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Admission - Red Dot Exhibition: The Essence of Design – Creating Value

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登記入場 Admission - Red Dot Exhibition: The Essence of Design – Creating Value | HKDI d-mart

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【特別公告】因應2019新型冠狀病毒疫情最新發展,HKDI Gallery及 「紅點設計展:設計.價值」展覽於2022年1月7日至1月20日暫停對外開放,我們為此安排所帶來的不便感到抱歉。歡迎瀏覽 「紅點設計展:設計.價值」網上展覽,感謝您對HKDI Gallery的支持! 請留意我們的最新動向。

歡迎預約1月20日之後參觀展覽 ,感謝您對HKDI Gallery的支持! 期待您到臨參觀展覽。

【Special Announcement】The HKDI Gallery and Red Dot exhibition will be closed from 07 January to 20 January 2022 due to the current development of COVID-19. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. In the meantime, you can virtually experience the whole exhibition on our website, We look forward to welcoming you back when we reopen! Stay connected to HKDI Gallery!

You are welcome to book for 21 January 2022 onwards session of the "Red Dot Exhibition: The Essence of Design – Creating Value" exhibition. We look forward to welcoming you to the HKDI Gallery!

Red Dot Exhibition "The Essence of Design – Creating Value"


26.11.2021 - 10.4.2022

d-mart at Hong Kong Design Institute

香港知專設計學院 d-mart

About this Exhibition

In collaboration with Red Dot Institute, the exhibition The Essence of Design – Creating Value deals with the importance of good design in the companies’ and brands’ profitability besides its aesthetic, cultural and social aspects. It showcases a wide range of game-changing products and brands that won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

As the founder of Red Dot, Professor Dr. Peter Zec mentions, "Many people believe if it does not cost anything it is not worth anything. It is clear that good quality is more expensive and inferior quality costs less. Quality has its price, but the price alone says nothing about value. The price simply shows that something is expensive or inexpensive. Only when quality comes into play can it be determined if something is better or worse. The difference and interplay of price and quality allow us to think about the essential role of good design: creating value."

HKDI Gallery這次與紅點研究機構合作,舉辦「紅點設計展:設計.價值」,探討除了美學、文化和社會觀點之外,好設計在公司及品牌盈利上所扮演的重要角色。展覽展出多項破格立新、獲得紅點設計獎的產品及品牌。

正如紅點始創人兼總裁Peter Zec教授指出:「很多人認為,如果一件產品不用花費金錢去購買,那就沒有任何價值。顯然,優質的產品較昂貴,劣質的則較便宜。質量確實有價,但價格本身並不能說明價值。價格只是產品昂貴或便宜的表徵。只有品質才能劃分事物孰優孰劣。價格和品質的區別,以及兩者之間的相互作用,讓我們思考優秀設計的基本功能——創造價值。」

Special Precautionary Measures

  • The hygiene of the facilities will be strengthened. Regular disinfection of toilets, lifts, escalators, railings, buttons, and all public areas of the campus will be arranged. Sanitising mats and alcohol hand sanitisers will be provided. Enhanced cleansing in between sessions will be conducted.
  • For everyone’s health and safety, capacity is limited, and an advance ticket is required for visitors. Reserve online and present your e-ticket at the entrance of the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI): Maximum two tickets per registration.
  • Visitors are subject to a temperature check before admission. Visitors with fever symptoms will not be admitted.
  • Use our free hand sanitiser before admission, wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching your face.
  • Staff and visitors will need to wear their own masks in the gallery.
  • Enjoy the exhibition and maintain social distancing throughout the gallery.
  • Children aged under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • HKDI Gallery will review the situation and adjust relevant preventive measures as and when necessary. For more updated information, please go to


  • 我們將加強HKDI Gallery及校園設施清潔,並為洗手間、升降機、扶手電梯、樓梯扶手、按鍵及公用區域作定時消毒,展覽館將提供消毒地墊及酒精搓手液,並於每節參觀時段之間閉館進行清潔。
  • 為保障每個人的健康,我們限制每日入場人次,如參觀展覽,請先到網站預約https://hkdi-gallery_reddot_admission.eventbrite.com入場請於香港知專設計學院閘口出示電子登記紀錄。 每次交易可登記最多兩張門票。
  • 進入本館人士須接受測量體溫,若有發燒徵狀(等如或高於37.5°C),請勿進入HKDI Gallery。
  • 進入本館人士須使用酒精搓手液。常洗手,避免觸摸面部。
  • 進入本館人士須佩戴自備口罩。
  • 欣賞展覽同時請保持社交距離。
  • 十二歲以下之小童須由成人陪同入場。
  • HKDI Gallery會檢視情況,需要時將調整有關預防措施。如有查詢,請瀏覽網頁
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