, three centuries before the events of Game of Thrones. Westeros stands as a fractured continent, with seven warring kingdoms jostling each other for power and dominance. Now, a new enemy has invaded from Old Valyria, bringing with them fire and blood. The time is ripe to establish yourselves as the strongest Kingdom of the realm and unite Westeros under your banner. Claim victory in this continent-spanning war and forge the Iron Throne!

Aegon’s Conquest is a medieval fantasy themed tabletop game created by DDE Adventures. Each team in Aegon's Conquest represents one of eight lordly Houses of the fractious continent of Westeros, each portrayed by four major personalities: the Lord, the Heir, the Knight, and the Maester. The goal of each team is to claim the Iron Throne of Westeros by having the most Power at the end of the game. Power is gained by conquering neighboring lands and uncovering ancient relics. Power is lost when a House betrays another by revealing one of their dark secrets.

Choosing a house

All the rules are available on for free, but I thought I would give you a brief description of the houses' abilities and playstyles to help you choose, just in case you don't want to sift through all that extra stuff.

House Targaryen
The House-specific bonuses of the Targaryens offer incentives in a wide range of playstyles - aggression, expansion, delving, gold, and alliances.

House Arryn
House Arryn sports special abilities mostly related to being defensive and protective, walling up in their impenetrable mountain passes and strongholds.

House Stark
The Starks have powerful Housespecific effects that apply mostly to the Winter Season and Lumber locations, encouraging a playstyle that rests on manipulating the Seasons.

House Hoare
House Hoare enjoys special abilities which reward players for stealing from, raiding, and pillaging their neighbors. This house inhabits lands later rules by Houses Greyjoy and Tully.

House Lannister
Play this House if you want to have advantages on gaining more Gold and being smart about it.

House Gardener
House Gardener offers powerful game mechanics effects that apply mostly to the Summer Season and Grain locations, riding a wave of influence with the changing Seasons. This house inhabits lands later ruled by House Tyrell.

House Martell
The special abilities of House Martell welcome a playstyle that allows you to hinder and frustrate your enemies at every turn, as well as manipulate Bloodlines.

House Durrandon
House Durrandon is intended for players who want to move aggressively and storm the continent. This house inhabits lands later ruled by House Baratheon.

The Night's Watch
A one-person team operating outside the tight bounds of the war. This faction needs to bully and manipulate to satisfy their win condition.

Additional Activities

If board games aren't you're thing, but you still want to participate and need things to do the other days of the fest, or if you just love Game of Thrones so much that you don't want to do anything else, you can join one of our game runners for a demo of the Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Game.

I will be running at least one demo on Saturday for 3-5 players, with another demo if demand is high. To keep sessions to a reasonable length, we will be using premade characters, but we'll build a quick custom house for you to play (mostly because the mechanics are cool).

If you are interested, purchase some tickets for the RPG along with your Megagame tickets.

Contacting Us

I will be setting up a discord server in the next few days to field questions, but if you cannot wait feel free to message the facebook page provided.

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Date and Time


Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta

5750 Windward Parkway

Alpharetta, GA 30005

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