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A Soul On Fire Clearing Workshop for a Powerful New Year

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Burr Manor

525 143rd St SW

Lynnwood, Washington 98087

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The Shift Is Coming… A Soul On Fire Workshop

Fast forward your success, get out of your own way and ignite a positive shift in your relationships, business and life!

This Soul on Fire Workshop is a catalyst to move you forward into the new year feeling lighter, brighter, freer and more deeply aligned with your heart and soul.

"I recently had the opportunity to attend a Soul on Fire Workshop and the experience was profoundly moving. I gained was a clear sense of what keeps me stuck and tools to show up more fully in all areas of my life. I am very grateful and would highly recommend working with Heather. She is the real deal."
​- Chris R., Seattle

Can you believe we are near the end of another year? Did it turn out how you hoped it would?

Let’s face it. Things don’t always turn out the way you think they’re going to, in fact, they often don’t. Unexpected challenges arise, one door closes and another opens and just when you think everything is settled, life throws you a curve ball… it’s how we grow, heal and evolve.

In order to not keep repeating the same unhealthy patterns you have to be willing to pause, dig deep and learn the lesson.

Do you desire greater connection, intimacy, meaning, depth and passion in your life?

Do you want to be in a relationship where you feel empowered and equipped to clearly communicate your needs and unapologetically stand for what you desire?

Do you want to break free from whatever might be holding you back from experiencing the life and love you truly desire?

Do you want to move forward with greater clarity, courage and confidence?

If you said yes to any of these questions and you are ready to manifest that reality, this Soul On Fire Workshop is for you!

With over twenty years of being on a conscious path of personal and spiritual growth, I have learned deep down that everything is always happening for you, there is tremendous power in the pause and in every experience, there is a beautiful gift if you are willing to do the (inner) work to receive it.

During this workshop, you will be guided through transformative inner work processes that will catapult your healing and growth.

Get excited!!

If you are hard-working man or woman who is willing to hit pause and shake things up a bit to clear away the layers blocking you from your deepest desires, then join me at this all-day adventure for your Soul!

This internal pause could very well mark… the beginning of the rest of your life. A much-needed shift, a mental and emotional rinse, an energetic clearing and an activation of higher truth and wisdom.

Are you ready to shed that which no longer serves you and step into your true self? That beautiful center where only love resides?

YES?! I thought so!

Included in this workshop is:

  • Transformational Inner Work processes
  • Guided meditations
  • A Soul on Fire Workbook
  • A healthy, light lunch
  • Herbal teas & infused water
  • A Fire Ceremony &
  • A Dance Party!

Sign-up today and secure your spot in the circle to set your Soul on Fire!

Testimonials from Soul on Fire Retreat and Workshop participants:

"My biggest breakthrough happened within a few hours of starting at the retreat. I identified deep patterns that were holding me back from what I desire. That awareness has become the foundation to create positive change in my life."

"After the retreat, I felt clearer minded and strong in myself. I didn't realize what I needed to embrace from 2015 until the meditation. Since that took me by surprise, I was more open to whatever would come to me throughout the weekend."

"I learned to really, truly whole heartedly OWN who I am. To stop filtering & editing myself (even my own thoughts & journaling) as a way to protect myself from others criticism, and to embrace everything that I am & though I've known these things inside, to allow them to come to surface & not be afraid to show it."

"I realized that the things in my life where was friction was all about me and the stories I attached to it. Releasing anger sparked courage in my life."

"During this this process, I uncovered and released the masks of fear I constructed that have been there since childhood, keeping me from deeply connecting with people when I thought I was connected deeply in my life. I feel at peace now. I feel present."

"It was really powerful to learn and understand on a deeper level that when someone rubs me the wrong way, its triggering something within myself that is presenting and opportunity for me to address and heal."

"I was able to let go of resentment/pain from my marriage. This was huge. I feel lighter."

"The fire ceremony and guided meditations were awesome!"

"I feel so much more at peace, letting things unfold and trusting in the divine plan in my life. Accepting the chaos and unpredictability of life and embracing all of it, both my shadow and my light."

"A huge weight was lifted off of me. My insecurities are gone. I feel comforted knowing that I am not alone feeling the way that I have. I feel light and no longer feel nervous."

"I feel like I can let love in my heart again, I can let go of the game of blame and judgment in my marriage and begin taking responsibility for my emotions. I know I have to focus on my own healing now."

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Date and Time


Burr Manor

525 143rd St SW

Lynnwood, Washington 98087

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