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6th Controlled & Modified Drug Release Summit (CCR)

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Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

1201 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107

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6th Annual Controlled & Modified Drug Release Summit

The 6th Annual Controlled and Modified Drug Release Summit is taking place on August 27-29, 2019, 2019. This intensive 2-Day program will share innovative controlled and modified drug release strategies that will benefit your current and future product pipelines.

Controlled & Modified Drug Release continues to be one of the most innovative areas in drug development. Oral modified release drug products account for one third of the drug product market. Successfully getting your modified release drugs to the market place has significant product lifecycle benefits, which will be shared at November's event.

Learn directly from industry's leading experts and hear unique case study sessions and take-home examples to enhance your product pipeline. Gather insights into the latest technologies and methods in improving drug release mechanisms, maximizing exposure, and reducing time-to-market. Additionally, this must-attend event will showcase the latest regulatory guidance updates and the implications for the industry.

This event is also co-located with the 4th Annual Peptide Drug Design & Delivery Summit. Attendees and sponsors have access to both events.

Attendees have access to:

50+ industry-led speaker faculty over 2 full days sharing innovative drug development take-home strategies
14+ hours of networking sessions and breaks over two full days to learn from network with pharmaceutical and biotech senior formulation, development and delivery professionals
220+ Senior Participants spanning pharma, biotech and specialty delivery & technology companies
Dynamic Exhibition Hall with multiple leading synthesis, conjugation, formulation development, delivery and modeling experts
Multiple innovative go-to-market & take-home strategies and learn 2 years of drug delivery strategies and approaches in just 3 days!
Network with healthcare’s revolutionaries and join our growing community of drug product development professionals
2 Events for the Price of One! Co-located and shared exhibition with the 2019 Peptide Drug Design & Delivery Summit

You will learn:

Precision medicine & healthcare delivery: making precision medicine a reality via novel technology advancements
3D printing for biopharmaceuticals: Next-generation industrial scale-up
Localized & targeted delivery
Modified delivery of next generation products
Regulatory guidance for modified release dosage forms
Advances in ocular delivery
Micro and nanoparticle delivery
Parenteral routes of administration
Topical and transdermal delivery
Oral peptide commercialization and delivery
Enhancing patient adherence via drug delivery
Oral drug formulation and delivery technologies
In-Vivo animal models & physiologically-based PBPK modeling
Implementing innovative strategies around drug / device combinations
Controlled delivery to enhance product lifecycle
Pediatric dosage forms & delivery
Enhancing macromolecule delivery

Join multiple pharmaceutical, biotech and academic professionals specializing in:

Drug Delivery
Formulation / Pre-Formulation
Medicinal / Analytical / Solid state Chemistry
Preclinical / Analytical Development
Product Enhancement / Development

Regulatory Affairs
Drug Discovery
Life-Cycle / Portfolio Management
Partnering, Licensing & Alliance Management
Intellectual Property
Process R&D


Pre-Conference Workshop Day – Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

2:45pm – 3:00pm Registration for Workshop Attendees
3:00pm – 5:00pm Pre-Conference Workshop: Oral Controlled Release Solid Dosage forms

True Rogers, PhD
Pharma Technologies Leader, Technology & Innovation, DuPont Nutrition & Health

Tony Listro
Vice President, Technical Business Development, Foster Delivery Science

Day One – Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

7:45am – 9:00am Registration and Continental Breakfast for Conference Attendees
9:00am – 9:15am Collaboration is King! Ice Breaker
9:15am – 9:20am Welcome and Chairperson’s Introduction & Opening Remarks
9:20am – 10:00am REGULATORY UPDATE: Global Guidance on Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Evaluation of Modified Release Dosage Forms

Pavel Farkas, PhD
Senior Director Biopharmaceutics/Clinical Development, Teva

10:00am – 10:40am Decreasing Time-to-Market via Synchrotron Utilization to Discover Stable Formulation

Steve Byrn, PhD
Charles B. Jordan Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Purdue University

Pamela Smith, PhD
Chief Operating Officer, Improved Pharma

10:40am – 11:10am Morning Networking & Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall
11:10am – 11:50am Alternative Therapeutic Fields for Inhalation Drug Development

David Cipolla, PhD
Vice President, Research, Insmed

11:50am – 12:30pm PANEL DISCUSSION: Exploring Innovative Collaborations to Support The Next Generation of Drug Products

Laszlo Otvos, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Semmelweis Medical School

Amit Joshi, PhD
Senior Manager, Advanced Sourcing & Innovation, Johnson & Johnson

Dana Ault-Riche, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, Reflexion Pharmaceuticals

Mike de Leeuw, PhD
Founder & CEO, OncoLize BV

12:30pm – 1:30pm Networking Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

5th Controlled & Modified Drug Release Stream
3rd Peptide Drug Design & Delivery Stream

1:30pm – 2:05pm Evolution of Nanoparticle Delivery: Targeted Approaches in Oncology Drug Development

Piotr Grodzinski, PhD
Director, NCI Office of Cancer Nanotechnology Research, NCI / NIH

Peptide based Complement Therapeutics:The Compstatin Case

John Lambris, PhD
Professor, University of Pennsylvania and Founder of Amyndas Pharmaceuticals

2:05pm – 2:40pm Comparing Pharmacokinetic Performance of an Osmotic Tablet against a Matrix Tablet in Beagle dogs: Case Study of a BCS class II Molecule

Mikolaj Milewski, PhD
Principal Scientist, Oral Biopharmaceutics/Drug Absorption, Merck & Co

Next Generation Product Development: Developing and Commercializing D-Amino Acid Proteins and the Opportunities for Industry

Dana Ault-Riche, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, Reflexion Pharmaceuticals

2:40pm – 3:15pm Nucleic Acid Delivery: Enabling the Next Generation of Therapeutics

Luis Santos, PhD
Scientist II, Dosage Form Design & Development (DFDD), MedImmune

Improving the Pharmacokinetic Properties of Peptide-Based Drug Products

Tarik Soliman, PhD
Founder & CEO, Extend Biosciences Inc.

3:15pm – 3:50pm Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall

3:50pm – 4:25pm Gene Editing in vivo with Cas9 RNP and Donor DNA Complexed to Gold Nanoparticles

Niren Murthy, PhD
Professor, Bioengineering, UC Berkley

Delivery and Controlled Release from Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery & Imaging

Robert Prud’homme, PhD
Professor, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Princeton University

4:25pm – 5:00pm Design and Evaluation of Sustained Ocular Delivery Systems

Viral Kansara, PhD
Vice President of Discovery, Clearside Biomedical

Towards the Use of ADP355: First-in-Class Adiponectin Receptor Agonist Peptide in NASH

Laszlo Otvos, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Semmelweis Medical School

5:00pm – 5:35pm Solution Engine Screening for Rapid Identification of Controlled Release Matrices

Blair West, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, Global CMC Solutions, BioDuro

Enabling Oral Delivery of Peptides with Novel Approaches to Mature Technology

Jasmine Musakhanian, PhD
Scientific and Marketing Director, Pharmaceutical Division, Gattefossé USA

5:35pm Chair’s Closing Remarks, Drinks Reception and End of Day One

Day Two – Thursday, November 29th, 2018

8:00am – 8:55am Continental Breakfast for Conference Participants

5th Controlled & Modified Drug Release Stream
3rd Peptide Drug Design & Delivery Stream

8:55am – 9:00am Chairperson’s Introduction & Opening Remarks

9:00am – 9:35am
Intra-Tumoral Drug Delivery: Novel Formulations, Technologies and Development Strategies

Dhaval Patel, PhD
Senior Research Investigator, Bristol Myers Squibb

Epitope-Based Vaccine Design Yields Fusion Peptide-Directed Antibodies that Neutralize Diverse Strains of HIV-1

Kai Xu, PhD
Senior Scientist, Vaccine Research Center (VRC), NIAID, NIH

9:35am – 10:10am Oral Modified Release Drug Products: Applications and Considerations for Selection

Grace Okoh, PhD
Associate Principal Scientist, Merck & Co.

Using Peptides for Targeted-Cancer Therapy: A Novel Strategy for Improving Stability and Half-Life

Mamoun Alhamadsheh, PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of the Pacific

10:10am – 10:45am An Erosion-Based Approach to Oral Drug Delivery

Carol Thompson, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, BDD Pharma

Panel Session: Developing Metabolically Stable Peptide-Like Therapeutics with Unique Molecular Biology Properties

Scott Shandler, PhD
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Longevity Biotech

Dana Ault-Riche, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, Reflexion Pharmaceuticals

Amit Joshi, PhD
Senior Manager, Advanced Sourcing & Innovation, Johnson & Johnson

Laszlo Otvos, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Semmelweis Medical School

10:45am – 11:15am Morning Networking & Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall

11:15am – 11:50am Nanotechnology Approaches for Localized and Targeted Treatment of Lung Diseases

Tamara Minko, PhD
Distinguished Professor and Chair, Rutgers University

Peptide Microarrays as a Drug Discovery Platform Technology

Chris Diehnelt, PhD
Assistant Research Professor, Biodesign Center for Innovations in Medicine, Arizona State University

11:50am – 12:25pm Utilizing Intrinsic Properties of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Transdermal and Oral Controlled Release

Gaurav Tolia, PhD
Senior Lead Scientist, Mylan

Localized Ocular Delivery of Peptides for Enhanced Exposure

Susan Crowell, PhD
Senior Scientist, PKPD, Genentech

12:25pm – 1:30pm Networking Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

1:30pm – 2:05pm Evaluating Disintegration Mechanisms that Improve Bioavailability from Immediate Release Tablets using FBRM

Lilly Roy, PhD
Scientist II, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Degradants in Peptides

Yogita Krishnamachari, PhD

Principal Scientist, Peptide Product Development, Merck Research Laboratories

2:05pm – 2:40pm Impact of Enabling Drug Delivery Approaches on PK Performances

Indrajit Ghosh, PhD
Senior Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Celgene

Peptide-Based Novel APIs for Preparation of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

Mrinmoy Saha, PhD
Senior Scientist, Abzena

2:40pm – 2:55pm Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall

2:55pm – 3:30pm Affordable Targeted Delivery of Tumor-Based Drug Products

Mike de Leeuw, PhD
Founder & CEO, OncoLize BV

3:30pm – 4:00pm Formulation and Processing Strategies for Continuous Twin-Screw Granulation of a Thermally Labile Drug

Tony Listro Vice President, Technical Business Development, Foster Delivery Science

3:30pm – 4:00pm Targeted Peptide Delivery via Novel Routes of Administration Whilst Maintaining Stability

Sandhya Girish, PhD
Director/Senior Scientist, Global Head Oncology, Clinical Pharmacology Development Sciences, Genentech

4:00pm – 4:30pm Multiparticulate Drug Delivery Systems (MDDS) for Oral Modified Release (MR)

Sree Nadkarni, PhD
Senior Director, Small Molecule Manufacturing, Seattle Genetics

4:30pm Chair’s Wrap-up & Conference Concludes


Tycho Heimbach, PhD
Director, PK Sciences, PBPK and Biopharmaceutics, Novartis

Rakesh Dixit, PhD
Vice President, R&D, Head Biologics Safety Assessment, AstraZeneca

Mohammad Al-Sayah, PhD
Senior Scientist, Drug Product Development, Genentech Inc.

Eric Munson, PhD
Head, Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Purdue University

Yingkai Liang, PhD
Senior Scientist, Discovery Pharmaceutical Sciences, Merck & Co.

Adam Plaunt, PhD
Assistant Principal Scientist, Insmed

Scott Shandler, PhD
Founder and CEO, Longevity Biotech

Girish Kulkarni
Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Fresenius Kabi

Di Bei, PhD
Senior Clinical Pharmacologist, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Victor Hruby, PhD
Regents Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Arizona

Umar Maharoof, PhD
Associate Director, Dosage Form Development, Medimmune

Xiaoling Li, PhD
Associate Dean and Professor, University of the Pacific

John Lambris, PhD
Dr. Ralph and Sallie Weaver Professor of Research Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Shirlynn Chen, PhD
Distinguished Research Fellow, Boehringer Ingelheim

Daniel Skomski, PhD
Senior Scientist, Merck

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Date and Time


Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

1201 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107

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