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Each year, thousands of film makers around the world are challenged to create a film in 72 Hours, using a surprise theme, prop and action provided at the beginning of the contest.

Finalists will be "Premiered" in April during an awards program in the Earl Smith Strand Theater in Marietta, Georgia.

What exactly is the 72 Hour Film Race

The 72 Hour Horror Film Race is a competition that challenges film makers to create an entire film in 72 Hours, using the surprise Theme (for example: "an ultimatum"), Prop (ex. a noodle) and action (ex. biting into something) provided at the beginning of the competition (10PM Eastern Time on March 8). Aside from those three elements, you have free rein over your film. You are free to be as creative as you want, within the rules of the competition. We challenge you to create something more...something intelligent...something that makes you "think" are free to choose any horror genre (psychological thriller, killer, paranormal, monster, etc) and/or subgenre (comedy horror, scifi horror, horror romance, gothic horror, etc) - keeping in mind the Film Race prohibition on Graphic Gore and Graphic Violence in all Film Race competitions of every length (if you have questions about where the line is on this prohibition, feel free to contact us and we will discuss with you).

Q. Can I participate if I don't live in in the United States?

A. YES, filmmakers participate from anywhere in the world every year. Keep in mind that the competition begins at 10PM in the Eastern Time Zone on Thursday, April 27th. If you live in Los Angeles, CA or Vancouver, Canada for example, you will receive the theme assignment at 7PM local time on Thursday, April 27th. If you live in London, UK, you will receive the theme assignment at 3AM local time on Friday, April 28th. Make sure to check what time zone you are located in and how many hours off from the Eastern Time Zone to see when you will receive the theme assignment!

Q. I would like to participate but I don't have a team. How can I join a team?
A. Teams are always looking to fill cast and crew positions. Post your information on the Looking For a Team Facebook Page

Q. Do I have to finalize my list of team members (cast/crew) when I register or can I submit that later?
A. To register, you only need the name of the "team contact". You do not need to have a complete cast & crew before you register and you do not need to submit a full list of cast and crew until 10:00PM Eastern Time on Sunday, March 11th when you submit your completed film.

Q. How do we receive the Theme, Action, and Prop Assignment?
A. The surprise elements are emailed to the team contact at the beginning of the competition. All teams that register for the competition will receive an e-mail at 10PM EDT on Thursday, March 8th with the assigned Theme, Action, and Prop Assignment. In addition, the assignments will be posted on and in the Film Racing Group on Facebook. This allows you to get started on your film immediately.

Q. Does everyone receive a Theme, Action, and Prop?
A. Every team is assigned the same theme, action, and prop which must be included in their film.

Q. How closely do we have to follow the Theme assignment in our film?
A. The plot of your film must revolve around the Theme but we allow some creative license. The theme needs to be central to the plot of your film in order to be eligible but we want you to have fun with it.

Q. How do we incorporate the Action and Prop?
A. The Prop and Action must be incorporated into your film but do not have to be central to the plot of your film.

Q. What is the maximum length of the films?
A. There are no time restrictions for the 72 Hour Horror Film Race - no minimum or maximum length for your films.

Q. How are the films judged?
A. Films are scored -n ten categories (Originality/Creativity, Plot, Pacing, Characters, Camera, Sound, Direction, Editing. Acting and Entertainment Value) with each category being worth ten points for a total of 100 points.

Q. Who are the judges?
A. The judging panel includes individuals with years of practical experience in film and television.

Q. Do the films have to be in English? What about subtitles?
A. No, but we highly recommend including subtitles since English speaking judges will be viewing the films. We allow teams to submit separate caption or transcript files for their film up to 72 hours after the submission deadline. Filmmakers will not be allowed to resubmit their films with subtitles after the deadline, ONLY caption or transcript files.

We look forward to having you all become a part of this year's 72 Hour Horror Film Race and are excited to see your final products.

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