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Academic Web3 Conference

The First Academic NFT & Web3 Conference with virtual, hybrid + Metaverse options!

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The Academic Web3 Conference hosts top panelists and participants from worldwide educational and academic communities, hosting roundtables, presentations, and discussions on various Web3 innovations, software, community, curriculum, and education!

JOIN US on the new Web3 Professional Networking site, Entre, for the conference at:

Whether you are in tech, humanities, art, or administrative department or division, or are a student, K12 teacher, researcher, or just an interested community member... we have information that will help you navigate the growing opportunities on a myriad of Web2 -to- Web3 platforms and structures. Schedule and more at:

Discover our comprehensive open-source Blockchain Super Glossary, as well as recent Web3 publications, papers, and dissertations on our Web3 Resources page at:

Check out our International Web3 Academic Council & Club list, complete with Twitter and Website links at:

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