9th Annual Diaspora - Israeli-Russian Film Festival November15 - December 6

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9th Annual Diaspora - Israeli-Russian Film Festival, November 15 – November 21 and November 22 - December 6, 2020

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November 15 – November 21

The Mystery of the Black Book (New York Premier)

A Film by Boris Maftsir

Israel 2019 | 70 min | Documentary | English, Russian, Hebrew with English subtitles

Famous Soviet Writer Ilya Ehrenburg initiated and gathered comprehensive information about the Holocaust in the Soviet Union. It was named ''The Black Book''. In October 1947, the book was to be published in Moscow - a collection of testimonies and articles about the murder of 2.7 Million Jews under Nazi occupation in the Soviet Union. The book was shelved by the authorities, as if the Holocaust of Soviet Jews had never occurred at all. Why did Stalin decide to hide the solid and documented evidence of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union? Did Soviet Jewry’s enthusiasm on the establishment of the State of Israel cause collective punishment against them by the government? Since the revolution, Soviet Jews had been considered loyal partners in the building and administration of the Soviet Union. Why and how did they become suspects of dual loyalty, potential traitors, and second-class citizens?

End Game (New York Premier)

Director: Ariel Cohen

Israel/Russia 2018 | 85 min | Feature Drama| Russian, Hebrew with English subtitles

End Game is based on real events that took place in the Soviet Union about 60 years ago, called the "Doctors' Plot".

Moscow. 1953. Jewish doctors are arrested on charges of conspiring to bring down the regime. Masha, a Jewish doctor who secretly manages a Jewish underground in her home, is also arrested. During the violent arrest, Masha's daughter, a brilliant chess player named Nehama, is wounded and loses her memory. Olga, the KGB investigator, takes the opportunity of the loss of memory and enlists Nehama to the KGB in order to make her confront her mother. Will Nehama's memory will return a moment before she incriminates her mother and executes her?

The film was originally produced for Ultra-Orthodox Jewish audience, and therefore all the acting roles in this film are women's.

November 22 – December 6

Special Event honoring Semyon Pinkhasov, New York documentary filmmaker

This year we celebrate our collaboration with Semyon Pinkhasov, which began from the very beginning of his cinematic career. Since 2007, RACC film programs and festivals have proudly presented his films, and we are pleased to offer our viewers his latest documentary JUHURO - the story of a very ancient, associated with some legendary names and little-known community in the Caucasus Mountains, which he created in collaboration with New York members of this community, called the Mountain Jews.

You Be the Judge

Documentary by Semyon Pinkhasov

USA 2017 | 48 min | Documentary| English

On Britain's Channel Islands, the arrival of Nazi occupation tests established notions of leadership and patriotism. Located between England and France, the Channel Islands are part of Great Britain, and the only British territory Nazi Germany occupied in 1940. Most of the Jewish people of the islands were evacuated prior to invasion, but some remained. Germans asked the local authorities to identify Jews and to provide them with names for deportation. Were the British authorities complicit in assisting German demands? You be the judge.

Juhuro (Mountain Jews) World Premiere

Documentary by Semyon Pinkhasov

Producer Robert Azaryev

USA 2020 | 52 min | Documentary| English

Juhuro is an ethnographic film telling the story of rather small Jewish community known to some as "Mountain Jews."

Juhuro people belong to a Jewish people that were taking to the Babylonian exile in about 6 century B.C. When freed to go back to the Holly land, they stayed in what later became Iran and Iraq, but later moved to the North and around the Caspian Sea to the Caucasus.

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