Adler Human & Organization Development
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Adler Human & Organization Development

Adler Human & Organization Development

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CEU Partners

1550 East 78th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55423

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John Reardon

Title: Adlerian Human and Organization Development

Time: 8:30am to 4pm


Board of Social Work CEUs Approved

Course Description: This is the equivalent to a one credit graduate course. It is meant to

give business owners, team leaders, HR folk, managers, and therapists, who want to

broaden and deepen their work effectiveness, a psychology that is “streetwise” and


A case study through which learning will take place.

A functional understanding of systems based on the work of Fritjof Capra.

An Adlerian Psychology conception of human and organization development

based in teleology, patterns of striving, “useful” and “useless” striving, self

and social interest, and adaptive and maladaptive movement.

Basic Adlerian interventions that can be employed to promote human and

organization development.

Personally claiming how learning will be useful in their life and work.


Use a definite systems approach to assess a case.

Use Adlerian concepts to describe a development state in a given case study.

Plot and plan how interventions would be implemented .

Work in a consulting team.

Journal on learning and use of learning.

Proposed Schedule:

Gathering and Introduction

Team formation and Learning Loop

Intro of Case Study

Exploration of Systems

Systems applied to Case

Review of Case and System Reflections

Grounding in Adlerian Person Schema

Team application to Case

Large Group Report and Refine

Full assessment of Case (book model)

Interjection of Adler as Behavior behind Assessment (book p. 36 – 59)

Review of Assessment

Experiencing Adlerian Interventions (p 59 - 78)

Application of Intervention to Case Assessment.


Feedback & Refining


o Review of Objectives

o “Taking a Stand”

Personal Bio:

John M. Reardon freely admits that his training in Adlerian Psychology altered his

life and his work. Because of Adler’s devotion to “prevention”, and John’s fascination

with groups, teams, and organizations, John jumped into the world of consulting.

Also, because Adler’s Psychology is the first “Social Psychology”, John felt extremely

equipped to make an impact in the Human and Organizational Development (HOD)


John has co-lead the following:

Development of an HOD program at the Adler Graduate School (AGS) in


Development and teaching in the Management Consulting and Organization

Leadership (MCOL) program at the AGS in Minnesota.

Conversion of the Minnesota State Court System from a 10 district

confederation to a unified court system.

A collaboration with the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in

transforming Minnesota Family Law from a litigated process to a settlement

process. Through this work, and many other engagements with a variety of work groups,

John has claimed and exercised expertise in the areas of conflict resolution, quality

work process, team development, leadership development, strategic planning, and

criteria based hiring. All of which he still practices, offering this course allows John

to encourage and train others to take up this culture-changing work.

PS: The book written by John, “A Transforming Way”, will cost $20. Course will be

based on this material.

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Date and Time


CEU Partners

1550 East 78th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55423

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