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Join Casting Directors, Erica S. Bream and Cara Chute Rosenbaum in a self-tape class that is tailored to YOUR SCHEDULE!

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About this event


  • ADULT ACTORS (ages 18+) who are super busy, but want to work their self-tape skills and receive ample constructive feedback!


  • This class works with YOUR schedule! Other than a specific self-tape deadline, you can watch, read, meet and rehash according to your availability.
  • Casting moves SO FAST, it's very hard to receive real-time feedback on your tapes. This class will be CHOCK FULL of SPECIFIC, written feedback.
  • This class is JAM-PACKED but in a condensed amount of time! Four exercises over the course of a week, feedback from both Erica and Cara, access to your peers' tapes and notes, a one-on-one meeting with Erica and Cara... all in less than three-weeks time!


  • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14th - Welcome video and sides are sent to participants
  • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2nd - Assigned Self-Tapes are due
  • WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14th - 16th - Feedback and closing video are posted. Private, one-on-one wrap-up sessions are scheduled to answer questions and/or clarify feedback.


  • Actors will self-tape FOUR different roles at home (with material especially selected by Erica and Cara.)
  • Erica and Cara provide specific written feedback on all tapes and general food for thought.
  • The wrap-up one-on-one sessions will be scheduled with your availability in mind. They will be recorded and sent to the actors for further review or re-watching.
  • Actors will have access to an online folder where all class work can be accessed. Erica and Cara will also post helpful clips, articles and references
  • Requirements: 1. A way to self-tape and 2. A good internet connection!

A little about Cara:

CARA CHUTE ROSENBAUM, CSA is a Casting Director based in Los Angeles, CA. Notable credits include the features JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL and STUBER, and television series THE MINDY PROJECT, THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON, THE CARMICHAEL SHOW, and THE LEAGUE. She and Erica S. Bream are the Casting Directors for the main stage productions at THE BLANK THEATRE in Hollywood, including The Blank’s prestigious Annual Young Playwrights Festival for which they were awarded the 2017 Artios Award for Outstanding Casting for Los Angeles Theatre. Cara is a proud member of the Casting Society of America, a mama, and an aquarium lover.

A little about Erica:

ERICA S. BREAM, CSA is a long-time Casting Director, now based in the Southeast. She has worked on a wide range of projects across all mediums, including the following titles: the upcoming DOLLY PARTON'S MOUNTAIN MAGIC CHRISTMAS, ECHOES, THE WINCHESTERS. And previously titles such as: STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS, ALTERED CARBON, CRIMINAL MINDS (and it's spin-off), WORKAHOLICS, HOUSE OF LIES and many more. She is a long-time Casting Director for THE BLANK THEATRE COMPANY's main stage productions as well as its prestigious YOUNG PLAYWRIGHTS FESTIVAL, for which she and her Casting/Life Partner, Cara, won an Artios Award (CSA) in 2017. Erica is also a long-time teacher, focusing on audition technique. Her most important title is "Harrison and Martin's Mom."

The word from former students and parents:

So I'm finally able to share that I booked a co-star (my first!) on [REDACTED], opposite [REDACTED REALLY COOL ACTOR.] The episode aired this past Monday, and was directed by [REDACTED AWESOME DIRECTOR.] Thank you SO SO MUCH for your coaching and your classes in co-star booking.I went in confident in my ability to do the work! I could never have imagined that my first co-star would be on a show as amazing as this.

- Amy R.

Direct feedback was incredible. Sadly, as the parents of young actors, we rarely get feedback once a self-tape has been submitted. The opportunity to receive feedback straight from the decision makers is priceless.

- Parent from recent Teen Class

I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you shared in the class. It was SO helpful. I just booked a co-star role on [redacted] and I shoot tomorrow! I can’t thank you two enough for the class!

- A. Miranda

Thank you and thank you again for the excellent guidance in your one-liner class. I think as actors we know that staying in practice is essential but doing so is just a joy when your teachers are such lovely people. And the proof is in the pudding- I ended up booking the very next one-liner I taped: it aired last night. Woop!

- Jenn V.

Wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to you both for such an incredible class the past two weeks. Before this class, I had never done a one liner audition, and woah I did not realize how tough they are. I am SO glad I got the opportunity to work through so many of the nitty gritty details with both of you. I have gone to a handful of workshops and classes with casting directors, and I have never left with my notebook so full of notes. You were both incredibly gracious with your feedback and thoughts, and they were SO HELPFUL.

- J. Lang

It was such a fun and informational 4 weeks. You both have such an amazing breadth of knowledge that I came away with something new every week. Also, I've taken several Zoom classes since going online became our new normal and this was, hands-down, the best use of the Zoom medium I've taken part in.

- Scott C.

I want to thank you SO MUCH for the awesome self-tape class. It was SO REFRESHING to get feedback on the self-tapes and to be able to ask questions in such a warm and friendly zoom room. We had such a great group, too. Seeing everyone’s work was really inspiring. Thank you for putting it all together and running such a great room. I leave class with a huge adrenaline shot of energy, excitement and inspiration.

- Sara G.

Just wanted to send an extra thank you to you absolute QUEENS of casting! You woke me up in ways that I wasn’t expecting. My brain is on fire and I’m happily uncomfortable!! Feeling inspired, awake and ready for more. Bring on the learning! THANK YOU.

- Jen E.

What a great class this was! Very different from the acting classes I've taken so far. Even the audition classes. Or better yet, a very eye-opening and up-to-date extension of what is generally being taught. I loved every bit of it and I was also very impressed by my class mates.

- Joerg K.

Thank you so much for a phenomenal class the last four weeks. I know you both have very busy lives between projects and family, so I am very grateful for the time I got to spend with you. I also wanted to note how unique I found your class, and not just because of the self tape format. Taking class with people who are engaging week after week, speak candidly about the industry, and offer genuine constructive feedback was such a treat!! So, thank you. Honestly, it tops my list of classes, and... it was on Zoom!

- Z. Bond

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What kind of material will we be working on? Do I need to provide my own?

Cara and Erica will provide all material. Actors will be self-taping FOUR different roles, ranging in size, type and genre.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

All actors ages 18 years old and up are welcome to join!

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Contact Erica through her website []

What's the refund policy?

Full refunds will be honored up until November 4, 2022. Due to the nature and timing of this class, no refunds (full or partial) will be paid out past this deadline.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Sure! As long as you let Erica know who the new participant is by November 4, you are welcome to transfer your registration to anyone else.

I need to discuss a payment plan... is that possible?

Absolutely. Contact Erica directly [] to discuss details.