Adventurer Fun Day 2018

Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
Registration for the Adventurer Fun Day has closed. At this time it is too late to register for any booths. Your club will only be allowed to march in the parade and attend for the day. You must contact the office to register to march: judi.jeffreys@seccsda.org

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SECC Conference Grounds

11330 Pierce St

Riverside, CA 92505

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Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
Registration for the Adventurer Fun Day has closed. At this time it is too late to register for any booths. Your club will only be allowed to march in the parade and attend for the day. You must contact the office to register to march: judi.jeffreys@seccsda.org
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The conference-wide Adventurer Fun Day is held annually on the conference grounds, typically the third Sunday in April and is the biggest event of the Adventurer year. This year’s date is April 15, 2018. Clubs have the opportunity to earn money for their club by setting up food booths and are encouraged to set up a display booth to show the Adventurer accomplishments. The day is filled with games and activities for the whole family.


The club director or secretary must submit the online registration form at www.seccyouth.com under the "Event’ tab at least fifteen (15) days before the event if they wish to participate in activities listed in the program outline. Registration deadline is Monday, April 2. Provide tentative numbers and booth needs. Once you arrive, you will need to come to the registration are to confirm numbers.

Registration Onsite

Onsite registration deposits for any booths are required before clubs will be given their reserved space for booth(s). The club director or staff may register onsite at the registration headquarters located by the green field.


All Adventurer clubs, parents, friends, pastors and church members are encouraged to attend.


ALL Booths must pay a $50 refundable, cleaning depoist fee for each booth. Deposit(s) is paid by cash or check during the onsite registration on the day of the event. The deposit(s) will be returned if booth(s) area is clean upon inspection by a county coordinator after closing ceremonies. After closing ceremonies coordinators will inspect each booth. If the booth(s) area is clean, a ‘clean’ ticket will be issued by the coordinator for each booth. Bring these tickets to registration area to receive the deposit(s). If booth(s) are is not clean, the deposit(s) will be surrendered. Finally, if my club chooses not to have a booth(s), it must be cancelled by the Monday before Fun Day or the deposit(s) will be forfeited.

Booth assignments/location will not be given until the club has registered onsite and deposit(s) paid Sunday morning. Booth construction can begin after the onsite registration is completed. Please unload your vehicles as quickly as possible, then move them to a designated parking area. There will be roadblocks in several areas. Keep this in mind as you move your vehicle from place to place.

All booths must show the club name, be neat, and decorated. Each club must have all their own equipment including extension cords, tables, chairs, trash bags, etc. Maximum size is 12’ wide x 12’ deep x 12’ high. Canopies or ez-ups are suggested as there is no shade.

Booths are not to be dismantled before closing ceremonies.

A. Display Booth -The purpose of a Display Booth is to provide an opportunity for family, visitors, and members of other clubs to view the awards, chips, stars, projects and activities the Adventurers have enjoyed working on during the Adventurer year.

B. Craft Booth - The purpose of a Craft Booth is to provide an opportunity for visitors, families and Adventurer to do a fun craft. Be creative. Crafts should be free of charge. A nominal fee may be charged to cover supplies.

C. Food Booth - Your club will be eligible for a food booth ONLY if you also have either a display or craft booth. The purpose of a Food Booth is provide an opportunity for the club to raise funds. This is a great time to involve parents and church members in helping and supporting their youth. The City of Riverside requires a non-profit food permit and has strict guidelines below that must be adhered to so we can continue to operate. Food booths may be shut down if these standards are not met:

a. Agreement

An agreement will be signed onsite at registration confirming your knowledge and compliance of the requirements and understand by not meeting any or all of the requirements, the coordinators may close the food booth.

b. Food

We are operating on a free enterprise system, meaning that your club may choose, within reason, what they wish to sell. Every item must be indicated on the Food Booth application form. What food your club will serve will be noted. Two (2) clubs will be allowed to serve the same main food and is decided on a first come, first serve basis. Clubs will be notified via email if their food choices are approved or if the main food has already been taken by two (2) previous clubs. We always need MORE entrees: burgers, hot dogs, pronto pups, tacos, tostadas, haystacks, spaghetti, etc. There will be NO alcoholic beverages, caffeine drinks, or foods prepared with meat. Avoid junk food, emphasizing food items that will contribute to a healthful diet.

c. Food Preparation

All food preparation shall occur at the food booth. All beverage ingredients must come from a retail store. Prepackaged food must be clearly labled with the folloiwng information:

  1. Common name of the food.
  2. Ingredients in order of predominance by weight.
  3. If item is perishable it shoud be labled prominently with "Perishable - Keep Refridgerated" in a highly visible locatin.

d. Food Storage and Holding

All food shall be stored in food grade containers with lids. All food storage shall be a minimum of six (6) inches off the ground at all times. Food should be stored so that it is adequately protected at all times from contamination, access from insects and exposure to the elements. Food that needs to remain cold or perishable foods shall be in ice chests with plenty of ice. Ice used for drinks or snow cones should be stored in separate coolers and containers safely away from ice used for food storage and cooling.

e. Inspection

Your Food Booth will be inspected by coordinators before Fun Day begins to make sure you meet the above criteria. Your booth will be graded by a rating form based on the same criteria. When you pass inspection, your club will be given a participation ribbon giving you authorization to serve and sell food.

f. Safety

Every booth using electrical connections or open flame, must have an approved, and up to date, dry chemical type 2.5 lb. fire extinguisher. Someone trained in the use of the fire extinguisher should be in the booth at all times

g. Sanitation

If the booth is not being operated in a sanitary way, precautions taken in handling of food and the safety of perishable foods, we will find it necessary to close the booth down.

  1. No one sick should be working.
  2. Hands and forearms should be free of skin injuries.
  3. Disposable plastic gloves are to be worn by all food handlers.
  4. Hairnets or caps are to be worn over hair.
  5. Hands should be washed frequently with liquid soap and water. Paper towels must be provided. Hand sanitizers are allowed, but are not a replacement for handwashing.
  6. Clean cooking/serving areas expected. All food contact surfaces shall be made durable and easily cleanable food grade materials.
  7. Cashier is not to handle food.

h. Serving

Please plan your serving carefully, post signs for efficient traffic flow, prices and menu, with a large quantity of pre-wrapped foods, a fast cashier and change for efficient service. THE CASHIER IS NOT TO HANDLE FOOD. Food booths may be open all day.

i. Waste Disposal

All liquid and solid waste must go in a leak proof container and disposed of properly. Liquid waste should not be emptied on the grounds or grass. A large dumpster is provided by the conference for disposal. You must provide onsite trash containers: at least one inside booth and one outside.

Please leave the area cleaner than when you arrived, using trash containers for all refuse. Do not dump oil or other liquids into bushes or on the ground. If you are not sure where to dump it, ask a Fair official.

General Rules

  1. Youth Ministries authorization must be obtained for any activity or sales. This information must be included in the event registration form.
  2. All booths must show the club name, be neat and decorated.
  3. Each club must have all their own equipment including extension cords, tables, chairs, trash bags, etc.
  4. No animals are allowed on the premises, unless they assist a person with disabilities or are part of a display or activity and pre-approved by Youth Ministries.

Participation, Awards, Ribbons, & Patches

  1. Fun Day patches will be given to clubs based on number of Adventurers in attendance.
  2. Award Ribbons will be given for:
  • A. Display/Craft Booth Participant when the club hosts either or both a display or craft booth
  • B. Event Sponsor when a club provides adults to man one or more fun activities
  • C. Food Booth Participant when the food booth meets the following safety and sanitation requirements.

Program Outline

1. Opening Ceremony - Walk by the review stand during the opening ceremony. Clubs should ask their pastors to participate. Club name banners are encouraged to identify your group, but not required. Strict marching rules are inappropriate for this age child. Rather, the director should take this opportunity to show the uniqueness of their club by display something they have accomplished through the year, sing a song, play instruments, dress in costume, or other activity.

2. Participate, Look, Eat

  • Food booth - Food or other items may be sold to earn money for the club, after approval by the SECC Youth Ministries Department. See: Food Booth for further requirements.
  • Display booths - are encouraged to show club accomplishment
  • Craft booths - each club is asked to provide parents and or staff to maintain a activity. Activities may be provided by the club or the conference. Activities are free of charge or covers only the cost of materials.
3. Closing Ceremony - includes a special feature and closing prayer.

4. Clean up Crew - Club adults stay after the close of Fun Day and help until all grounds are clean. Clubs are paid for their time. Contact your county coordinator if interested.


Adventurers and staff must wear the Class-C (field) unfirom: Adventurer T-shirt or staff T-shirt and jean pants or shorts. Class-A (dress) uniform may be worn for the opening ceremony and throughout the day, if the club chooses to do so.

Tentative Schedule

7:30 am Registration

10:00 am Line-up to March Under Carport

10:30 am Opening Ceremonies

  • March or walk by Review Stand
  • Color Guard
  • Flag Raising
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • National Anthem
  • Adventurer Pledge & Law
  • Prayer
  • Introductions/Welcome

11:00 am Participate, Look, Eat

1:00 pm Special Feature

1:30 pm Closing Ceremonies

Date and Time


SECC Conference Grounds

11330 Pierce St

Riverside, CA 92505

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