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The Stories I Told Myself - #TSITM

An Online 21Day Writing Intensive Workshop

BEGINS: 06.April.19

All inclusive / All Welcome 18+

This writing workshop is designed to:

  1. Explore your conscious & unconscious narratives
  2. Question everything, (How haveyour stories served you?)
  3. Consider what is fair value, now. (What do you want now?)


You either walk inside your story & own it or you stand outside your story & hustle for your worthiness.” ~Brene Brown

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You have decided to be the conscious creator of your narrative. I know you are both excited and other thangs to, its ok..

The stories you told served you. They had a purpose and got you this far.

You realized you have evolved & that requires a new narrative.

It seems simple, just a story.

Over 21 days we dive deep. Exploring, evolving, and creating safe space to share and gain new tools.

The questions & writing prompts are simple. The process worth your while.

Deep Breath You Made It; Lets Co-Create:

  • Who : Humanoid identifying species 18 & over due to the nature of open sharing.
  • What: Has your "story" cost you: Monetarily, emotionally, physically, sexually, personal & professional opportunities/ relationships?
  • When: Was the last time your "narrative / assumption" provided you the outcome you hoped for?
  • Why: Your tired of paying a tangible price for your intangible emotional responses.

What our 21 Days will look like?

Over 21 Day

  • We cease the hustle & shift to worthiness of ownership.
  • Our goal is to cultivate & evolve in consciousness.
  • Knowing we are creators & soul narrators of life allowing ourselves to be transparent & vulnerable.

The stories we tell COST.

Each week a has a theme & a daily prompt to write about, explore, support, share & discuss

  • 1st Week- The Story of Origin (What is the story you were told about your parents and how they met? The stories of your conception and birth?)
  • 2nnd Week - The Story You Picked Up (This is the story you have accepted & are living based on the story told about you.)
  • 3rd Week- The Story You Own (Our last week is spent CREATING the story you own and want to see come to frution.)

PRIVATE Weekly Slack or IG LIVE (Date & Time Sat or Sun TBD by group)


Open Group Discussions

“Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.”

~Maya Angelou

Disclaimer this is a writing intensive workshop thats it.

All info provided is my opinion: Seek medical support from medical folks. K

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