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Crowne Plaza Boston - Newton

320 Washington Street

Newton, MA 02458

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6th NANO Boston Conference

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About NWC Boston

Theme: NANO for a Better World

United Scientific Group (USG) cordially invites all the participants from around the world to attend Sixth International Conference on Nanotechnology “NANO Boston Conference” during April 20-22, 2020 in Boston, MA (NWC Boston).

USG successfully concluded five annual meetings on Nanotechnology; First International Conference on Nanotechnology “NanoWorld Conference” in Boston, MA, USA during April 4-6, 2016 (NWC-2016), Second Edition in Boston, MA, USA during April 3-5, 2017 (NWC-2017) and Third Edition in San Francisco, CA, USA during April 23-25, 2018 (NWC-2018), Fourth Edition in Paris, Europe during March 04-06, 2019 (NWC Paris-2019), and Fifth Edition in Boston, MA, USA during April 22-24, 2019 (NWC Boston-2019). With the enthusiasm and prodigious success of five annual conferences, USG is proudly announcing the Sixth edition, Nano Boston 2020.

NANO Boston Conference (NWC Boston) aims to provide high-quality current reports of scientific progress and best practices in the field of Nanotechnology through its invited presentations, submitted oral and poster abstracts. The conference is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas across a broad range of disciplines.

The primary goal of NWC Boston is to present state-of-the-art research, recent achievements and global trends in nanoscience and nanotechnology, also to promote cross-disciplinary interactions that can spur the development of this exciting research field. Special emphasis will be placed on energy materials and applications, nano-biotechnology, health and environmental safety of nanomaterials and specific techniques to develop nano-devices.

The conference will witness important presentations by the extensive range of eloquent speakers, policy makers and scientific leaders from around the world; who will assemble in Boston with the common objective of making this world a better place by providing the solution to the problems.

NWC Boston welcomes all participants, contributors, and speakers to this outstanding conference. We will be happy to host you at the City of Boston, the Bean Capital of the US.


***Life Sciences and Medicine

  • Energy and Environment | Nano Electronics | Societal Aspects | Nanotechnology Applications
  • Life Sciences and Medicine
  • Biomarkers and Nanoparticles
  • Bionanomaterials
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Biosensors, Diagnostics and Imaging
  • Cancer Nanotechnology
  • Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging and Treatment
  • DNA Nanotechnology
  • Drug Delivery and Therapeutics
  • Measurement of Health Risk
  • Nano Robots, Nano Devices and Nano Sensors
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Nanomedicine
  • Nanoproteomics
  • Nanogenomics
  • Nanotoxicology
  • Protein Nanocrystallography
  • Organ-on-a-chip
  • Nanoneuroscience
  • Nanotheranostics

*** Energy and Environment

  • Life Sciences and Medicine | Nano Electronics | Societal Aspects | Nanotechnology Applications
  • Energy and Environment
  • Energy Storage and Novel Generation
  • Nano energy and Energy Harvesting
  • Green Nanotechnology
  • Nonnuclear Materials
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water Purification
  • Natural Nanoresources
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Nanostructured Solar Cells
  • Nano fuel Cell Concepts
  • Nanostructured Battery Technology
  • Nanomaterials
  • Nanomaterials Degradation Processes
  • Nanomaterials Degradation Environmental Effects
  • Fullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene
  • Nanoporous materials
  • Environmental Remediation

*** Nano Electronics

  • Life Sciences and Medicine | Energy and Environment | Societal Aspects | Nanotechnology Applications
  • Nano Electronics
  • 3D Approaches
  • Green Electronics
  • Interconnecting Nanoscale Objects
  • MEMS and NEMS Devices
  • Nano Electronics and Photonics
  • Nanooptoelectronics
  • Nanosensors and Actuators
  • Neuromorphic Architectures
  • Organic and Flexible Electronics
  • Quantum Electronics
  • Spintronics
  • Metamaterials
  • Sol-Gel optical materials

***Societal Aspects

  • Life Sciences and Medicine | Energy and Environment | Nano Electronics | Nanotechnology Applications
  • Societal Aspects
  • Disaster Management
  • Industrial and Social Contributions to World Economy
  • Mass Culture and Psychology
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Safety and Legislation for Nano Materials
  • Strategic and Nuclear Disarmaments

*** Nanotechnology Applications

  • Life Sciences and Medicine | Energy and Environment | Nano Electronics | Societal Aspects
  • Nanotechnology Applications
  • Catalysis
  • Food Technology
  • Manufacturing and Construction
  • Military and Defense
  • NanoArt
  • Photonics
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Textiles
  • Cosmetics
  • Space
  • Nanometrology
  • Nano-Biomimetics
  • Nanoenzymes
  • Nanotribology
  • Nanomechanics
  • Colloidal Nanocrystals
  • Nanometallurgy


Stephen D. Miller

Northwestern University Medical School, IL

Svetlana V. Boriskina

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA

Thomas J. Webster

Northeastern University, MA

Zvi Yaniv

Advanced Technology Generator, TX

Li Qiu Wang

The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Jae-Jin Shim

Yeungnam University, S. Korea

Ahmed A. Busnaina

Northeastern University, MA

Bhanu P. Jena

Wayne State University, MI

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Date and Time


Crowne Plaza Boston - Newton

320 Washington Street

Newton, MA 02458

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