Adult Ju Jitsu

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Adult Ju Jitsu

The Adult program also has opportunities for competition however, the primary focus is on the personal protection aspects of Jujitsu

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Mounds View Community Center 5394 Edgewood Drive Mounds View, MN 55112

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The sport aspects of Jujitsu provides a means to learn through play, and to pressure test skills. Maintaining the traditions of the past while utilizing the best training methods of today. Martial art, especially martial sport is not self defense, however it provides a laboratory to experiment with physical confrontation and a means to develop endurance, strength, agility, and courage.

Similar to the Youth Program, each week focuses on one phase of a Jujitsu competition. However, the Adult Jujitsu class receives additional training in age appropriate skills for different competition rules and primarily for self defense

Additional Topics Include:

Shime Waza

Kansetsu Waza (Join locks)

Buki Waza (Weapons Techniques)

Training on these weeks is the foundation