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7 days panchkarma workshop with Dr Mehul Barai

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Yobaba Lounge

Rue du Presbytère

11230 Chalabre


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Spring cleaning retreat with Dr Mehul chance to revitalized yourself with ayurveda and yoga

About this Event

About the retreat

Experience a revitalised version of yourself with Dr Mehul and Gertrud Keazor on the spring Cleanse Retreat, as they guide and work with the principles of yoga and ayurveda to cleanse the body and mind.

This includes breath work, a cleansing diet, massages, personalized Ayurvedic consultation with Dr Mehul, nutritional workshop and woodland trails. All practices and activities restore balance.

With the five point practice of Astang Ayurved as our base Dr Mehul will look at how to improve digestive fire with an Ayurved diet, a daily regimen, and cleansing kryias.

We explore how proper dosha plays an important role in improving health conditions and regulating emotions and how to balance our dosha through daily routine and positive intentions to quieten and refocus the mind.

Dr Mehul provides three Ayurvedic treatments that include;

a full-body 30 min oil massage, churna swed, shirodhara to nourish the skin and underlying tissues, eliminate toxins, heal muscle aches and tension;

a one-on-one consultation with diagnosis of your fundamental physical constitution according to Ayurveda, where he will discuss types of oils, spices, vegetables, fruits and grains which help to balance your constitution. Special emphasis will be on the spring period.


Ayurveda recommends that we detoxify our bodies at the juncture of two seasons in order to remove built up ama, or toxic sludge, from the previous season. Doing so keeps our bodies and minds ready for the upcoming seasonal elements.

As spring comes to an end you might be thinking about cleaning out closets and drawers or scrubbing paintwork. According to the ancient texts of Ayurveda, in spring we also need to clean out kapha from our bodies. During the winter months, kapha has accumulated in the form of excess slime, mucus and phlegm.

We might be noticing post nasal drip, stuffy sinuses, cough, breathlessness, sluggishness, lethargy, weight gain or a tendency to fall asleep after eating. These are all symptoms of kapha buildup. As spring comes and the snows melt, kapha liquefies. This could result in spring colds or allergies. So during the spring season we need to expell excess kapha.

Who should come?

This retreat is suitable for all levels::

Are you exhausted and in need of a long lasting energy boost?

Do you no notice more sadness or anxiety than joy and serenity recently?

Do you have irregular sleep patterns and do you long for a good night's sleep?

Have you decided to address one or two persistent health issues?

Are you looking for a chance to explore longing questions that will help support change?

Do you love France?

Are you well and do you want to stay healthy?

Who is Dr Mehul Barai


Dr Mehul B arai completed his post graduation M.D. Dravyguna from Gujarat Ayurved University Jamnaagr with high academic credentials. He does intensive research in life style disorder management through Ayurveda. He practices in Jamnagara (a city in Gujarat State, India) and in Malaysia. He hosts Ayurveda workshops in France, Malaysia and India. He teaches clinical medicine. His main aim is to treat the patient with the main motto of how to keep a healthy person healthy He has 10 years of indepth experience in Panchakarma practice and has done more then 5,000 Panchakarma procedures.

Dr Mehul is the organiser and main facilitator of this retreat and is responsible for the program, all treatments, lectures and activites.

Daily structure

This is an indication only, and is subject to change.

5:30 : wake up time and cleansing with Ayurved cleansing kit

6:30 : Ayurved detox tea drinking time with prayer

8:30 : Ayurved wholesome breakfast time

9:30 : Ayurved consultation time

11:30: lunch time

1.00 to 5.00 : personal therapy sesessions 30min each

6:00 to 7:00 : sunset yoga time with Gertrud

7:30 : dinner time

8:30 - well wishing time / questionnaire round / sleeping time

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Date and Time


Yobaba Lounge

Rue du Presbytère

11230 Chalabre


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