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A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment in Boulder, CO

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2027 13th Street

Boulder, CO 80302

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Prepare to feel ALIVE.

Prepare to be UNCOMFORTABLE.

Prepare for the UNEXPECTED.a

View preview trailer here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NObRm3OFJfI

Are you ready to get wet in the waters of truth and travel into the unedited depths of the human experience? Are you ready to ride the waves of darkness through time and emotion to wash up on the sands of certainty? And uncertainty. . .

Then join us. For an evening of uncensored truth, radical honesty and riveting performance. Isabella Konold, of San Diego, CA will be bringing to Boulder her One Woman show A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment- an unapologetically raw, ever so edgy, and we do mean edgy, story of grit and grime, suffering and salvation.

No fluff. No frills. Just pure, unfiltered heartspeak about the beautiful chaos of life and the messiness of evolution.

Isabella weaves monologue, spoken word, a bit of song and a touch of dance into the evening to be sure to accommodate every palate (wink).

*Volunteer positions available in exchange for a ticket

View preview trailer here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NObRm3OFJfI

From the Audience. . .

“Watching Isabella brings up everything in me that is dead and buried but wants to be healed and come alive. She has a gift that is going to turn the darkness within us all into light.” ~Jonathan Budd, CEO Powur

“There was life before Isabella’s show. And life after Isabella’s show.” ~ Mary Catherine Shurett, Wellness Coach

"She saved my life. I remember who I am." ~Anonymous

Welcome to Theater in the RAW. . . A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment

We all have a story. Truths that we hold. And truths waiting to be told. Pieces we've carried with us and parts we've disowned. We have chapters and chapters of excruciatingly beautiful life inside of us.

What does it look like to put all of your cards on the table? To not only claim your path but to find purpose in your pain? What does it feel like when we source our deepest connections through our deepest vulnerabilities? Free from fear. Free from shame. Free to be fully expressed.

A Pilgrimage of EmBODYment is just this. A spotlight on the journey from gore to grace.

It is. . . a dive into the chrysalis of humanity where we digest the nutrients of our shame, our pain and our blame as the fuel for ascension.

It is. . . an opportunity to Get Real. To Reveal. To Heal.

*Rated T for True. This is real life and these are true stories. Isabella lived through every moment. Sometimes willingly and sometimes kicking and screaming :)

*Rated R for Real. A.k.a this event is not appropriate for children.

*This event is a Fundraiser to globally scale this production. Isabella is committed to healing the wounds of the feminine, the wounds of the masculine and the collective wounds of humanity by shining a spotlight on our human stories and embracing our journeys with love and compassion. By saying YES to all we've been, all we are and all we're becoming.

*Volunteer positions available in exchange for a ticket


"Isabella Konold is a rare talent. A top-notch writer and a spell-binding performer. She takes us with her into the unedited depths of human anguish and immediately has us laughing through our tears and hers, connecting us not only to our fragile vulnerability but also to the mythic quality of our personal journeys."

"Isabella will open your heart, break your heart, and bring you an experience of transformation and compassion that is unlike anything you have ever known. In this one performance, she opens the door to a healing of the sexes that our world is crying out for. Shockingly raw, exquisitely heart opening. . . " Phyllis Leavitt, MA and Author

"Isabella flipped my world upside down. Her performance was a turning point in my life when I started to take charge of the darkest areas of my life that I was avoiding and to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. This work needs to be shared with the world!"

James Radina, Founder BioCBD+

“Raw, deep, real, and vulnerable. I have never in my life seen an entire audience moved in this way. I was left craving more of her. Isabella is a brilliant thinker of our generation and I am certain that through her writing and performance, she will leave a lasting impact on humanity.”

Jolie Dawn, Business Coach and Author

"Isabella's performance was one of the most impactful experiences I have EVER had to understand the inner workings of a woman and the beauty of the range of emotions that woman can feel. It was inspiring in EVERY way. It made me a better man and helped me show up as a better man for every woman in my life. Words cannot express the impact she had on me." Eli Call, Real Estate Investor

"I've never been moved to tears so deeply before. Not even by Eve Ensler, and Eve's the best."~ Laura Swan, Women's Leadership Coach, Author

“Isabella is a GENIUS both as a director and a performer. She commands the stage.”

Tanya Paluso - Entrepreneur

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2027 13th Street

Boulder, CO 80302

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