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7th Annual Texas Metaphysical & Paranormal Unity Fest

Dakota Lawrence

Saturday, March 17, 2018 from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM (CDT)

7th Annual Texas Metaphysical & Paranormal Unity Fest

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Sales End Price Fee Quantity
Our sponsorships are limited to only 10 this year. With your sponsorship you will receive a 6ft table for vending, 2 general admission passes, promotion on our event flier and our social media page.
Feb 1, 2018 $125.00 $4.12
VIP Ticket
VIP Passes include admission into the event 30 minutes early to get first dibs on the fabulous products and services our vendors have available, access to all speakers and lectures and Dakota Lawrence's exclusive VIP Group Gallery Reading. VIP Tickets are extremely limited for this event.
Mar 17, 2018 $50.00 $2.24
General Admission Ticket
General admission ticket allows you access to vendors area as well as guest speakers. The general admission ticket does not allow you into gallery reading with Dakota Lawrence.
Mar 17, 2018 $20.00 $1.49
Vendor Space
Vending space includes a 6 foot vending table, 2 chairs and 2 general admission passes.
Mar 17, 2018 $75.00 $2.87

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Event Details

It's time for the 7th Annual

Texas Metaphysical & Paranormal Unity Festival!

  For the second year, 7 time returning guest, Dakota Lawrence is organizing this festival. This year we will be expanding to include our friends in the metaphysical as well as the paranormal community. The event represents the unity of these two fields coming together to raise money for this years chosen charity, The Dallas Battered Womens Foundation. All monies raised from our auction and raffle will go to benefit this wonderful charity - helping women directly affected from negative and abusive situations.

 Event Speakers

Dakota Dakota Lawrence is a gifted Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Paranormal Investigator from Shreveport Louisiana. Although he believes in the paranormal, he keeps a skeptic stance on it as well. Dakota has a history of incredibly gifted psychics in his family and at the very early age of 12, he knew that he himself was gifted, he even began doing readings for others. He embraces his Native American family heritage; with every reading he respectfully approaches his native ancestors and asks for assistance and guidance. When Dakota was 15 years old he had a life changing moment in that he realized not everyone had the gift that he and his family has. Even though he had been doing readings since age 12, he decided that at age 15 to begin doing his readings professionally and he consistently receives praises from his clients. He attributes his gifts and talents to God and serves his clients with the utmost respect. Dakota has been guiding people on matters of life questions, lost loved ones and missing person cases.

  His up-beat personality and Southern Style has made him one of the most recognized readers within the Paranormal and Metaphysical community. Dakota’s style, unlike most psychics, is straight forward and honest as he explains everything to you in ways you can understand. He believes that honesty is the best policy and a little bit of edginess never hurt either. Each reading with Dakota is a truly unique experience. His readings are what he calls a “soul level” reading which helps the client understand what is going on in their life and what is going on around them, which in turn, will help them improve their own lives and personal enlightenment.

TealTeal Gray Rev. N.D. Graduate of American Institute of Holistic Theology Doctor of Naturology, N.D. and Theological Studies leading to Ordainment as a Non-Denominational Interfaith Minister 2011
• Owner of Teal Gray Worldwide, Purifying Products, and Sacred & Mysterious Tours 
• Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
• Member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners
• Certified Essential Oil Coach
• Certification in Counseling and Eco-Art Therapy
• Director of Membership and Board Member of A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy 
• Member of Rosicrucian Order AMORC
• Member National Campus Ministry Association
• Columnist- Dallas Entertainment Journal
• Website:
• Twitter: www.@teal_gray
• Facebook:
• Instagram: teall.gray
• Email:


 CathyCathy Nance is the founder/ case manager of Woodlands Paranormal and an author. She has been featured on Animal Planet’s television series “The Haunted” (Seasons 1 & 2) and Biography’s “My Ghost Story.” Apart from her paranormal interests, Cathy is also owner of Cathy Nance Studios where she is an accomplished professional photographer. He photography has been displayed in various galleries.



JJ Image J.J. founded TexPart Paranormal LLC  in 2005 to educate and assist others in their understanding of spiritual existence and their interactions with the living. While living in and renovating a 1880s Victorian home in Iowa, J.J. and her family experienced Paranormal activity that couldn't be explained away resulting in her family leaving their dream home (turned nightmare.) Years after the events, J.J.'s story was told on Destination America's TV show  A Haunting. J.J. hoped that the show would reach others who might be experiencing similar events in their homes, however, the story line was changed by the producer.  J.J would like to reveal the details of the haunting that caused her family to flee their home and right the story where it was erroneously changed. Join us for a fascinating peek into lives haunted by demons, ghosts and things that went bump in the night! 


Lawson Greg Lawson is a 26-year law enforcement officer, professional investigator, police academy instructor, college educator, and former expert witness for investigative procedures. He also researches and investigates human paranormal experience and locations known for spiritual or unusual activity. He has authored two books on the subject and specializes in providing alternative perspectives to explain human experience.




linda hill Linda Anthony Hill is the proprietor of Hill House Manor in Gainesville Texas, Author of Hill House Manor: The Guest Book, Branden’s Ghosts, Assorted Ghost Stories; her new release is a full length fiction novel entitled The Anchor is the Key published in October and she is almost ready to release her second book in the series entitled The Old Spider House.

  Hill House Manor (and Linda) have been featured on the A&E Bio channel’s My Ghost Story and on HGTV as one of the most haunted homes in America.  They have been the subject of several documentaries and included in newspaper articles and multiple books including “Haunted Texas” by April Slaughter and “A Ghosthunter’s Journal” by C. Derrik Miller. 

  Linda has had the rare opportunity to watch hundreds of different teams investigate Hill House Manor.  This has given her a unique perspective on what does and doesn’t work in capturing evidence at Hill House Manor, especially EVP evidence. Whether working with state of the art equipment or simple dowsing rods, Communication and interaction is ALMOST always a given in this spooky yet beloved old house... And the stories she can tell.


Daniel JonesDaniel Alan Jones loves to explore the dimensions of scientific mystery & spiritual philosophy. He is the creator of VORTEXAS, a conscious media network focused on alternative sciences, metaphysics, the paranormal, and beyond. His multimedia work includes numerous video productions, events, lectures, interviews, performances, and more. Daniel enjoys traveling, investigating, writing music, playing drums, and having a good time with his brother Matth

tui pic Tui Snider is an award-winning author, photographer, musician, and speaker who specializes in quirky, haunted, and downright bizarre destinations. As she puts it, “I used to write fiction – but then I moved to Texas!”  Her books inspired by the Lone Star state include Paranormal Texas, The Lynching of the Santa Claus Bank Robber, and Unexpected Texas. Her most recent book is an international best-seller called Understanding Cemetery Symbols

  Tui's writing and photography has been featured by a variety of outlets, including Coast to Coast AM, FOX Travel News, Lone Star Literary Life, LifeHack, SkyEurope, Time Out, easyJet, Authentic Texas, the City of Plano and more. She lectures frequently at universities, bookstores and conferences. She recently taught a series of classes based on her books at Texas Christian University. 

  Tui loves connecting with writers and readers all over the globe as @TuiSnider on social media. You can also visit her website,, which features 600+ articles about historic graveyards as well as - you guessed it -  quirky, haunted, and downright bizarre destinations.



 Martha Decker has been involved in investigating the paranormal actively since 1999 and founded East Texas Paranormal. Her experience includes investigating private homes, commercial businesses, historical sites and public locations. The City of Grand Saline requested her group investigate several city owned business as has the Parks & Recreation for the City of Mesquite regarding one of their historical properties. Decker has professional experience as an investigator, author and photographer, retiring in 2007 from law enforcement as the assistant chief of police and detective. She worked for the State of Texas as a child death investigator for seven years after leaving law enforcement until she retired from that position in 2014. Currently she’s a process server and was a private investigator, specializing in cases involving children, missing persons and jury profiling. Decker experienced a number of unexplained occurrences as a child which triggered her long time interest into the unknown. She often speaks on how to use common law enforcement techniques and apply them to paranormal interviews and investigations, including how to interview children. Decker is producing a show that has women over 50 doing what younger people do, investigating various phenomenon, wandering through the woods after Bigfoot and more. They are the GI’s AKA Granny Investigations. This may involve the paranormal, UFO’s, history, myths, oddities, Bigfoot and mystery. Her book, Paranormal Profiling, was published in 2014 and is a basic how to interview potential clients and witnesses. In 1995, Decker received a first place award from the Associated Press for specialty reporting while working as a journalist for the Cedar Creek Pilot. Decker has articles on numerous Internet websites and e-zines and wrote for She has over 20 years of investigation experience ranging from criminal to civil with some journalistic thrown in as well. In the mid-eighties she produced and directed several television shows, including Ray Wylie Hubbard Live at Dallas Palace. Decker also spent over 10 years as a volunteer firefighter and rescue SCUBA diver.



mark fults 


Mark Fults hails from  Chattanooga Tn is a lifelong psychic working in the metaphysical community for nearly 40 years . A partner with Teal Gray in Grayfults Press and together with Teal he has illustrated and included ghost stories from his personal collection of over 100 ghost stories. their collaberations include  Shades of Angels which achieved #1 on  kindle, Spirited Tales , Scared Senseless ,The Corpsewood Catchfly a Witch's Tale and Teal placed his popular book Chattanooga Chills on kindle , Mark also  has a few stories in Amy petullas :Corpswood Maner murders of North GA .as of this writing Mark has three new books two  being edited by newcomer Cyn shrader Hill ,The Darkest Corner :stories of modern necrophillia and necromacy,and the Psychic Wormstitch :how he believes psychic abilities work and how you can develop your own abilities.and upcoming Chattanooga Chills Scream Louder edited by Deborah Went. Mark has 11 new spirit communication devices that are more indepth than currently any available spirit devices on the market .and is the owner of  Chattanooga Chills Ghost tour  an exciting new attraction for beautiful downtown Chattanooga!  and has several films on youtube such as 'the secrets of the Read Hose ' produced by stormline films. Mark shows how Chattanooga Tn. has more  than a few reasons to shelter a multitude of ghosts!  He will tell you stories to chill you on cold and moonless nights, revealing a landscape filled with shades and mirror images of ourselves. Always remember we are all ghosts waiting to escape our shells, part the dark veil and sleep no more.


Malena O’Connor is an intuitive empath, 2nd degree Reiki healer, yoga and meditation teacher, and has experienced every “clair” ability since birth.  These abilities were shut down during much of her life due to her want to fit in with mainstream society, but also at her soul’s urging to understand every part of humanness.  Her “awakening” happened shortly after her 35th birthday, and she became determined to awaken as many people as feasibly possible.  Malena loves assisting others with their own awakening and transformation through compassionate listening, guidance, nurturing, and acceptance.  Malena has also experienced extraterrestrial visitations regularly since December 2014, and has a very differing perspective on these experiences than what is traditionally taught.  Malena is a voice for the Divine Feminine, children, and all those seeking truth and unconditional love on this Earth school.  Malena recently published her website to reach out to others, in similar circumstances, looking for clarity, guidance, and companionship. 




Neil Patrick

Title: Spiritual Physics & Multidimensional Reality

I began my Spiritual Awakening in 1959, however I started to remember who and what I actually am around 2003.  We are all multidimensional beings and have aspects of ourselves that exist in other dimensions some call Light or Etheral bodies.  I am an Empath which means I am also an Intuitive which I did not understand until my Spiritual Awakening began in 2003.  I began to have Lucid dreams, see things, hear things and began to have physical paranormal experiences that were very challenging in nature.  Through the process of making peace with this which took about 5 years I realized what I actually was.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Theta Practitioner  Psychic Medium,  Galactic Healing III Practitioner, & Munay Ki Rites practitioner all of which I let go of the specific definitions of and simply roll up into a Channel.  I have experience with the ET realms as well as many others.

I present reality from the aspect of dimensional physics where as humans are connected to other dimensions, bottom line is that humans are connected to beings from other dimensions both human and non-human and always have been.  Our superstitions, mythologies and religions are aspects to define this but unfortunately are lacking.



gail blair


Gail Blair’s intuitive journey began as she began working her passion for food in 2009. In 2012 she birthed “Food Revelation” not having clue how relevant the name would prove to be.   Shortly thereafter she experienced a “spiritual awakening" and her intuitive gifts were ignited.  

As a plant-based chef turned Food & Medical Intuitive she has helped hundreds all over the U.S. and Canada remember their God-given health through her “Food IS Talking” Intuitive Food Compatibility Sessions. 

Over the years, as her gifts have expanded, she has become a conduit for revelation (the name she gives to the Divine Wisdom she receives).  The 7 most important revelations led her to create the Evolution of FREE Health book and video series. The “Evolution of FREE Health” is the remembrance of our natural, God-given health. 

The first book released in 2016, "The Quinoa Cookbook Journey" is a super creative and tasty introduction to the series. The 2nd book in the Evolution of FREE Health series is the focus of her latest speaking tour and video series.    She has decided to release to the public “The 7 Missing Links to Abundant & Sustainable Health”, as she goes through the publishing process.
For more information about Gail and her work visit:




The Skeleton Key






                    R.I.P. Paranormal






soul topia





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**In the coming weeks we will be adding guest speakers as well as our sponsorships for this phenomenal event. If you have any questions please reach out to us as

Have questions about 7th Annual Texas Metaphysical & Paranormal Unity Fest? Contact Dakota Lawrence

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When & Where

Somervell County Expo Center
202 Bo Gibbs Blvd
Glen Rose, TX 76043

Saturday, March 17, 2018 from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM (CDT)

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7th Annual Texas Metaphysical & Paranormal Unity Fest
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