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Addressing Our Whiteness at Work (and Elsewhere): For European-American Hel...

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Irene Greene MSED / Greene Growth & Training LLC

The Well: Healing Arts Center

2100 First Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55404

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Refund Policy

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“Addressing Our Whiteness at Work (and Elsewhere): For European-American Helping Professionals"

How does our white-body privilege show up in our work as helping professionals? What do we need to do personally and professionally to be more aware of our unconscious racial bias? What does actively working for Racial Justice mean in our professional and personal lives?

What is white fragility and what is racial humility? Explore how less of the first and more of the second is essential to our growth as "progressive" white-bodied people. How do we hold our racism in our European-American bodies? What will help us identify and reconcile it?

Oftentimes, white-bodied people don’t talk about or we don’t know how to talk about race, white supremacy and privilege or we are afraid to talk about it because we don’t want to show our racism or to "appear racist" or we feel ashamed, defensive or guilty or constricted or we believe "I'm not racist because..."

It is imperative that European-American (white) "progressive" and "liberal" helping professionals move beyond conversation and into meaningful systematic action. Ally is a verb! Not a noun.

This workshop is an opportunity for socially conscious mental health, medical, education, and social service providers to join together to create a supportive, informative, confidential and frank space to talk, learn and become meaningful active allies!

- listen and read what BIPOC want and need us to do to address our whiteness and racial bias

- overtly discuss our whiteness, our white privilege, and systematic racism - in relation to the race dynamics within our work settings - and in our lives in general

- discuss how we, as European-American bodied peoples, hold the constricted nature of racism in our bodies and the body-mind-spirit science that keeps our unconscious biases operating

- understand "white-body supremacy and privilege" (Resmaa Menakem) and its connections to our racial bias, racial trauma and our psycho-biology

- learn about the topics of colonization, White Liberalism, White Fragility (Robin DiAngelo), Cultural Appropriation, White Savior Complex, White Feminism, and Intersectionality (Kimberle Crenshaw), White Allyship, Reparations (The Movement for Black Lives), and Racial Humility and Racial Stamina (Robin DiAngelo)

- review why us knowing our European ancestry and the history of race is imperative to our self-understanding. Using handouts and worksheets related to European-American racial identity development (Janet Helms), we will each more deeply explore and assess our (conscious and unconscious) racist beliefs and biases

- identify some of the ways that institutional and systematic racism has shaped the specific services that we provide and what we can do about it

- identify meaningful ways to actively commit to making concrete changes within our European-American bodies, our lives and within the systems in which we work

- participants will receive worksheets and extensive handouts of definitions, concepts and resources

Each participant will make a concrete written plan to take very specific racial equity actions in their personal and professional lives -- actions personally, socially-culturally and professionally.

Please note: This workshop is designed for socially conscious people who already have at least a general understanding of race and racism. It is grounded in the premises that racism exists, that all European-Americans gain privilege from the systems of white-body supremacy, and that European-Americans have an obligation and responsibility to understand and "own" our racism and privilege, and then, to actively work for racial justice. It is especially helpful if participants already have some understanding of their own privilege or are open to learning more about it. People who can join in these premises are welcome to attend. (This is not a Race 101 workshop.)

BIPOC are welcome to attend and to participate in whatever ways they choose. The European-American people who attend will be reminded of our racial bias getting played out if we want any present BIPOC to teach or affirm us. (This inclination is a big part of our problem.) It is not ever the role of the oppressed to teach or affirm, etc. their oppressor. Our communities need larger ongoing intentional forums and opportunities to discuss these issues with each other.

Because of the nature of the topic and the more inter-active and experiential format that I use to do this particular version of the anti-racism workshop, space is limited to 10 people.

Fee: $110/person. Two additional rate options for those who need them: $75/person or $55/person. There are a few tickets available in each category. (No one is turned away for inability to pay.)
(If the option you request doesn't show up when you try to register, that means that option has been sold out. Contact Irene directly for information on how to still register or to be placed on the waiting list.)

Two ways to pay:
(1) Register & pay at this Eventbrite site. (Eventbrite will add on their fees.) Pay the full fee. Or choose an adjusted rate if needed.
(2) OR To avoid the Eventbrite fees, contact Irene for the Eventbrite registration coupon code. Then, complete your registration and enter the coupon code. Please note, to hold your spot, you will need to then send a check for your full payment to Irene. Your spot is confirmed when your payment is received.

Facilitated by: Irene Greene MSED / Greene Growth & Training LLC (More information below.)

CEU forms to submit to your boards for CEUs will be available. (Typically, 4 to 5 CEUs have been granted. Check with your board to confirm your board's particular requirements for acceptance, CEU allotment for workshop hours provided, etc.)
General points about the workshop:

1. In this workshop, our diversity, in all of its forms, is nurtured, valued and celebrated; including, though not limited, to sexual, affectional, gender, spiritual, racial, class, age, educational, employment, size, ability and familial diversity. People who can join in this intention are welcome.

2. This workshop will incorporate lecture, group discussion, personal reflection time, and (optional) personal sharing. Folders with hand-outs, worksheets and a lengthy resource bibliography, as well as healthy snacks, water and tea, will be provided.

3. Over the past few years Irene has provided this workshop, and versions of this workshop theme, dozens of times and to a variety of audiences, i.e., social service providers, medical providers, mental health providers, body workers, educators, advocates, volunteers, community members, and social justice organizers.

Facilitated by: Irene Greene MSED / Greene Growth & Training
Irene has 29+ years as a therapist, positive psychology wellness and relationship coach, activist, and educator. She is the Chair and a co-founder of the MN LGBTQ+ Therapists' Network. She facilitates a sexual violence survivor support group, a coming ouit group, and a helping professionals work-life balance support group. Irene is a past member of the steering committee for MN Women in Psychology and the first Director of the UM-Twin Cities Aurora Sexual Violence Program. Irene's private practice and home are in Minneapolis. // "I am a European-American (Irish, German and Roma Gypsy) cisgender older woman, a lesbian from way back, a survivor, an intersectional feminist, a parent by creative means, an avid WNBA & MN Lynx fan, a community organizer and activist, and I hail from a small conservative farming community in Minnesota. These identities, with all of their colliding lessons, inform my motivation and dedication to the services I provide and the communities that I choose to serve." - Irene

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Irene Greene MSED / Greene Growth & Training LLC

The Well: Healing Arts Center

2100 First Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55404

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Refunds up to 30 days before event

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