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Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) - video recorded sessions

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$895 – $1,495

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Improve your effectiveness, understand your leverage, and energize your team. Lead Change in your organization by being an influencer.

About this Event

Why attend an A-CSM workshop?

  • Go beyond the basics - discover why your Scrum adoption is not getting you the expected results by understanding the nuances of the Scrum framework 
  • Learn how to influence change with Dev. Teams, Product Owners, and leaders when you have no authority. 
  • Improve your effectiveness in transforming the organization by removing impediments
  • Reinvigorate your leadership skills
  • Scale your Scrum adoption beyond a single team. Learn which scaling patterns work and which do not.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to work with Product Owner,  Development Team, Executives, and Leaders
  • Understand your leverage points when working with groups and teams by understanding the neuroscience of teamwork
  • Facilitate conflict resolutions when working with a group
  • Ready-to-use toolkits, and meeting design templates to be immediately effective when facilitating meetings
  • Practice your coaching and facilitation skills in a "safe-to-fail" workshop setting
  • Get feedback from the instructor on your coaching and facilitation skills
  • Gain insights on how to facilitate virtual meetings and work with distributed teams

And more importantly, get an answer to the question, "What does the Scrum Master do full time?"

5 Reasons Why you should choose Ram's workshops

  • Ram Srinivasan has a very unique distinction of being the first person in North America (and the second person in the world) to hold the coveted Certified Scrum Trainer (from Scrum Alliance) and Professional Scrum Trainer (from scrum.org) certifications. In addition to these, he also holds a Certified Team Coach (CTC, there are only a few CSTs who also have a coaching certification)  from Scrum Alliance, Path to CSP educator, and is a LeSS Friendly Scrum Trainer
  • Pragmatic practitioner with 600+ LinkedIn Recommendations. Ram works with teams and organizations helping them build great products. And he is also passionate about bringing this experience to people who want to hone their Scrum Master skills . You can learn more about Ram's work with organizations and participants' experience in his workshops through his LinkedIn recommendations
  • Till date, Ram has participated/observed/co-trained/ with over 30 unique CSTs (and has co-trained with many CSTs multiple times). He has also helped others become CSTs. Ram believes in continuously sharpening his saw so his participants can get the best possible experience
  • He also has an extensive background in coaching, facilitation and working with leadership teams in helping organizations transition to Scrum. So you get to hear battle stories from which you can learn. (Tip - if you are looking to hone your coaching/facilitation/leadership skills, ask him about the various programs he has attended)
  • Based on participant's feedback Ram's net promoter score is more than +95 (and 50 is considered excellent). Almost all participants agree that this workshop is the best workshop they have ever attended. Because of the high-quality learning experience, it is not uncommon for people to fly in from other places(e.g. Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary) and countries (as far as Barbados) to attend Ram's workshop. You have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee !! If you are not 100% satisfied, you get a full refund, no questions asked !!

And did you know, there are no PowerPoint slides for the entire two days. It is 100% experiential, you learn by doing. Still skeptical? Just take some time to read the LinkedIn reviews/recommendations from real people. Or see what past participants have said

This course is designed to challenge the way you think, just a bit. Be ready to do some homework before coming to the workshop. During the workshop, you will use this info for the workshop activities. Please read the reviews/recommendations from LinkedIn to learn what to expect from the workshop.

Don't just be a Scrum Master, differentiate yourself, be a Scrum Master Extraordinaire... !!!

Who should attend this course?

For Scrum Masters, new Agile coaches, managers, and leaders 

Who are dissatisfied with limited learning options on how to effectively transform their teams and organization (to Agile)

The Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) Workshop is a pragmatic, hands-on learning experience

That equips you with the knowledge, and skills necessary to be a "Scrum Master Extraordinaire... !!!"

Unlike books, meetups, or other workshops where your knowledge and skills are not validated 

You get to practice the skills you learn in a "safe-to-fail" environment and learn about your blind spots by getting feedback from the instructor and other  participants

What Past Participants say about Ram's A-CSM Workshop (actual LinkedIn Recommendations)

Ram's workshops are very popular and are highly recommended by his past participants (tip - register soon). Below are a few select recommendations from 600+ LinkedIn recommendations. Here are a few select recommendations from Ram's past A-CSM participants

"This past week I had the opportunity to attend an Advanced Certified Scrum Master training course facilitated by Ram in Pittsburgh, PA. I was not sure what to expect as the A-CSM certification is relatively new and this was a pilot training program for my company.  I highly recommend Ram as an expert Scrum Practitioner and Trainer. He was thoroughly prepared and quite creative and skilled at helping the workshop participants hone techniques that will serve us in our roles as Scrum Masters. I particularly appreciated the chance to learn many facilitation skills, practice them and observe others using these skills. That was an invaluable experience.  Throughout the two days, Ram exhibited vast knowledge not only of Agile Scrum but frequently tied in relevant research from fields of Neuroscience and Psychology. I appreciated that although he had an agenda planned in advance, he took the time to address many of our questions about how we may be able to apply some of what we were hearing and learning in our own real-world situations. His suggestions were thoughtful, knowledge-based and gave us confidence that we can take back the new content and implement new strategies. I would certainly attend more sessions taught by Ram, and I hope I have the opportunity to do just that. I will definitely recommend him highly to my peers at work. I have no reservations in saying that if you take a workshop or seminar with Ram or hire him to consult, you will not be disappointed!" - Andrea Antkowiak, Scrum Master

"During the A-CSM course, I witnessed a live demo from a certified coach (IFC-ACC), saw facilitation in action through role-playing simulations the entire class participated in. I gained the perspective of other members in the scrum team and during our debriefs, we were able to inspect and adapt in preparation for the next simulation. Ram never missed the opportunity to teach, using a number of different facilitation methods throughout the session. If you are looking for hands-on learning and techniques you can immediately apply at work, take one of Ram's courses" - Samantha Williams, Director of Project Management

"I attended the workshop on Advanced-CSM by Ram. It was very high energy activity filled the comprehensive workshop. Each event or activity of the workshop was time boxed and created interest in all the participants. The techniques showcased by ram will definitely help me in facilitating day to day activities. He also provided supplemental material including books and videos that are a huge help and are both thought-provoking and help to solidify the topics covered. He was open to feedback during the session and took immediate steps to incorporate the changes. Two days workshop was a healthy mix of group activities, videos, questions and answers sessions, lectures. I would highly recommend this course of Ram for anyone interested in learning the advanced concept of Scrum mastery" - Santosh Kumar Mattey, Manager

I am glad that I attended Ram’s Advanced CSM workshop. To be an effective Scrum Master one needs to be well versed in facilitation and coaching techniques. Ram covered all the learning objectives of Advanced CSM. Giving special emphasis on Focused Conversation facilitation (Objective, Reflective, Interpretive, Decisional ) techniques. He didn’t just train us, he actually helped to internalize the Focused Conversation facilitation framework, by doing various exercises. He reinforced the learning with planned repetition. He prepared us to effectively plan various Scrum events like Defining Product Vision, Creating Product Backlogs, Defining Definition of Done, followed by Sprint Planning and Spring Retrospectives. The course was full of information with substantial learning material, including videos, games, reading, and group activities. Each event or activity of the workshop was time boxed and ran like we were participating in an actual Sprint. This greatly aided in the understanding of what a Sprint is and how we need to prepare for each Sprint event. There were plenty of opportunities to interact, ask questions, and network with other participants. This Advanced CSM course has given me a deeper understanding and equipped me to apply various tools and techniques to build Social Capital within a Scrum Team. I would highly recommend this course with Ram for anyone interested in learning more about Advanced CSM. - Tanmoy Das, Scrum Master/Agile Coach

"Ram led a very insightful and informative A-CSM class this week. I received a lot of good information and plan to use it with my teams" - Bob Bartz, Scrum Master 

"'Intense, comprehensive and collaborative' are three words which can define Ram's workshops. I have taken his CSM, CSPO, and Advanced Scrum Master workshops. He customizes and improvises his workshop handling style from time-to-time by taking constant feedback from the attendees. His facilitation techniques are unique. Probably he believes this - "We remember what we do better than what we hear", his workshop is a true reflection of this. He designs the workshop activities seamlessly in a way that one does not realize that they are learning a particular topic/technique but towards the end of the workshop, you know it all. His Certified Scrum Master workshop lays a strong foundation for Scrum basics. His Certified Scrum Product Owner workshop emphasizes on understanding the business priorities from Product Owner standpoint. While CSM is about laying the first mile, his A-CSM workshop can be best defined as 'Gap-filler and extra mile layer'. As Scrum is barely sufficient and intentionally incomplete, we often fail to demarcate between real Scrum practices and fake practices. The A-CSM workshop subtly points out the deviation between real and fake Scrum and then learning the next level Scrum practices. I would recommend his workshops to existing and new Scrum enthusiasts" - Vineeth GSV, Project Manager

" Recently finished an advanced-CSM workshop facilitated by Ram. After the course was through, I couldn’t praise Ram enough for the amount of experience, wisdom, and insight he brought to the class. I and the rest of the class were able to take away a lot of what was taught and I am excited to soon apply those teachings immediately. Ram was very interactive and was very willing to hear out specific issues faced by other’s attending the class and not only respond with understanding but provide ways and means as to resolutions that he would apply if he were in that situation. While he facilitated the course, he also masterfully applied the facilitation skills that he was teaching seamlessly throughout the lessons, which when used in live examples definitely helps those skills stick. I highly recommend anyone looking for a better understanding of Scrum and how to apply it to real-world working scenarios to attend Ram’s workshop." - Mocniak Doug, Scrum Master

I attended the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster workshop conducted by Ram in Bangalore. The good thing about the workshop is the inclusion of workshops activities, videos, and references to world class books. All the learning objectives of the course were covered. All in all, it was an engaging and enriching learning experience. - Vismay Badiani, Scrum Master 

"I attended the Advanced CSM workshop given by Ram. It was designed innovatively and created enthusiasm. He possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. He has been able to provide insightful perspectives on scrum practice. This workshop was conducted in a way involving interactions, group discussions, demos with all the participants adding great value to the learning process. His training techniques keeps the participants focussed and involved in the workshop. His training material along with reference books, videos served a very good understanding of the respective topics. He shuffled the class for each training topic such that we not only know the context but also everyone in the room along with their experiences. His teaching examples were completely based on real-life experiences in coaching scrum teams and organizations that help better understanding.  I recommend attending Ram' workshop for all the people who are currently in agile practice" - Rajendra Gutta, Assistant Manager

"I recently attended Ram's Advanced Scrum Master training. It was very insightful and engaging for two days. I not only learned from him but also from other participants during the activities. I enjoyed the simulation activity on day-2 that was very well organized for participants to practice in the group and become better facilitators. If you are looking for improving your facilitation skills and become a better scrum master, I highly recommend Ram for his Advanced Scrum Master course." - Savitha Pahuja, Agile Coach, Scotiabank

"Ram facilitated the A-CSM course that I recently attended. His approach we very well received by both myself and the group. I appreciate that we focused a lot on the facilitation and coaching end of being a successful Scrum Master. While I consider both facilitation and coaching to be a major part of my own strengths, I was able to take away a lot of useful tips, tricks, and insights which I'll begin applying with my teams right away. I'd highly recommend this course for experienced Scrum Masters, looking to take their skill set to the next level" - Ken Presutti, Agile Coach

" I am an Agile Coach at PNC. Ram taught our Advanced-Certified Scrum Master class last Thursday and Friday for some of our Scrum Masters, Sr Scrum Masters, and Agile Coaches. He did a great job teaching the class, facilitating our workshop and conducting the full simulation of facilitation skills on day 2. Ram brings a unique element as a trainer of psychological awareness based on his background and years of study on learning and the human brain. The way he conducted our opening exercise of writing our own working agreement was fantastic. He then broke down the exercise into components and taught us the tools, skills, and practices for proper facilitation. The way he had us "circle up" for class discussion was unique and very effective. All in all, it was a very interesting class, delivered in a new and different way that proved to be very effective. I am recommending Ram as a high quality, knowledgeable and thorough instructor for Agile training and consulting " - Todd Cotton, Agile Coach

Learning Objectives:

What does it mean to be a "Scrum Master"?

  • Resilience - Building your inner strength to survive and thrive as a Scrum Master
  • Self-awareness, self-management, and your blind spots. Your personal development as a coach and facilitator.
  • Personal Traits of a Scrum Master
  • Analyzing your driving factors and your personal fulfillment
  • Solve problems through Servant Leadership
  • Manage conflicts by understanding the different types of conflicts
  • Learn how to build trust, negotiate effectively, deal with power, and politics
  • Discover the secret art of influencing others when you have no authority

Agile Facilitation

  • Understand meeting design and promote participants' engagement
  • Designing and planning agendas for meetings
  • Enable divergent and convergent thinking, and working with the group in the groan zone
  • Manage dysfunctional group behaviors
  • "Hold the space" - integrate multiple perspectives 
  • Facilitative listening
  • Group Decision Making Techniques
  • Promote accountability on next steps using "The Bike Rack"
  • Get insights on how to facilitate virtual meetings and work with distributed teams

Agile Coaching

  • Understanding different coaching stance and coaching techniques
  • Get your hands dirty - experience the power of coaching (practice)

Serve to the Development Team

  • Understand team dynamics 
  • Foster self-organization
  • Create psychological safety
  • Improve team performance 
  • Facilitate creation (and improvement) of Definition of "Done"
  • Help teams understand the value of engineering practices

Service to the Product Owner

  • Organizing and facilitating the creation of Product Vision, and Product Backlog Refinement
  • Techniques for helping Product Owner move from Product Vision to Product Backlog
  • Coaching the Product Owner

Service the Organization

  • Learning to "see the invisible dynamics" at work
  • Create "organizational awareness" by serving as a mirror for the organization
  • Practice techniques to uncover organizational impediments
  • Pick your battles - learn to evaluate which organizational impediments should be removed
  • Be an effective impediment removed - learn how to get the attention of leaders when it comes to removing impediments
  • Learn different approaches to scaling Scrum
  • Facilitating organizational change
  • "Coaching" the organization - "Systems Coaching"

This workshop goes beyond the basic Learning Objectives for A-CSM workshop. The complete A-CSM Learning Objectives can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the prerequisites for attending a workshop? Does the course include the cost of certification?

You need to have (or should have had) CSM certification from Scrum Alliance.

While it is not necessary for you to have 12-months experience as a Scrum Master to take this workshop, Scrum Alliance will only award the certification after you document your 12 - month experience as a Scrum Master. This experience requirement is independent of when you get your CSM/A-CSM certification. If you have 12 months experience when you attend this workshop, you can get your certification immediately after the workshop (after you submit the necessary documentation to Scrum Alliance)

Does the course include the cost of certification?

Yes, the course includes the cost of the certification. Please see above for the requirements for the certification

And when you get your A-CSM certification, your CSM and CSPO certifications automatically renews itself, free of cost

Is there a test to get my A-CSM?

 No, there is no test for you to get your A-CSM certification

 I had a CSM certification, but it expired and I did not renew. Am I eligible to take the A-CSM workshop?

Currently (as per the information I have), Scrum Alliance automatically renews your CSM certification free of charge when your name is uploaded for A-CSM certification. This may change. If you want more info, please email support at scrum alliance dot org

Is my registration/ticket transferrable to another person? Something came up, I will not be able to attend. What should I do? 

Yes, it is. You would have to let the organizer know about it ahead of time. There is no charge for transferring your registration to another person

 Can I update my registration information?


The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

If you are registering on behalf of someone else, please let the organizer know

What can/can't I bring to the event?

Bring yourself. Be fully present. Please also have a notebook + pen for taking notes. Stay hydrated - get your water bottles And be energized - so get your coffee and snacks as well.

Something came up, I will not be able to attend. What should I do? What is the refund policy?

Due to the administrative overhead, these tickets are non-refundable. You can always transfer your ticket to a friend, colleague, or a family member at no extra cost. If due to an extraordinary circumstance(e.g. death of a family member), you are not able to attend the event, you may be able to attend a different event for an additional rescheduling fee, as determined by the organizer

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

 Yes, you can. Please email  "Ram+ScrumSeminar at InnovAgility.com".  (yes, it is a plus, GSuite lets you use "+" sign in the email to create email filters. And I use this so that I can respond to you faster)

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