A Candid Conversation about Systemic Racism

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A Candid Conversation about Systemic Racism

In an effort to dismantle white hatred we have chosen to highlight the Lives & Voices of BIPOC community members and support ally education.

By Misha Safran and Jodi Lewis

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October 30, 2020 · 7pm - December 15, 2024 · 6:30pm PDT



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This webinar, A Candid Conversation about Systemic Racism, is meant to be an honest and authentic conversation about the long-time injustice of racism in America. We discuss systemic racism, in an effort to dismantle white hatred, white violence, and white crimes, from the inside out.

Our greatest intention is to acknowledge the lives and highlight the voices of BIPOC community members, giving them a safe space to share their own experiences, challenges and hopes, without having to educate white people. When we do not have a guest, we use the webinar time to discuss topics that are relevant in making culture change and inspiring sustainable action to support the mission of dismantling systemic racism.

We hope that you will attend and join us in honoring and respecting the lives of Black, Brown and Indigenous people.

Jodi Lewis and Misha Safran look forward to discussing with BIPOC identified friends, BIPOC identified colleagues and other BIPOC community members their thoughts and perspective on what has been going on in this country (USA) for a very long time or what has been going on in their lives as a result of systemic racism.

THIS WEBINAR is for ALL audiences who wish to respect and honor BIPOC lives and voices.


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We are truly grateful for our friends and community members, many of whom are members of the BIPOC community, for trusting us with the sharing of their personal experiences. We continue to work to build a safe space, a brave space, for these webinars, listening with open minds so as to welcome these honest and vulnerable shares about the impact of systemic racism and are always open to feedback and suggestions.

These webinars are typically held the third Sunday of each month with different guests/panelists each time. Sometimes we do not have a guest so we use this time for providing resources or highlighting a historical event in the lives of Black, Brown, and Indigenous People as a way to support ally education.

If you consider yourself a member of the BIPOC community, or you know someone who would like the opportunity to voice their experiences, please feel free to schedule a time to be on the panel or pass on our link listed below. We can have up to three panelists in one evening!

Use this link to pick the month that works for you: https://calendly.com/authentic_joy/systemic_racism

ALL attendees will receive follow up emails with resources for becoming more learned allies.

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In Solidarity and with Love,

Misha Safran and Jodi Lewis.

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