8-Day Radical Honesty Intensive | Italy

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8-Day Radical Honesty Intensive | Italy

Reclaim your aliveness and empower yourself to create the life that you want.

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Centro d'Ompio 47 Via Pratolungo 28028 Pratolungo Italy

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  • 7 days 20 hours
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Join Radical Honesty Trainers Marvin Schulz, Jura Glo, and Trainer Candidate Sean Green for an immersive, transformative, and life-changing Radical Honesty 8-Day Intensive workshop at the beautiful Lake Orta in Italy.

An incredible 8-Day journey into the depths of your being

Join a group of courageous truth-seekers on an incredible journey to grow into the most authentic version of yourself. Radical Honesty is a straightforward way to getting real and connected in ways you did not think were possible.

In these intense and transformative 8 days you get to be completely honest about your true thoughts and feelings. With the support of the group you can open up, come out of hiding and free yourself from constant thinking and control. You get to be seen, heard and understood, and to connect to other people who tell the truth about their lives.

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As the days progress, you get to know yourself better and you can reconnect with lost parts of yourself. You can gently soften the armor you have created based on past hurt and shame. Then, instead of protecting yourself, you can experience full presence, aliveness, and genuine connection. Telling the truth in a supportive environment can help you outgrow habits that don’t serve you anymore and reclaim the power to lead a life of choice.

The 8-Day Intensive is a work of genuine love and care during which you set your energy free and unleash your potential to create the life and relationships that work for you.

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What’s included in this?

  • 9-days and 8-nights of Radical Honesty with 3 experienced facilitators
  • Healthy vegetarian breakfast buffet, snacks, lunch and dinner
  • Beautiful hikes, stunning landscapes, lake, waterfalls, and a swimming pool
  • Conscious movement, yoga & meditation every morning
  • 2 post-workshop Zoom sessions to help you integrate the practice

During our 3-hour-long afternoon break you can relax by the pool, go on stunning nature walks, explore Italian culture in the nearby villages, or keep practicing Radical Honesty with newly made friends.

Note: If you’re interested in participating in a future Radical Honesty Trainer’s Training (TT), attendance at the 8-day intensive workshop is a prerequisite for attending the TT.

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The Deep Dive into the World of Radical Honesty

This 8-Day Intensive Residential Workshop is the complete Radical Honesty immersion – the only format including naked work and life stories. For 8 full days, you’ll get to experience yourself in a raw and vulnerable way, learn to create real connections, make true friends, enhance your aliveness, and work on letting go of the past and design your future.

The Trainers Will Support You In:

  • Being completely and compassionately honest
  • Letting go of shame, fear and attachment to approval
  • Feeling your own body and expanding bodily awareness
  • Staying comfortable with the uncomfortable - expanding your comfort zone
  • Asking for what you want - increasing your capacity to give & receive
  • Getting over anger, guilt and obsessive thinking
  • Healing personal relationships and experiencing whole-body forgiveness
  • Living out loud - laughing, crying, yelling, smiling and completely changing your life as you know it
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Here’s What You Will Learn at the Workshop:

  • Develop skills in telling the truth and being without filters
  • Connect to yourself and others in a deep, honest and compassionate way
  • Attune to your body senses and awaken your aliveness
  • Practice asking for what you want in a direct, non-manipulative way
  • Experience being fully present and grounded in the moment
  • Expand your awareness and grow in power as a creative human being
  • Express whatever arises in the moment: excitement, attraction, anger, fear, etc.
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Our beautiful Retreat Center in Italy

The Centro d’Ompio is located by Lake Orta in northern Italy - a magical place with transparent blue waters, subtropical climate, lush forests and incredible waterfall hikes. The location is a perfect spot for a rejuvenating holiday and we recommend you arrive earlier and stay longer after the workshop in the nearby villages to explore the area and decompress.

Read about our daily agenda here.

Who can participate?

No prior experience with Radical Honesty is required. You will have to agree to the workshop agreements: to keep confidentiality, to tell the truth, to support others in telling the truth, to be on time and present, to allow the trainers to coach you and to ask for what you want. We understand that such agreements, Radical Honesty and/or the 8-day intensive program can bring up feelings of doubt and fear, therefore, we recommend you reading Brad Blanton’s books Radical Honesty and/or contact us and have a chat about the things that might be getting in the way for you to make a decision.


Please plan your travels in a way that you can be present at each session. To make this workshop work for you and everyone else, we will all agree to take part in every session, including the naked work, body movement, meditation and telling of life stories. If you have any concerns with any part of the program, let us know.

How can I join?

Please use this signup form to apply for the workshop. There you’ll also find the payment details.

The group is strictly limited to 16 participants. We expect this workshop to be fully booked. Please make your reservation earlier than later. Sean is handling registrations. If you have questions regarding booking, payment or the venue, contact him: me@seanspeak.net

Continuous Support

After the retreat, you will receive continuous support from the trainers. You can join an ongoing community and get access to the network of Radical Honesty graduates - a fantastic resource for co-hearted living amongst friends.

Timing and Travel

The retreat starts on Saturday, April 22nd at 5pm and finishes on Sunday, April 30th at 1pm with a goodbye lunch. Please arrange your travel so that you can be present for the entire 8 days. In case of changes, inform us in advance. Upon registration, you will receive detailed instructions on how to arrive at the venue.


If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact Marvin, Jura or Sean.

Sean (for booking, payment + venue): me(at)seanspeak.net

Marvin: hello(at)marvinschulz.com

Jura: jura(at)juraglo.com

Who is leading the workshop?

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Jura Glo, Radical Honesty Trainer in Berlin/Lithuania

Jūra Glo is a trauma-informed Radical Honesty trainer and a somatic coach in relationship repair. She has led Radical Honesty practice groups since 2014 and found the largest Radical Honesty community in Europe. She has currently completed 4 years of developmental and attachment trauma (NARM) training, therefore, her work is sharp in precision and gentle in nature.

Jūra is trained in somatic psychotherapy, individual & couples coaching, Tantra yoga, conscious sensuality, and therapeutic bodywork. The wide range of professional backgrounds provides an accepting and playful environment to experiment and experience diverse expressions and ways of being together.

Revolutionary at heart, she founded a visionary organization TransformWork that aims to create spaces of transformative nature for people to establish and export a new culture for living & relating.

www.JuraGlo.com | Youtube | Instagram | Tiktok | Facebook Group | Honest Dating |

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Marvin Schulz, Senior Radical Honesty Trainer in Prague

Marvin Schulz, M.Sc., is one of the most experienced Radical Honesty Trainers and organizes workshops in Europe, Africa, and the Americas. As a former auditor for investment banks in New York and Executive Assistant for a multi-billion dollar company on Broadway, Marvin experienced the detrimental effects of lying and withholding first hand: at age 26, he was depressed and burned out.

“I had a promising career in front of me. However, I felt horrible and empty. None of the money I made could compensate for my inner yearning for love, connection and a happy life. After deciding not to kill myself, I opted for a Radical Honesty Workshop. After that, I still killed myself, but in a very different way: I killed my self-image and completed my past.”

He left the corporate rat wheel and embarked on his journey towards a more authentic, joyous, and connected life. He moved back to Germany and healed his own wounds by having honest conversations with important people. He cleaned up his past using Radical Honesty. Dr. Blanton invited Marvin to live at his place in Virginia for one season and certified him as a Radical Honesty trainer three years later.

Marvin has the ability to bring humor into seemingly serious processes while staying compassionate and curious. He is comfortable going into discomfort and can guide participants in re-experiencing hurt and pain while holding them in the here and now. His style is inquisitive, simple, and direct – often with a wink and never without compassion. Marvin has lived in China, Mexico, South Africa and the United States and studied cross-cultural communication. He currently resides in Prague, Czech Republic, where he produces music, drinks coffee and enjoys what he often calls the most beautiful city in the world.

If you want to learn more, visit his website: www.marvinschulz.com