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8 Weeks to Purpose & Peace

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Center for Social Change

2103 Coral Way

2nd Floor

Miami, FL 33145

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This is an 8-Week Mindfulness Meditation Course that teaches the foundational principles of mindfulness meditation and is focused on helping professionals who feel lost in life to create their life purpose. The course is led by Brian Lemmerman, professor of mindfulness at Barry University. Classes meet every Monday night from 7pm - 9pm starting on January 22nd through March 12th on the 2nd floor of the Center for Social Change in Miami, Florida.

Register by Friday, January 19th to be a part of this life-changing experience!

For questions, contact Brian Lemmerman at brian@innersensei.com

See below for full course description and details:

Purpose Course Flyer

Stop searching for your life's purpose.

It will not be “found” one day. It won’t be handed to you by someone else. You won’t stumble upon it while walking barefoot in India. And it isn’t defined by your day job.

We’ve been taught to believe that if we do what’s expected - go to school, pursue a respectable career, and give back to society, we’ll find fulfillment in life. Meanwhile, we keep working harder, longing for our weekends, and distracting ourselves with the bad habits we wish we didn’t have, while not making time for the things we wish we did have.

I’ve been there. In my early to mid-20’s I owned a successful ad agency, and worked in a world-renown architecture firm planning cities around the world. I followed the path that was expected of me. My career-oriented life had its fun moments, but I started to have a strong feeling something was missing.

Like most people, I once thought I would simply “find" my life’s purpose. Like it would just one day come to me. I was doing good work, and I had meaningful relationships. I had regular volunteer commitments, and I was pretty content with my home, health, and finances. But one question remained, “What is this all about?”

Every time the question surfaced in my mind, I suppressed it, feeling the struggle of not knowing the answer would defeat me, and I kept pressing forward on the same predictable life path.

My friends in other professional circles also had this problem. Doctors who reveled in saving the lives of others felt their own lives were empty. Lawyers who charged $500 per hour never had time for their families. Financial advisors who laid out on yachts in their spare time, but felt the meaninglessness of their work and struggled financially themselves.

One of two things can shake people from the complacency of their daily rituals and the way they value life.

  1. Crisis. Typically in the form of divorce, bankruptcy, extreme addiction, health, or otherwise.

  2. Severe trauma or near-death experience.

The latter happened to me, when one evening, I was run over on the street by a distracted driver. I suffered a traumatic brain injury, experienced short-term memory loss for months, and underwent disturbing near-death and trance-like episodes periodically throughout my recovery.

I didn't return to work.

In the years following the incident, I did the one thing most working professionals only dream of. I slowed down my pace.

I slowed down in the way that people don't usually slow down. I gave myself days and weeks where I would do absolutely nothing except observe myself and the world around me. I paid attention to life as it unfolded, and gave myself the chance to experience it fully.

Once I broke through the first layers of panic from not "being productive" or "doing something useful", I experienced the most profound peace and fulfilment. I created a simple mindfulness technique to replicate this experience on command that I now teach to my students.

Mindfulness is a powerful set of practical life skills for managing our attention that most of us don’t use habitually. Without it, my recovery would have been very different.

Even those of us who meditate regularly have other hard-to-break habits that get in the way of experiencing our natural inner peace. What's worse - we mistake "what we do" for purpose and wonder why we don't feel fulfilled even when we do what we love.

As children, we are brutally educated to be productive, behave nicely for others, multi-task, and stay busy. We’ve been this way for so long, that any other lifestyle seems impossible for us.

There’s nothing wrong with these habits. On the surface, they help us avoid the discomforts of boredom, not feeling good enough, not fitting in, or not paying our bills on time. They make us productive members of society. But beneath all that, when this habitual avoidance of discomfort becomes what we put our attention on, our life becomes about avoiding pain instead of living fulfilled. Living to avoid pain creates a recurring feeling of stress, which can develop into disorders including chronic fatigue, chronic anxiety, and depression.

The good news is: We did this to ourselves, and we can undo it. No matter how deeply ingrained our stress, anxiety, or disease has gotten, the tools of mindfulness, when practiced responsibly, can help us heal from and let go of our old habits so we can create new ones.

Mindfulness is a practice of training our attention. It’s like a workout for your mind. Just as physical training has the benefits of improved strength, physical stamina, and a great-looking body, mindfulness has the benefits of stress-reduction, peace of mind, unexplainable feelings of joy, sharp focus, and habit-interruption. Also like physical training, it can be a difficult habit to start without the proper environment and teacher.

I believe all people can live generously and develop themselves. Being this way naturally benefits others without effort. Ask anyone what their passion is, and most people will say, “I just want to help people”. It’s my job to empower my students to channel that passion for helping others into specific, purposeful actions that align with their values. It’s also my job to train my students to eliminate or make peace with internal obstacles that cut us off from that passion.

This course is for hard-working professionals who are:

  • Searching for meaning in the work they do or elsewhere in their lives.
  • Feeling lost or suffering from an unexplainable sense of existential dread.
  • Aware that there’s something missing in life and hesitate to uncover or pursue it.
  • Open to mindfulness or meditation as a path to self discovery (no prior experience necessary).
  • Willing to challenge their ideas about who they are to experience real fulfillment while they’re still alive.

As your teacher in this course, I’m committed to being your guide in developing your mindfulness practice, your self-discipline, and your life path.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand what purpose and fulfillment really are and how to experience them consistently.
  • Have simple techniques you can use any time to maintain your flow state and reduce distractions.
  • Learn how to turn down the volume on your automatic thinking.
  • Learn how to reduce or eliminate suffering from uncomfortable or painful emotions and physical sensations.
  • Learn how to manage your attention to sharpen your mind’s focus and concentration.
  • Learn how to uninstall old habits and beliefs that get in your way.
  • Learn how to install new habits and beliefs that support your goals.
  • Heal past traumas.
  • Understand the natural state of human beings as generous and loving.
  • Experience yourself in this natural state.
  • Create a framework for fulfilling your ultimate purpose while you’re alive.
  • Have a daily practice for shifting your thoughts and feelings toward your ultimate purpose.

Fundamentals we cover together include:

  • Awareness of thoughts
  • Awareness of senses
  • Awareness of body
  • Awareness of emotions
  • Awareness of beliefs
  • Awareness of identities
  • Awareness of values
  • Awareness of Self
We’ll train our attention in each of these fundamentals to become familiar with who we think we are, become aware of self-limiting habits, dis-identify with those habits, and establish new habits to support us in what we want. Not only will you reduce stress, you’ll become someone for whom certain stresses are no longer possible to experience.

By getting to pure awareness in each of the fundamentals, we have full freedom to create anew in that area, uninhibited by our attachments to who we think we are and what is possible for us. In other words, practicing mindfulness carries us over the hurdle of our subconscious resistance to being limitless and having everything we want in life.

Class meets every Monday night for 8 weeks. Seating is limited to 12 students.

Class begins promptly at 7:00pm and ends between 9:00pm and 9:30pm. Please be on time.

You’ll be given weekly assignments, and you’ll be encouraged to practice your new skills within challenging areas of your life. You will feel uncomfortable, and on the other side of that discomfort comes the growth you’re seeking. This is not a feel good/positive thinking meditation course. It will be challenging, and you will come up against your dark side. Your positive results depend entirely on you doing the work and committing yourself to your practice. I’m here to be your mirror. I’m committed to helping you notice who you’ve been that does not serve you in who you’re committed to becoming.

If this sounds like the course that is going to take you from where you are to where you would like to go, I invite you to register below. Please do so early as space is limited.

I look forward to sharing this important life experience with you.


Brian Lemmerman

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Date and Time


Center for Social Change

2103 Coral Way

2nd Floor

Miami, FL 33145

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