Advanced Social Marketing Workshops
Advanced Social Marketing Workshops

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Advanced Social Marketing Workshops

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2068 Eastside Dr SE

2068 Eastside Drive Southeast

2nd Floor Conference Room

Conyers, GA 30013

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Internet Marketing Expert Douglas Hauptman leads this info packed 3 hour workshop. Learn how and get it done at the same time! This workshop will cover how small businesses, non-profits, and organizations can develop best practices in all areas of internet marketing.

This workshop is perfect for advanced marketers and will focus on the most popular channels for connecting locally. This workshop will also encourage discussion between attending groups on techniques that have worked well for their audiences.

Doug currently manages social media campaigns for a number of businesses and is an authorized Google Partner!

A lil itty bitty about me...

I also have my Certified Google Partner status which is a huge plus. I'm the most qualified expert in my field in this area. Period. I'm the only fully certified agency within the Newton-Rockdale area.

See for more general information.

There are a few individuals around here who are certified individuals but not badged as an Agency because they don't (or can't) meet the quarterly spend Google requires to be a badged and partnered agency. The rest are more than 15 or more miles away from here.

We currently have about four times the spend Google requires with the AtlantaGoogle.Agency and we are growing. Also look at to see more detailed information and to see our service packages. I manage a team of up to 12 developers and various content specialists right now. Bottom line, my project management techniques are very effective.

Yet I have managed groups with as many as 125 people and spoke at seminars with as many as 1,500 attendees back in the old days. I am also an actor, believe it or not, and love to ham it up! See:

Here's one thing I've learned. I've learned if people like you they'll do a good job. However if they love you at their "purpose" level they will always have your back and go the extra mile. I'm blessed enough to have a number of such individuals on my team and am able to easily cultivate such relationships with individuals by the sheer power of my Vision Casting.

Not only all that but I'm personally stacking on the certifications. See my Linkedin page for all of that:

Further, I am currently enrolled in the Hootsuite-Newhouse Advanced Social Media Strategy Course and expect to earn that certificate by August. This was a $2700 Advanced Certification course and has transferable credits towards my University degree.

Once completed I will be the undisputed most qualified social media expert in the area as well. I pretty much already am the social media leader in this area but this Certification will cement that.

Then in the fall I start my University Degree journey at Phoenix University to complete my BS with Concentration in Business Fundamentals.

1.5 years of that and then I'm thinking of transferring to Capella to get my MBA in Marketing Online Degree.

Or I might decide to stay with Phoenix University and earn my Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing Degree. I will know which after I have worked with Phoenix for the BS Degree and once I see what the courses look like at that time. Like the wise old man said, it's important to have a Plan B!

I also think you have to be able to improvise when necessary, don't you?

This will likely take another 1.5 years. I'm soo excited. I just can't wait. Just think, I'll be 58-ish, with a lifetime of experience and a couple walls full of certifications and an MBA in Online Marketing! Oh how I love to learn! By the time I'm done I'll be getting offers for CIO, CTO and Board positions with many companies. Many companies are in desperate need of top level executive leadership people with the right background, maturity, flexibility, personality and education. I'm looking forward to the future with blinding determination, hopefulness and mucho optimism!

I have also had people approach me to speak this year out of the blue. Linked in tells me I'm a super star. Whatever that means. ;) Frankly I was surprised at first, for a nano second or two!

I'll bet they tell everybody that! (Some laughing please!) The last event I spoke at was the Small Business Expo in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. I did two how-to seminars on Google stuff. It was great! They had 500+ attendees. My first How To had 58 people and the second had about 12. To date we have 44 of them converted to leads via one of the many sign up forms we have on our site.I'm going through and qualifying them still.

Well, finally, and I say this with all humility, I have always been a natural born leader. I've held leadership positions all my life. Even my name is a leadership name. Hauptman is a German word usually translated as captain when it is used as an officer's rank in the German, Austrian and Swiss armies.

However, while "haupt" in contemporary German means "main", it also has the meaning of "head" which is used more commonly, i.e. HEAD MAN or MAIN MAN. Get it? Either one is good with me!

(Loud Applause with a dash of some heckling and laughing!)

Either way it's a really cool German name if you're a leader, don't you agree?

I am well connected in Rockdale-Newton County in GA...

I have met with the NCCC and they wanted me to join 3 different boards. Then they had a little change over there and I need to go back in to meet the new Administrator to restart that. But I have good connections with the rest of the staff leadership, or is it leadership staff, whatever, over there.

I also believe that I have really good networking possibilities within the Newton County High School District. It wouldn't take much to get with the Rockdale School district as well.

I also have a very familiar business relationship with Fred Boscarino who is the President of the Rockdale County Chamber of Commerce as well as a foot in I think with Ralph Staffins who is the newly appointed President of the Covington-Newton Chamber. I met with him a couple months ago. We talked about leadership in education and he is looking forward to my proposals.

I'm also pretty good friends with Janice Van Ness, who is our newly elected Republican State Senator for district 43. She also owns Peachtree Academy. She endorses me highly and would attend and probably do a speech on Developing Leadership. These type of relationships as well as solid connection in Media and really every segment of business today give me HUGE leverage when it comes time to make money for you or your event or project.

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know a little bit about who and where I am and how serious I am about helping develop Leaders in my community. So enough about me. I want to her all about you and your project!

Oh but wait...we can't right now, can we? So, you'll just have stop come to one of my events and meet me. I look forward to meeting you and helping you accomplish your marketing goals!

All My Best,

Doug Hauptman

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2068 Eastside Dr SE

2068 Eastside Drive Southeast

2nd Floor Conference Room

Conyers, GA 30013

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