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9th International Conference on Food Science & Technology (aac) A

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60306 Frankfurt


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9th International Conference on Food Science & Technology

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Congregate towards better understanding and new development on Food Science

We cordially invite the participants all over the world to attend the 9th International Conference on Food Science andTechnology slated on March 20-21, 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Food Technology 2019encompasses an exhibition of products, high standard lectures, and keynote lectures, workshop, special sessions given by the eminent food scientists, outstanding young researchers and other professionals from academia and industry.

The Conference is organized under the theme Congregate towards better understanding and new development of food sciences. Main Goal of FoodTechnology 2019 meeting is to accelerate the translation of leading-edge discoveries and to promote scientific collaboration, exchange, and fellowship among the Food industry colleagues and professionals.

Food Technology 2019 is the best platform to reach the largest assemblage of participants worldwide. Join with them, conduct presentations, and exchange thoughts to explore more in Food science sector.

We cordially invite all concerned people to join us at our intellectual event and make it successful by your remarkable participation.

Sessions / Tracks

Food Science

Food Science is a multidisciplinary the field lies in an understanding of the chemistry of food components and reactions that undergo during the processing and storage.

Nutritional Food

Nutrition has defined as the study of food science which highly deals with food and it gives several factors related to health. Food is the major thing essential for humans to lead a healthy life. It also helps in treating many disorders related to nutrition deficiency and it helps in curing such diseases. Nutrition and being healthy fully depends on food, environment, lifestyle, etc.

Functional Foods & Bioavailability

Functional Food Is nothing but food that may provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Functional Foods, with Nutraceuticals, incorporated, represent an emerging trend in Food Science and Food industry. It plays a major role in the healthy aging ad it will improve the chronic disease's condition in older adults.

Food Microbiology and Food Quality

Food Microbiology is concentrating on minimizing the exposure of consumer to pathogens. Food Microbiology has an effect on FoodCorporation, Food Biotechnology, and Food Protection. The significance of food corporation is guaranteeing a healthy nutrition supply to the consumers. Food quality and Safety are central issues in food economics.

Food Engineering

Food Engineering is a multi-disciplinary field and is focused on the application of engineering to the production and distribution of food. Food Engineers should control the health and safety of food production by designing and operating food Processing Plants.

Food Chemistry and analysis

Food Chemistry is the science that helps to study the chemical composition and properties of food and the chemical changes it undergoes. FoodAnalysis helps us to discover and characterize major nutrients and minor components.

Synthetic Foods

Synthetic or artificial foods are derived from food substances that have been chemically synthesized. It imitates the appearance, odor, and taste of natural foods. Synthetic amino acids and combinations of them are added to natural food products to increase the protein content and it's used in diet therapy

Nutrition, Health, and aging

Food provides our bodies with the energy, vitamins, minerals, fats and building blocks of protein, enzymes and genetic material to living grows and function properly. However, lower food intake has been observed in the elder people and it became critical risk factors for malnutrition, especially protein and micronutrients. This will increase the risk of developing several age-related diseases.

Diet and Fitness

Eating a balanced diet can help to get the calories and nutrients. The consumed energy needs to fuel your daily activities, including regular exercise. When it comes to eating foods to fuel your exercise performance, it’s not to choose vegetables over doughnuts. Must take right types of food at the right times of the day.

Obesity and Malnutrition

Obesity, leading to a rise in chronic diseases. According to the International Diabetes Federation, nearly four out of five people are living with diabetes in developing countries. Malnutrition refers to imbalances of person intake of energy or nutrients. It addresses three broad groups of conditions like undernutrition, micronutrient-related malnutrition, and obesity. Combating malnutrition is one of the greatest worldwide health challenges.

Sports Nutrition and kinesiology

Sports nutrition combines the knowledge of human nutritionand exercise science. Kinesiology refers to the study of human movement. It includes the concept of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience. Both are interdisciplinary research areas.

Public Health Nutrition

Public health nutrition major focus is to improve or maintain the optimal health of populations in andtargeted groups. The main activities in Public Health Nutrition are to promote the health and well-being of the entire population. Hence the public health nutrition is responsible for the whole system not in preventing a certain disease.

Food Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is the practice of analyzing if a person is taking enough nutrients for good health. Clinical nutritionists assess your nutritional needs based on your lifestyle, family and medical history. The Health records of the person help to make recommendations on diet and their nutritional needs. As well as changes to your diet may help to prevent diseases.

Probiotics Nutrition

Probiotics have been identified by WHO as living organisms. When taken in enough these organisms, it can have measurable biological effects and health benefits to the consumers. It is consumed by us for many years in the form of capsules and dairy products. The results of scientific studies suggested that probiotics have health effects in reducing hay fever symptoms and prevention of antibiotic-associated gastrointestinal upset.

Nutrition and Cancer

Eating a healthy diet and physically active is important for people diagnosed with cancer. Diet, Physical Activity, and obesity is also a risk factor for developing a certain type of cancers. A healthful diet can fight cancer. Research Suggestthat good nutritionand exercise can help people during and after cancer treatment.

Nutritional Epidemiology

Nutritional Epidemiologydeals with the study of the nutritional determinants of diseases in human populations. The main goal of nutritional Epidemiology is monitoring food consumption, nutrient intake, nutritional status of a population and prevention of diseases with the improvement of public health.

Current advance in FoodTechnology and Nutritional Science

Research and Development in Food technology are essential to increase the rate of production and shelf life of the product, without reducing the quality of food and nutritional content. Due to increasing population, the demand for food has been steadily increasing. FoodTechnology will play a major role in the future to produce a large quantity of food with good quality. The large-scale production of nutritious food is possible with research and development in food and nutrition.


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Organizing Committee

Dr. Annette C Bentley


American Celiac Society

Louisiana, USA

Claude Billeaud


Association Européenne pour l’Enseignement en Pédiatrie

Angers, France

Karen E. Burke

President and Founder

Karen Burke Research Foundation

New York, USA

Dr. Paola Cane


Mia Solutions

Torino, Italy

Gary D Stoner

Professor, chemical carcinogenesis and cancer chemoprevention

Medical College of Wisconsin

Milwaukee, USA

Kristina Elsaesser


United States Naval Academy

Baltimore, USA

Mr. Alejandro De la Parra Solomon


WAMS(The World Academy of Medical Sciences)

Mexico, Mexico

Prof. M.S Swaminathan

Founder and Chairman, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation

First World Food Prize Winner MS Swaminathan Research Foundation

Chennai, India

Sara Stanner

Science Director

British Nutrition Foundation

London, United Kingdom

Marty Yadrick

Computrition, Inc.

Los Angeles, USA

Martin MacDonald

CEO & Founder

The Mac-Nutrition Collective

London, United Kingdom

Sinerik Ayrapetyan

UNESCO Chair, Life Sciences International Postgraduate Educational Center


Yerevan, Armenia

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Date and Time


Venue will be informed to the Registered Participants


60306 Frankfurt


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