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ACCFB Weekday Group (5 volunteers or more) Shifts in July/Aug/Sept

Alameda County Community Food Bank

ACCFB Weekday Group (5 volunteers or more) Shifts in...

Registration Information

Type Remaining Quantity
07/22/19-Monday-08:30AM-11:30AM 5 Registrations Free  
07/22/19-Monday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
07/23/19-Tuesday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
07/23/19-Tuesday-12:30PM-3:30PM 12 Registrations Free  
07/24/19-Wednesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 13 Registrations Free  
07/24/19-Wednesday-12:30PM-3:30PM 5 Registrations Free  
07/25/19-Thursday-08:30AM-11:30AM 27 Registrations Free  
07/25/19-Thursday-12:30PM-3:30PM 8 Registrations Free  
07/26/19-Friday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
07/26/19-Friday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
07/29/19-Monday-08:30AM-11:30AM 9 Registrations Free  
07/29/19-Monday-12:30PM-3:30PM 5 Registrations Free  
07/30/19-Tuesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 25 Registrations Free  
07/30/19-Tuesday-12:30PM-3:30PM 10 Registrations Free  
07/31/19-Wednesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 2 Registrations Free  
07/31/19-Wednesday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/01/19-Thursday-08:30AM-11:30AM 15 Registrations Free  
08/01/19-Thursday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/02/19-Friday-08:30AM-11:30AM 7 Registrations Free  
08/02/19-Friday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/05/19-Monday-08:30AM-11:30AM 30 Registrations Free  
08/05/19-Monday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/06/19-Tuesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 30 Registrations Free  
08/06/19-Tuesday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/07/19-Wednesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 13 Registrations Free  
08/08/19-Thursday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
08/08/19-Thursday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/09/19-Friday-08:30AM-11:30AM 30 Registrations Free  
08/09/19-Friday-12:30PM-3:30PM 25 Registrations Free  
08/12/19-Monday-08:30AM-11:30AM 32 Registrations Free  
08/12/19-Monday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/13/19-Tuesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 16 Registrations Free  
08/13/19-Tuesday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/14/19-Wednesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 41 Registrations Free  
08/14/19-Wednesday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/15/19-Thursday-08:30AM-11:30AM 54 Registrations Free  
08/15/19-Thursday-12:30PM-3:30PM 14 Registrations Free  
08/16/19-Friday-08:30AM-11:30AM 5 Registrations Free  
08/16/19-Friday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/19/19-Monday-08:30AM-11:30AM 40 Registrations Free  
08/19/19-Monday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/20/19-Tuesday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
08/20/19-Tuesday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/21/19-Wednesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 15 Registrations Free  
08/21/19-Wednesday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/22/19-Thursday-08:30AM-11:30AM 8 Registrations Free  
08/22/19-Thursday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/23/19-Friday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
08/23/19-Friday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/26/19-Monday-08:30AM-11:30AM 60 Registrations Free  
08/26/19-Monday-12:30PM-3:30PM 25 Registrations Free  
08/27/19-Tuesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 15 Registrations Free  
08/27/19-Tuesday-12:30PM-3:30PM 20 Registrations Free  
08/28/19-Wednesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 60 Registrations Free  
08/28/19-Wednesday-12:30PM-3:30PM 8 Registrations Free  
08/29/19-Thursday-08:30AM-11:30AM 60 Registrations Free  
08/29/19-Thursday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
08/30/19-Friday-08:30AM-11:30AM 22 Registrations Free  
09/03/19-Tuesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 31 Registrations Free  
09/03/19-Tuesday-12:30PM-3:30PM 40 Registrations Free  
09/04/19-Wednesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 40 Registrations Free  
09/04/19-Wednesday-12:30PM-3:30PM 12 Registrations Free  
09/05/19-Thursday-08:30AM-11:30AM 13 Registrations Free  
09/05/19-Thursday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
09/06/19-Friday-08:30AM-11:30AM 13 Registrations Free  
09/06/19-Friday-12:30PM-3:30PM 5 Registrations Free  
09/09/19-Monday-08:30AM-11:30AM 40 Registrations Free  
09/09/19-Monday-12:30PM-3:30PM 25 Registrations Free  
09/10/19-Tuesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 10 Registrations Free  
09/10/19-Tuesday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
09/11/19-Wednesday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
09/11/19-Wednesday-12:30PM-3:30PM 10 Registrations Free  
09/12/19-Thursday-08:30AM-11:30AM 11 Registrations Free  
09/12/19-Thursday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
09/13/19-Friday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
09/13/19-Friday-12:30PM-3:30PM 8 Registrations Free  
09/16/19-Monday-08:30AM-11:30AM 40 Registrations Free  
09/16/19-Monday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
09/17/19-Tuesday-08:30AM-11:30AM 15 Registrations Free  
09/17/19-Tuesday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
09/18/19-Wednesday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
09/18/19-Wednesday-12:30PM-3:30PM 9 Registrations Free  
09/19/19-Thursday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
09/19/19-Thursday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
09/20/19-Friday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
09/20/19-Friday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
09/23/19-Monday-08:30AM-11:30AM 15 Registrations Free  
09/23/19-Monday-12:30PM-3:30PM 20 Registrations Free  
09/24/19-Tuesday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
09/24/19-Tuesday-12:30PM-3:30PM Sold Out Free  
09/25/19-Wednesday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
09/26/19-Thursday-08:30AM-11:30AM 20 Registrations Free  
09/26/19-Thursday-12:30PM-3:30PM 2 Registrations Free  
09/27/19-Friday-08:30AM-11:30AM Sold Out Free  
09/27/19-Friday-12:30PM-3:30PM 10 Registrations Free  
09/30/19-Monday-08:30AM-11:30AM 5 Registrations Free  
09/30/19-Monday-12:30PM-3:30PM 10 Registrations Free  

Share ACCFB Weekday Group (5 volunteers or more) Shifts in July/Aug/Sept

Event Details

The Alameda County Community Food Bank serves 1 in 5 of our neighbors--from Berkeley to Fremont, Oakland to Livermore. In just 3 hours, you can help us sort and package food that creates thousands of meals.


Transit: Take BART to Coliseum/Oakland Airport station. The AC Transit 98 counterclockwise bus (get on at the BART side of the street) stops right next door, at 8000 Edgewater Drive. The 79 Oakland Airport bus (get on opposite the BART station) stops at Hegenberger Road, a half-mile walk to the Food Bank. Check NextBus, AC Transit or BART for more information.

Have questions about ACCFB Weekday Group (5 volunteers or more) Shifts in July/Aug/Sept? Contact Alameda County Community Food Bank

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7900 Edgewater Dr
Oakland, 94621

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