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Accepting Voices in Ajax, Ont

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132 Kingston Rd, 2nd Floor

Post Hill Apartment

Ajax, Ontario


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This workshop is open to all. Registration is required, limited places available.

Very pleased to announce opportunity to participate in innovative, ground breaking workshop, offered in partnership with Durham MEntal Health Services.

Hearing voices is intentional, ordinary language descriptive of a range of human experience that has been mystified, is often feared and yet which is also remarkably common.

Hearing Voices also refers to an emancipatory approach that accepts such experiences as very real and meaningful if sometimes difficult to live with, and that seeks to share ways we can learn to live with such difficult experiences and support and connect with each other.

This approach also includes many other similar experiences that can be hard to live with and harder to talk about and make sense of.

When we learn to put aside our fear of both ourselves and each other we generate possibilities that we can find and create new roles, connect with each other, and find richer experiences of being human as we co-create a world that’s easier to live in for all of us.

Friday 24th November 2017

9.30 to 4.30pm

132 Kingston Rd, Ajax
2nd Floor – Post Hill Apartment.

About this workshop

This workshop offers a uniquely human way of understanding the kind of experiences that get called mystifying names like “psychosis”; a non-diagnostic way of understanding such experiences and deeper understanding of how we might better support those who live with these experiences and who struggle from humanity and compassion.

  • Do you work with people who hear voices or other experiences that get called names like “psychosis” and who struggle with that?
  • Do you have someone in your life who hears voices and struggles and feel limited in your ability to understand and support them?
  • Have you come to realize how the story that a person hearing voices must mean “illness” ? limits not only them but limits you too, and limits all of us?
  • Are you weary of the notion that we must fear ourselves and fear each other ?
  • Are you curious to learn more and are you asking “what else can I do?”

If so then this workshop might help you tilt your universe and emancipate yourself. It offers new, very simple and very human ways to understand and begin to act .

If you’re looking for a workshop on how to diagnose and categorise your friends, family and colleagues and what dehumanizing names to call yourself and them, then know that this is not it.

Our aim is that you can feel more confident in your ability to offer yourself as a one person safe space to people who live with experiences that get called names like “psychosis” and that can be difficult to live with and more difficult to talk about.

we envisin a society that understands

We invite you to join us in enacting a world that understands voice hearing, supports the needs of people who hear voices and regards them as full citizens.

World Hearing Vocies Congress will be coming to Canada in 2017. It's time you joined us in enaccting this kind of world in whatever part of Canada you call home.


A big thank you to Druham Mental Health Services for working with us to make this opportunity available in Ajax and druham Region Ontario.


This workshop is foundational and prerequisite to other trainings, including:

Ready to take your next step?

working with voicesIf you have attended this workshop then you may be ready for the next step.
We'll be announcing new dates for Working Wiht Voices soon, here's a description...

Workshop #2 Working With Voices.

_ _____________________________________________ _

Accepting Voices
Workshop Description

This unique and innovative workshop offers you a non-diagnostic understanding of the kinds of experience like hearing voices that are that are sometimes called “psychosis”.

We offer you simple, everyday language to show you how you can understand such experiences not as “disconnected from” but intimately connected with reality and in ways that can be overwhelming, painful, frustrating, sometimes terrifying response to the reality we share,

It also offers a framework you can use to connect and draw from your own experiences to help you truly empathize and understand how better to support people who might be undergoing such difficult experiences.

You’ll leave feeling more at ease with both yourself and your ability to offer yourself as a one-person safe-space to people who struggle.

Join us in enacting a society that understands voice hearing, supports individuals who hear voices and views them as full citizens. .

What you can expect and connect yourself with a community of people doing just that.

This workshop will enable you better to …

  • Understand hearing voices [and other experiences] as a normal human experience, that can become problematic, when a person is left to struggle without support..
  • Share simple data and stories about just how common it is to hear voices- how it is not in itself a problem and many people do – some cultures regard it as bringing great benefit.
  • Peer through and beyond diagnostic frameworks – resist the urge to catalogue and categorize everything you witness as “symptom”.and instead,
  • take an interest in the person struggling with their experience of voices and other experiences called “psychosis” as a human being having a hard time..
  • Begin to accept even the most difficult of human experiences as something that can be understood, explored and even valued.
  • Look within your own experience and relate with different experiences like hearing voices, visions, unshared beliefs.
  • Explore how you can be at ease in your role and be more real with people who have difficult experiences .
  • Offer yourself as a one-person safe-space to people who struggle with experiences like hearing voices.

Who this workshop is designed for…

We believe the hearing voices approach is emancipatory for all.

If, in your work, you work with you come into contact with people who hear voices and who struggle with that; and you have experienced how that can leave you feeling uncomfortable or worse, then we think you’ll find this one day workshop useful.

So, if you’re a doctor, nurse, social worker, community worker, housing worker, peer support worker, psychologist, therapist, police officer, etc. then it may be for you.

Families, carers, everyone.
The workshop is also highly suitable for you if you love, live with, care for people in your life who hear voices and struggle with that – and you have come to realise the limitations of an approach that limits understanding to illness-brain chemicals and you are curious about how else you may understand, and what else you can do..

Workshop design…

This is an intensive workshop covering a lot of ground , together we will :

  • Gain insights from people who hear voices, and from others who work with people who hear voices.
  • Learn how we can think differently about voices and other experiences that are sometimes labelled “psychosis”
  • Explore how, as workers, we can accept ourselves and each other, relax and enjoy our work: the better to offer support for people who hear voices.
  • Interact – with deep personal reflection, shared sense-making and dialogue.
  • We will also share some simple, practical approaches that you can use in your practice on return to work.
  • Connect with resources and both local network and the global hearing voices community.

This workshop is designed to leave you feeling more competent and confident in your own ability to offer yourself as a one person safe space for people who hear voices.

You will not become an expert in one day but you’ll have a good basis for starting and feeling more comfortable – and more human – as you do.

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Date and Time


132 Kingston Rd, 2nd Floor

Post Hill Apartment

Ajax, Ontario


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