Access Granted: Freedom, Flexibility, and Pathways to Funding Conference

Access Granted: Freedom, Flexibility, and Pathways to Funding Conference

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Renaissance Charlotte SouthPark Hotel

5501 Carnegie Boulevard

Charlotte, NC 28209

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Putting undercapitalized small business owners and entrepreneurs in the room with the actual investors and funders!

About this event

Imagine waking up to panoramic views of sand and seas, the sedative sound of crystal blue waves crashing just beneath your private bungalow quietly suspended above the Indian Ocean. The intoxicating smell of your favorite spiced chai latte greets you as your personal concierge reviews your itinerary for the day. Before breakfast, a morning swim followed by a Swedish massage with hot stones to promote deep relaxation. You round out your night with an exquisite candle lite dinner complete with seafood so fresh you can taste the ocean. And just before retiring for the night, a bold glass of merlot, and an intriguing book perfect for your long soak in a warm bubble bath covered in orchid and peony petals.

And the best part, tomorrow you have the luxury of doing it all over again because not only is your trip personal, its business. Time is merely an illusion when you own yours…

So, what are you waiting for? What’s keeping you from the freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment you so desperately desire?

Could it be the fact that Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) receive less business financing, less often and at much higher interest rates than their White counterparts? Or how about the fact that even when controlling for factors like “creditworthiness” Black and Hispanic business owners still trail in approval rates for business loans and financing.

Maybe your problem has nothing to do with any of reasons I listed above. Maybe like most undercapitalized business owners in the BIPOC community you don’t know how to really make your business profitable because you’ve never taken any courses in financial literacy? Maybe you have no real understanding of what it means to BUILD YOUR CAPACITY FOR FUNDING or be CAPITAL READY? It’s not that you’re living above your means or doing bad business, you simply don’t know where the funding is, how to access the funding or identify the right funding opportunities available to you!

If I had to take an educated guess you probably didn’t grow up in an affluent neighborhood where money was often discussed and distributed. Not being able to imagine the panoramic views of sand and sea has nothing to do with your faith, it has everything to do with your lack of finances!

Don’t beat yourself up about it…we understand.

That’s why at Access Granted, we are taking the guesswork out of how to access capital for your business.

We all know what the problem is. At Access Granted, we’re not interested in rehearsing the problem, we’re only interested in partnering with qualified financial experts who can provide viable solutions that will restore your faith


PACKAGE, POSITION and PITCH your business to potential investors and lenders so you can increase your chances of securing the funding you need to start, grow, scale and/or sustain your business.

THINK LIKE AN INVESTOR: Is your business able to scale in a capital efficient manner? Can the business produce high enough profit margins to entice an acquiring company to pay a large multiple of revenue or profits? What is your team dynamic? Can you articulate your “Why”? Do you have an exit strategy?


BECOME CAPITAL READY by learning the basic criteria every small business needs to meet before a lender will consider lending to you.

The ART of CROWDFUNDING will show you how to raise the money you need fast to start or fund your small business in 90 days or less.

DISMANTLE the SELF-IMPOSED and GENERATIONAL TRAUMA you have with money so you can start expecting the financial abundance that is your birth-right.


Becky Williams, CEO and Founder of BPW Healthcare secure her first 6-figure deal inn 2021 after completing Seneca Dunmore's "Confident Compelling Communicator" 8-week course!


JeNae Johnson, CEO and Founder of CTM Unlimited has added an additional 5-figures a month in additional revenue for her business after completing Seneca Dunmore's "Confident Compelling Communicator" a 2-day Intensive Program!


Joye Jackson, CEO of Speaking of Joye, LLC secured her first paid speaking engagement while enrolled in Seneca Dunmore's "Powerhouse Professional Program"! Her very next engagement she was able to double her fee!

In 2022, NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU! Certainly not the government. They’re not handing out anymore stimulus checks, no more PPP or EIDL loans, no more child tax credits, no more rent assistance and eviction protection, no more fattened unemployment checks and before you know it, federal student loan payments will be active again. Inflation is at an all-time high and so is the financial “insecurity” of most small business owners. So, what are you planning to do about it?

If “bootstrapping” has been the primary or only source for funding your business, you’re in trouble, not to mention, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. As a small business owner, you have a legal and fiduciary responsibility to generate revenue for your shareholders, otherwise you just have an expensive hobby.

Right now, I want you to be selfish. The only shareholder I want you to concern yourself with is YOU! You should be in business of making money for yourself, BUT NOT BY YOURSELF!

When you PURCHASE YOUR TICKET for Access Granted, not only will you learn how to fund your business through traditional and nontraditional sources of funding, but you will also be partnering with a community of financial experts who will show you how to secure more capital, contracts, contacts, and connections so you can afford living life on your terms.

Remember this, WEALTH BEGETS WEALTH! If you want to make money in your business you need to cultivate “relational” relationships and not just “transactional relationships with the people who have the money, i.e., investors, bankers etc. At Access Granted, this will be your opportunity to get the ball rolling!

But let’s be honest for a second. If you’ve never had sufficient working capital in your business or if you’ve struggled to secure outside funding for your business, you’re not going to digest all this content in one conference. We knew that when we created it.

Learning how to pitch to investors, write grants, and qualify for loans can be an exhausting process, but it doesn’t have to be.

When you purchase your PRIORITY, PREMIUM OR PRIME ACCESS TICKET to Access Granted, you will have the opportunity to join an exclusive membership only online community called the ACCESS CAPITAL ACADEMY.

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