A Sniff and a Movie! April 11, 2019

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This PILOT was a complete success!!

This is your chance to get YOUR video reviewed by me (and by peer review). This is how it works...

There will be 8 Red Carpet spaces... If you are Red Carpet, you submit to me a YouTube video of either a trial or a training session less than 2:00 long. You need to submit this by 2:00 PM EST on the day of the "screening".

There will be 30 Movie Critic spaces.... if you are a Movie Critic, you don't submit video.

I will be the Movie Director! This means that I will start the evening off with a short presentation of how to give a good critic... meaning we will make sure that our Movie Critics and our fellow Red Carpeters will be KIND and CONSTRUCTIVE. THEN, in random order, I will share each video with you. We will spend about 10 minutes per Video, reviewing, critiquing and helping. You will get feedback from me in addition to everyone else on the line.

The length of the evening will be dictated by how many movies we get to see!

This will be a fabulous learning opportunity for all involved! Video review has a HUGE benefit in being able to learn and grow. Of course, this WILL be recorded and everyone involved will get the recording :)

The Pilot was a HUGE success! You won't want to miss this!


I wanted to share some changes we will be making as a part of the pilot...

- Red Carpet spots will be limited to 9. This will help keep the night a reasonable length! Review time is about 12 minutes per video.

- We will group the order of the videos so that we are viewing like elements, in order of complexity, rather than in random order

- The format will be: Watch the Video (2:00), Critique (8:00), Re-watch the Video (2:00).

- Red Carpet participants will submit a short intro to their dog including anything they would like to focus on with their video ahead of time

- Videos are due by 4:00 PM EST the day of the Screening

- Since we are reducing the number of Red Carpet spots, we are going to try to do these more often... hopefully weekly!!

- I've increased the number of Movie Critic spots in case people want to sign up but can't participate live and want to just review the recording.

- NEW RULE: All Red Carpet spots MUST attend LIVE

The next installment of SAAM Is ready for signups!! We are going to do this again on Wed Oct 10 at 9:00 PM EST.

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