A Sacred Water Dance

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Twin Lakes, CO

Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes, CO 81251

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Celebrate your deep connection with the sacred waters in the full gaze of a summer sun

About this Event

A Four-Day wilderness immersion opening and connecting to the water of life in the sacred desert landscape by the Colorado River.


We are born in water of water. We spend the first nine months of life as a water being. Stanislov Grof, a renowned transpersonal psychologist, notes in his seminal work, The Transpersonal Vision (1998), that this has largely been bypassed in the dominant psychological model of our world. However, our innate and intimate relationship with water is essential and matters deeply to the development of our psyche.

In the Four Shields of Human Consciousness model (Steven Foster, 1999), water is connected to the open, sensual, and existential nature of our inner child. In this model, water is also related to summer, passion, red, and uncensored play.

In this immersion, our vision is to create a sacred opportunity for revising and reclaiming our water-connection, and exploring the interconnected ways in which our life force flows. We will open an invitation to explore our relationship with water through meditation, medicine walks, story-sharing and mirroring, and other felt-sense practices from applied transpersonal ecopsychology. This immersion will be held in the container of Council, and we will open to the four intentions of Council with our human community and also with the more-than-human community.

This nature immersion will be situated overlooking the sacred river now known as the Colorado---a river which feeds and is inextricably connected to over 50 million human lives and an untold billion-plus more-than-human beings. It is said that the waters of this sacred body are recycled in and out of the river seven times before it reaches its terminal point near the ocean.

Come and celebrate our deep connection with this most sacred of rivers in the full gaze of a summer sun.

Intent & Vision:

alchemy of prana's intent is to open and connect to our sacred dialogue with the wild earth, and allow the water of life to move us toward alignment and creativity---a sacred water dance.

Time & Location:

4 Day / 3 Nights : We will meet at 2:00 PM on July 19th and end at 3 PM on July 22. We will set up camp at a group along the shores of Twin Lakes, CO. Specific details of location will be emailed upon registration.


Guests are responsible for their own food and gear. *More detailed logistics and gear list information will be provided upon registration.


  • Deposit: $30
  • Tuition (deposit included): Sliding Scale $150 - $300

Why a Sliding Scale: Alchemy of Prana's intention for offering sliding scale option is to support financial availabilities. The diversity of the option creates an opportunity for the organization and all participants to be supported. Please pay what is aligned for you: Scholarships are available upon written request.

Keywords / Themes:

#FourShieldsofHumanNature #MedicineWalks #Council #InterpersonalDynamics #Ecopsychology #TranspersonalPsychology #ColoradoRiver #natureconnection #waterislife #sacredwater

Optional Suggested Reading:

The Four Shields, S. Foster & M. Little. SchoolofLostBorders.org/resources, Four Shields of Human Nature & Other Articles Way of Council, V. Coyle & J. Zimmerman . See also OjaiFoundation.org

Ecopsychology, Ed. T. Roszak, M. Gomes, & A. Kanner

Guides: Thompson Bishop & Colleen Bishop

thompson bishop, MA

(tbird) grew up in the hills of East Tennessee and the mountains of Colorado. From an early age, tbird began his study of music and a deep connection to the natural world. Trained in classical piano and voice, he received double undergraduate degrees in Music and Recording Arts. Deeply touched by the ecological struggles of the earth in human hands, tbird returned to graduate studies in Animal Policy and Advocacy and then into Transpersonal Ecopsychology (MA) at Naropa University. Trained in Council at the Ojai Foudation and as a Vision Fast Guide with the School of Lost Borders, he will be continuing his education in a year-long facilitator program in 2019 with the Work That Reconnects. tbird has a deep affinity for the Ragged Mountains and the Crystal Valley, and now finds sanctuary and home with his life-mate Colleen and their loving fury-kins just outside of Redstone, CO. tbird loves trail running, hiking, mountain biking, yoga, and all things contemplative. He is an active part within multiple nonprofit and foundation boards.

colleen bishop, MA

colleen was raised in Philadelphia, PA. Her ecological identity was first birthed through the ocean and sand along the eastern coast of the USA. She began a career path in Elementary Education before hearing the call to nature. After living closer to the eastern coast in South Carolina in her mid-twenties, she eventually found herself in Landstuhl, Germany. During the two years she spent living in Landstuhl, Germany she discovered an affinity and profound loving connection with the Black Forest. In some ways, the connection began the path toward contacting wholeness the natural world, which eventually carried her to the "crazy wisdom" that Chogyam Trungpa founded Naropa University on and where she met and committed to deep loving with her beloved and now husband, Thompson Bishop. Together, they now call home a majestic narrow crystalline river valley within the Great Mysteriousing of the Western Slope Region of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Colleen is a Graduate alumni of Naropa University with a MA in Transpersonal Ecopsychology. She is trained in guiding human beings through transitions and rites of passages using the vision fast model through the School of Lost Borders. Colleen is also a certified yoga instructor and offers ceremonial & heart based yoga classes which give voice to the myriad of ways we practice consciously navigating surrender (severance), the unseen liminal space (threshold) and birth (initiation) again and again. Her vibrant presence and soft voice speaks to the fierce loving she embodies.

Colleen's dharma involves *being* in conscious, loving, embodied, connected and sacred relationship with all of life and in midwifing/bridging the births with Earth-body through ceremony and ritual.

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Twin Lakes, CO

Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes, CO 81251

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