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6 Week Stronger Together Dashing Dish Program

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Ready to get off the diet and restrictive bandwagon that causes you to obsess over what to eat, what not to eat, and eventually leads to deprivation? How do we come to this place of balance and enjoyment of food while feeling our best? Simple. Learn how to fuel our bodies all while enjoying the journey! The Dashing Dish Stronger Together Program will teach you very practically how to do just that!

This program was designed form a firm foundation of health; Including how to effectively meal plan, find effective (and fun) ways to move your body to build your metabolism, and teach you how to prepare simple and practical meals that taste delicious so you never feel deprived and help your body thrive! Here at Dashing Dish, we have seen countless women ditch the diets for good and find lasting health over the years; and you too can be one of them!

What Makes the Stronger Together Program Different Than All The Rest?

Stronger Together is a 6 week online program that was created out of a practice I did for years– that practice was born out of frustration. I was tired of starting and stopping my goals over and over again. In the past, whenever I set out to change my life for the better (mainly at the New Year) I tended to get really fired up and tried to improve everything at once. Have you ever done that? January would roll around and I’d be like, “OK, I’m attacking this goal, and am going to crush it!" Then after a few weeks, (or maybe a few months if I had enough stamina), I would be right back at the same place as I was before and was beyond discouraged.

It's only now that I understand that it wasn't wrong to set goals and try to accomplish them at the New Year; But I was wrong in thinking I could achieve them without a plan to set new habits. Since then I have learned that when we take on a new goal, it will take an investment to lay a foundation of habits, but that investment is beyond worth it! The reason!? Once it becomes a habit, not only do we reach our goal, but we are able to take on new goals and continue to grow in other areas once that "thing" we couldn't seem to get a handle on before becomes an effortless part of our daily routine.

In the area of nutrition and fitness for example, I have healthy habits that have been laid in my life over the course of time that make living a healthy lifestyle a no-brainer. I don't have to invest much time, thought or energy; As it comes pretty natural to me because I took the time to invest in laying a foundation of habits in this specific area...And this program was designed to help you do just that!

If you desire to form a foundation of new habits in the area of health, fitness, and nutrition so they become an effortless part of your everyday life, you have come to the right place! Stronger Together will empower you to transform your life through simple, effective, and sustainable fitness and nutrition strategies. This plan is unique due to the fact that it includes an small group accountability component and weekly challenges to motivate and provide support along the way. This isn't just another short lived program. Each of the weekly challenges were designed to help you establish a healthy foundation, build a sense of accountably, and create successful habits that will last a lifetime.

Foundational Principals: of the Program

  • A Plan for Optimal Health & Fat Loss: You will learn how to fuel your body to burn fat, build lean muscle, and improve your health and metabolism, rather than simply losing weight short term. You will also be equipped with an easy to follow fitness and meal plan; As well as learn how to plan and prepare clean eating meals beyond the program.
  • Small Group Connections and Weekly Goals: Build a sense of community and accountability as you work towards your goals with a team of like minded women. Each weekly challenge will not only keep you motivated, but will also add a competition element as you work together with your team to win the grand prize!
  • Tools & Knowledge to Help You Reach Your Goals: Become equipped with the tools, resources, and guidance to not only make plans and set goals, but actually fulfill them!
  • Expert Coaching and Support: This program is designed with weekly coaching and challenges to motivate you and keep you inspired on the journey. You will also receive support From Katie Farrell, RN and the Dashing Dish Team of experts Sarah Shaffer, Certified Health Coach, and Kaci Cheeseman, PA-C.

Your Stronger Together Program Includes:

    • 6 week comprehensive program guide with resources to help you thrive
    • 6 week goal & vision board inspiration
    • 6 week clean eating, gluten free, simple and delicious meal plan
    • 6 weeks of video support from the Dashing Dish team
    • 6 week workout plans (gym or at home)
    • 6 weeks of accountability and support of a small group
    • 6 Week calendar to keep you on track and organized


To help women with families thrive in this program, we have also included:

  • A clean eating family meal plan (serves 4)
  • A clean eating crockpot meal plan (serves 4)
  • A quick and easy dinners meal plan (serves 4)


What is Included in the Challenge?

Stronger Together is an 8 week program that was designed to help you reach your goals while fitting into your busy schedule. It includes a comprehensive program guide with resources to help you thrive; Including an 8 week clean eating meal plan, weekly video support from the Dashing Dish team, weekly workout plans (gym or at home), and the unique accountability and support of a small group.

What Makes Stronger Together Different?

Stronger together is unique in the fact that it not only provides you with the materials to reach your goals, it also has a unique small group structure that keeps you on track and encouraged to accomplish your goals. In addition, you and your team will work together to earn points towards weekly challenges and put you you in the running for the grand prize.

Why Weekly Challenges?

This isn’t just a program that provides you with materials that work for you during the program- but then you are lost on what to do afterwards. This program is centered on equipping you for a lifestyle change! My philosophy is that living healthy can be an enjoyable way of life. Each week you will receive a new challenge that will teach you how to form new healthy habits one day at a time. In addition to the challenges, bonus points can be earned towards your weekly score if you follow your workouts and clean eating lifestyle. The points system was designed to motivate you and keep you on track so you learn what you are capable both during the challenge and beyond!

Are There Limitations for Joining the Challenge?

This program is not recommended for women who are 6 weeks or less post-partum, those who are significantly underweight, or those who have recently struggled with an eating disorder.

Do You Have to Have a Gym Membership To Join?

Not at all! I offer both a gym and at-home workout version of the workouts. Both are equally effective, although it is recommended to have access to a few sets of dumbbells.

Do I Have to Follow a Meal Plan?

I provide an eight week meal plan with simple and delicious Dashing Dish recipes that are tailored to both satisfy you and meet your calorie needs and goals. I will also explain how to sign up for My Fitness Pal and calculate your daily needs, as well as provide a guided list of clean eating food ideas so you have the flexibility to enjoy the foods you truly enjoy without following the meal plan. Please note, the meal plans will be gluten free and low glycemic, however if you have special dietary needs, you can certainly make swap outs based on your personal needs.

Is This Program for Beginners or More Advanced In Fitness and Nutrition?

This program is perfect for those who are just starting on their journey to health, as well as those who have been eating healthy and working out for years. This challenge will help those who feel lost, confused, or burdened by all of the information out there, as well as challenge and help push those who who feel they have plateaued, or simply want to take their journey to health to the next level. This challenge is especially helpful if you are someone who feels they have been “spinning their wheels” and haven’t seen the progress they desire. Our team will show you exactly how to push past the boundaries you have encountered, and become stronger in every way!

Once Purchased, When Will I Have Access to The Program?

The challenge is purchased through Event Bright, (Please note, there are a limited number of registration spots open and registration will close once spots have been filled.) An email will also be sent to with the comprehensive Stronger Together Guide on January 7th to all registered participants.

What if I am Busy and Don’t Have Time to Follow a Program?

This program was designed with the busiest of women in mind! All of the workouts are around 30 minutes, and we make sure you get the most out of your time in the areas of nutrition and fitness! Also, the meal plan will help you take the guesswork out of what to eat and helps you prep your food ahead of time. The grocery list included will help save you time and money at the grocery store. This program is designed to support you working towards your goals, although just like anything that is worth investing in, it will require your commitment.

If you desire to see change in the area of your journey to health, you desire to take your health and fitness to a new level, or you are unsure of where to begin on a weight loss journey, I believe this program is the next step for you! If you have wanted to form habits that would help you see your goals through to completion, let Sarah, Kaci, and myself come along side you with the strength of community and other women and begin to narrow down your focus and start this new year with intention! Yes, you are worth investing in, and yes THIS IS THE YEAR you start to feel your very best! There is no better time to start building new habits that will carry you through the rest of your life than now! You are worth it!!! So what are you waiting for!? Let's get Stronger Together!

Hear What Other Women are Saying about Stronger Together!

  • This program so much better than anything else I have tried. I have printed every challenge, resource guide, my notes, thoughts from the coaches and have them in a binder to set me up for success now and in the future with my goals
  • I liked that the weekly challenges were tools that could be used right away and I will be able to continue using what I have learned from the challenges after this challenge is over.
  • I Loved the concrete action items to help learn new habits. I’ve lost 23 pounds since we started the challenge!!!
  • I like the mindset behind ST of not a diet but a life change! My life is crazy busy and although it is typically a challenge to meal plan and work out, this plan has my mind, body, and pantry all in order.
  • I learned I have more strength and will power that I have myself credit for. I learned how to put my mind to something and actually achieve it! I also have had more inner healing than ever before!
  • Through Stronger Together, I learned that living a healthy lifestyle is a life-long marathon that can be achieved when we have the right tools! It doesn’t happen overnight, but takes consistent good decisions to form healthy habits for life.
  • I loved this program! It really made me think and gave practical tips on how to handle different challenges we may face day to day. Anytime I had a question or wanted to share a struggle with my group, my coach was always there to help out.
  • I love that I was not consumed by the scale! I have basically checked my weight every Monday for the past 10 years. Through ST, not only did lose weight; But I am free from the bondage to the scale!
  • As a mama of 2 young kiddos it makes it challenging to focus on myself but this program caused me to stop using that as an excuse and start focusing on me and my health! The why's, the vision board and emotional eating were the most helpful weeks for me!
  • I have struggled with my weight for about 5 years now and this program has given me encouragement and the tools to move forward and form new healthy habits! I also love that there are resources to refer back to!
  • This program was just what I had prayed for, a small, supportive group and someone to guide me in the way of making wise choices. I am so excited for where my life is now headed with the information, knowledge, tools, and new healthy habits formed through Stronger Together!
  • I loved the sense of empowerment the challenge gave me with suggestions of good actions to take; As well as the positive approach and the focus beyond just food to the health of the whole person.
  • The ST program really taught me more about taking the steps in making myself and my family lead a healthy life with guided meal prep, nutrition, and exercise. For a busy person like myself, the recipes and meal plans really helped me adjust to eating clean and not stressing over all the research.

*Please note that spots are limited, and last round there was a waitlist so be sure to grab your spot as soon as possible if you are interested!

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