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Accredited Customer Experience Champion® ACXC® >> 3 days <<

BPGroup (

Monday, November 30, 2020 at 8:30 AM - Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 4:30 PM (SAST)

Accredited Customer Experience Champion® ACXC® &gt;&gt; 3...

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Ticket Type Sales End Price Fee
ACX/CPP Champions (3 day)
The 3 days Accredited Customer Experience Champion (ACXC). We will explore 3 advanced levels - Change the Mindsets, Organise for Success and Execute (in an ever-changing world) **
Nov 30, 2020 £597.00 £0.00
Champion Retake? (3 day)
Already a Champ? No worries - the material has EVOLVED and here is a massive retake offer (first come first served). Must already be an ACX/CPP Champion to qualify.
Nov 30, 2020 £197.00 £0.00
Early Bird - book before Sep 30, 2020   more info Nov 30, 2020 £397.00 £0.00

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Event Details

The Accredited Customer Experience Champion (ACXC) Training takes the arena of Customer Experience and Process to an entirely new level

Become an Accredited Customer Experience Champion (ACX Champion®) and CPP Champions (CPPC) through learning and experiencing the most practical, successful and proven toolkit for CX transformation

From Accredited CXMaster (ACXM) and CPP Masters to ACX Champion (ACXC) and CPP Champion
This premier WORKSHOP is designed for those seeking advanced professional skills in customer experience transformation, CX process management, CX alignment and CX innovation.

These are the Outside-In Advanced CX Methods and Process Techniques that Deliver!

  • Uncover CX Improvement opportunities in just hours
  • Identify Actions that will reduce process inefficiency by 30% to 60% within 90 days of deployment
  • Delight your Customers (making them your biggest advocates) through Successful Customer Outcomes
  • Innovate to compete, set the market trend and even dominate your industry
  • Release significant costs, improve revenues and enhance service immediately (win the Triple Crown)

The ACXC® program builds your professional competency in delivering these essential benefits in literally everything you do. Unleashing the power of advanced BPM and CX in your organisation today.

Monday 30 November 2020
Tuesday 1 December 2020
Wednesday 2 December 2020 


A dynamic and comprehensive approach to creating and managing enterprise processes that deliver sustained high performance, encompassing the full range of management systems and practices. Content based on the experiences of hundreds of companies and the BP Group ( networks ongoing research.


ACX and CPP Masters later than 2016.

Customer experience (CX) transformations are huge, complex, and expensive. To deliver robust and sustainable success requires a methodical approach that ensures thousands of people can work together to consistently produce the optimum processes and experiences across the complete employee/customer lifecycle, including partners, employees and digitization. However, most organizations manage CX, at best shambolic — which dooms their CX operational and strategic transformations. 


That's why, as a CPP/ACX transformation leader, you need to craft a plan detailing why, how and what to transform in your company alongside with when the transformation will start showing results. The ACX  and CPP Champions™  program guides you through the challenges and steps that will help you chart this successful course to transformation.

 1.      Changing Minds
People say mindset is everything; but in many cases, it’s not enough. When it comes to freeing yourself from the hustle and overwhelm of the customer and organisational demands, you need a tried, tested and proven approach...

Make sure your company and everyone representing you understands and can articulate the why, what and how of transforming to a customer-centric company.

What we will cover…

  • Developing a laser-like focus on CX and process alignment
  • Introducing the six CX competencies
  • Creating a CX/Process Ecosystem

“A CX Ecosystem…is the articulation of the distinctive value, experiences and expectations your organisation provides to a chosen set of customers. It is both strategic and operational and defines and aligns to Successful Customer Outcomes, along with the offerings, channels, operating model and capabilities you will need.”


2. Organizing for Success

“We trained hard—but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we were reorganized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing, and what a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while actually producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.” Petronius, AD43

Objective: Breakthrough the idea that simply moving people around and changing job titles will deliver improved processes and CX, especially since the reverse is often true. Organising for Success requires recalibrating rewards structures and measurement systems to ensure they are ‘Outside-In’.

What we will cover…

  • Evaluating existing metrics and reward systems to assess their suitability for CX
  • How to Establish the appropriate ‘means to the CX end’ to migrate the old style to customer-centric disciplines
  • Implementing either (a) bottom-up, or (b) top-down structures that reinforce the delivery of Successful Customer Outcomes.

 3. Execution in an ever-changing world What do your customers need? Whether you are B2C or B2B simply identifying what customers say they want is no longer enough. Building and delivering a well-designed product for those consumers also isn’t a guarantee of success anymore. Customers today have high expectations, low tolerance, volatile natures and want more than a product; they desire and need unique experiences. To do this, organisations must have the means to execute and grow their CX delivery in a rapidly changing world. Objective:
To create reliably good CX by maturing CX and process management across the enterprise

What we will cover…

  • Organisation Readiness for CX and process success
    This session guides you through the BPG CX management assessment so you can gauge how well your organization performs the essential activities of CX management, discover which ones you need to strengthen and learn how to do so.


The competent ACX/CPP Champion will be able to:

Make sure your company and everyone representing you understands and can articulate the CX approach.

  • Identify the specific customer categories and align your services and products to delivering, without exception, Successful Customer Outcomes.
  • Offload customers who may not share your values as a priority if they cannot be migrated to your services and products.
  • Structure of the organisation to facilitate the experience you wish to offer your customers.
  • Repurpose the corporate culture to deliver customer success, both immediately and in the longer term by proactively calibrating and managing changing customer expectations.
  • Build the organisation capabilities and competencies that deliver Successful Customer Outcomes (rather than functional traits that clash with customer wins).



I originally attended the CPP Masters and it was a turning point for me in terms of managing and designing customer experience.  The methodology is pragmatic and one that can really make a difference for the customer while increasing revenue, service and reducing costs.  This year I have completed the CPP Champion level – it again exceeded my expectations and I have gained so much. 
I would recommend this programme to all organizations’ that are pursuing customer-centricity.
Kirsty Dare, Head Service, Retail Distribution CPP Champion® ABSA, South Africa

I'm writing to endorse Steve Towers' Certified Process Professional Masters program. It completely changed the way I think about a process. Steve taught us amazing secret techniques of process improvement.
The program provided me with the ability to apply all the learnings immediately after the training.He's a very effective trainer with a wealth of knowledge to share. This is a must training for everyone who's interested in making a process better!
Maria T Ferreira AVP - Client Experience Process Improvement at Citi

Thanks for your time and the fantastic course, delivered in Auckland recently.
Looking forward to attending the CPP Masters in June - will see if I can bring some colleagues!!
Neal Ross, Chief Information Officer at Konica Minolta Business Solutions New Zealand Limited

The detail was very relevant and extremely well presented.
Steve is a great communicator and spoke extremely well.
Paul Botes, Standard Bank

Brilliant Workshop. The speaker was awesome and gave great guidance on matters I am finding in the workplace.
Cindy-Lee Muller, Planning & Roadmap Manager, MTN (Pty) Ltd

The workshop is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to simplify and expedite processes thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. The speaker is immensely knowledgeable and demonstrates vast experience in the subject.
David Mulovhedzi, DPSA (South Africa)

I did the Masters 2 weeks ago and it completely changed my world. Since then things are going really fast within our organisation. The rest of the guys in our executive team are completely sold on the concept.
I am now taking the rest of the staff through some sessions. We plan to work on and optimise 6-10 key processes in the near future.
We are also:
 • Revamping our organisation structure to go to the "customer inclusive" model.
 • We are going away this weekend to re-think our business plan (which was based on old thinking)
 • We are actively considering getting rid of all our titles and silos in the organisation and only having "the business we really are in" on the business cards.
 • We are completely changing the KPI model to only focus only on and rewarding for increase in revenue, cost savings, good service and most of all successful customer outcomes.
 • We have appointed a staff member to begin talking to clients and to start understanding and managing their expectations.

To be honest I did not think it would happen that quick.
Nachiket Gole, Chief Information Officer - PowerNET Computer Consultants've fundamentally changed the way I think about every process.
And inspired me to try Outside-In (OI) in all walks of life.
The first two levels should be included in educational curriculums (yes, even at the junior levels).
If everyone started applying OI, the world would be... where it should be.
Mahesh Mirchandani, CEO at BhumiTech

If you are looking to improve your own professional skills in business process management and
business process improvement, then I would recommend the Advanced Business Process Methods and
Techniques of the Business Process Professional programme by BP Group.
Stephen Nicholson, Certified Process Professional – Master, BPM Systems (see blog)

Excellent presentation, clear and concise. Absolutely Gripping
Devendra Maisnam, Business Analyst, National E-Health Transition Authority

"Thanks for what were excellent sessions last week.
I still find it incredible that in this conventional information and process rich world we live in
that we can look at what we do in a slightly different but totally logical way and the picture changes dramatically."
Charles Bennett, Managing Partner & Project Director at IBS Publishing

"Thanks to you for a fantastic mentoring programme … I am an Outside-In fan now !"
Jimmy Cuadra, Director of Information Management, Akzo Nobel Paints, Singapore

"I was struck with awe on the versatile yet practical experience that you shared.
Thanks for the wonderful session on CPP this week"
Syed Raashid, Specialist, RasGas Co Ltd. UAE

"Thanks again for the fantastic course and insights you provided."
Sean Schurmann,
Business Process Architect, Queensland Building Services Authority, Australia.

"Just a short note to say thanks again for the course. It was a truly mind-blowing experience and I will never think about process the same way again."
Craig Reid, Senior Business Analyst, Gen-I

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the book! It really helped tie together various concepts and practices I have been evolving towards over a number of years, crystallizing them into a simple but powerful framework."
Steve Melville, Director, Sun Microsystems, USA.

"I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience for me to know the nuances of ABPM. Taking us to a new level on how to view processes & implement by way of sharing your wealth of experience and enlightening us with the case studies & exercises."
Director Quality Management Group, 3i Infotech Ltd., India

"Exceptional and life-transforming. This training should be on every corporate agenda"
CIO Pharmaceutical, Florida

"Simple and different concepts which is path-breaking and easy to understand and deploy" Director Business Consulting, Chennai
"Excellent - he is a very good leader"
Senior Quality Analyst, AEC, Saudi Arabia

"I want to thank you for the great content and coaching that you provided, the concepts resonated even more clearly when presented with your enthusiasm and experience."
Director, H&R Block, USA

"I really enjoyed last week and really learned a lot. I feel I had a Eureka moment yesterday when the whole process diagnostics suddenly clicked into place. I remember you saying that once you grasp this then you will never look at processes in any other way. I am now actively evangelizing the CEM approach with our team.
Senior Analyst, Investment Bank, London

“Steve led the best training sessions I have ever taken in my 20+ years as a professional. After those sessions, I was able to have an immediate impact on my organization. Steve is a very sharp, personable, interesting individual, and a real pleasure to work with. I continue to remain in regular contact with Steve and consider him an invaluable resource on BPM and on change management in general.”
Mark Barnett, Director of Global Process Practice, ACN, Inc.

“Steve is an inspiring global thought leader in the Business Process Management (BPM) space. He is a creative visionary, working on the edge of breakthrough business change."
Kenneth Mortimer, Principal, MBA & Associates Ltd

"Having had a chance to read through all of the delegate feedback forms in full it has become apparent that your workshops, in particular, were amongst the most well regarded, so thank you once more."
VP EMEA GDS International

"I took BPM training back in December, and Steve Towers was the instructor. The training was simply fantastic because Steve has that rare ability to connect with his trainees. Not only did I walk away from the training with a new perspective on Business Process Management, but I walked away with an invaluable analysis tool."
Senior Systems Analyst, Barclays Bank

"We have collated the scores from the event and you came out as the most highly regarded."
Conference Producer, IIR International

"Excellent owned the knowledge, made the presentations fun, a wealth of knowledge and practical examples. Upbeat, well-paced."
Booz Allen Hamilton, Washington

"Steve presents the whole arena of transformation in a lucid and pragmatic way. I can not overstate how much these insights and profound new understanding will change our organization and its approach to the market. Do you want my endorsement? You get it a gazillion times over. Thanks."
COO, Fortune 500 Company, Washington DC

“You are the tops! Everyone in the field should be exposed to the techniques experienced in this course.”
Director - Process Management

"...was so helpful. The ability to ask questions/having a discussion after the days end was extremely good. I really appreciated the professional approach"
Telco Director, now CIO of CEU, Hungary

“Steve is a true guru and mentor in the field of Business Process Management. What I've learnt from Steve and The BP Group in a short space of time has greatly benefited my understanding of advanced process management. Always accessible for advice, always campaigning to change how organisations view how they operate, Steve is a real asset to the BPM community and long may it continue.”
Theo Priestley, Head of Business Process Management, Psingularity

“Steve is one of the most tireless leaders in the field of business process management. While there are lots of technical folks and vested interests in the field, Steve's leadership rises above the crowd. As co-founder of the not-for-profit Business Process Group, Steve has travelled the world spreading the BPM message to business leaders and front-line workers, alike.”
Peter Fingar, Industry Guru and author of many top-selling Business books

“Transforming the planet, one person, one process, one organisation at a time”

Example Recent Clients


A.W. Rostamani Holdings Co. (LLC)     ABAA Hypermedia Technologies Ltd PT Pertamina ABB Ltd. Hyperteam Ltd PT Pro ABN AMRO Iafrica PT Sistemas Informação ABN AMRO Bank NV IBM PThrivent Financial for Lutherans Abraaj Capital Ltd. IBS Intelligence Purac, a CSM company ABSA ICICI Prudential Life PW Consulting,Stationssingel Abu Dhabi Investment Authority iCST PWC Acceleration IDA PZ Cussons Acerta-Belgium IDP QR Actelion Pharmaceuticals IDS Scheer QSuper Limited Acumen Business Processes IDS Scheer UK Ltd Quality Manufacturing Today ACPO IFESS Quark Adia iinet limited Quest Informatics Adorno IMD International R2K Software India Aegon UK Impala Platinum Limited Rabobank International Aenishaenslin Consulting GmbH Implats Ras Gas Company Ltd. ÅF Infrastructure AB In Touch RasGas Co Ltd AFD technologies,Groupe INA Rath & Strong   Indasa RBS     RBS Insurance     RCS   IndusInd Bank Ltd RDW Air Liquide íÑepp Services, Inc. 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Monday, November 30, 2020 at 8:30 AM - Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 4:30 PM (SAST)

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The mission of The BPG is to engage in activities that promote the practice of business process transformation and change for business benefit.

Through education and networking, the BPG continues to advance the field and to contribute to the skills and development of professionals who help their organizations directly meet the challenges of the 21st century through Customer Experience Management, Advanced process management, Customer Centricity, Outside-In, Business Process Management and the CEMMethod.


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IQPC is an Accredited partner of the BP Group Certified Process Professional® program in the USA, Europe, South Africa and Australia 


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