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Take your personal brand to the next level in Malena Lott's 5 Ps to Personal Brand Power 5-day ONLINE course. Learn how to understand your personality, use your passion and drive your purpose to connect with the right target to reach your goals and stand apart from the competition.

Malena has branded nearly 300 companies and products and has created a process she calls One Bow Many Arrows to cultivate a strong personal brand especially suited for entrepreneurs and leaders. The Bow & Arrows concept starts with you as the Hunter and

How it Works:

Attendees will be invited to a Private Facebook Group feauturing ONE video each day for FIVE days, plus Q&As and links to bonus material.

The Daily Discovery Sheet will be emailed each morning to the attendees and any questions can be addressed online the next day in our group.

Once the course is complete, attendees who fill out and return the Grow Survey will unlock more bonus material and get discounts for new programs and services.

Day 1: Be the Hunter - Understanding PERSONALITY in Personal Branding. Find out how your Meyers Briggs' personality profile affects your personal brand and how you can use your personality type as an ASSET and create an image that's authentic and sustainable with your communications style and interests. Taking charge as the Hunter puts YOU in control of your destiny. We'll discuss how PERCEPTION is reality and how to shape perception to trigger action and put yourself in ALIGNMENT. You'll see examples of powerful personal brands and why they work.

Day 2: Honor the Bow - Naming your PURPOSE. What's your philosophy for life? While you may show one "side" of yourself more at "work", you are still the same person inside. So understanding what you value in your work and your purpose can help you define how to share your gifts with the world. We'll create a FIRESIDE story that shares WHY you do what you do, which is soul work for HOW you do it.

Day 3: Pick Your Targets - How PASSION Leads to Connection. Ooh, passion. You've either "got it" or you don't. No faking it. That's why you CAN'T force what doesn't work for you. Find out how to NATURALLY attract the right targets by aiming your passion in the right direction. Learn how building - then engaging - your tribe can also help build your brand power. We'll create your circle of influence and strategy for connecting.

Day 4: Map Your Journey - Building the Best PLATFORM for Your Personal Brand. No two brands are alike and no two people go on exactly the same journey. An introverted mama of 3's platform may look vastly different than the extroverted retiree who is starting a new career. On Day 4 we'll discuss TIMING, ENERGY and the 5 must have GOLDEN ARROWS (methods) to load in your quiver (including tools and channels) to build a solid brand unique to you.

Day 5: Choose the Right Arrow - Where Practice and PERFORMANCE Rule. How do we know we're on the right path and making the best decision (right arrow) for your brand? On Day 5, we'll discuss the simplest way to assess our bad habits getting in the way of our success and how to establish better ones. Learn 3 ways to improve your performance and track it to consistently practice self-improvement for your business and lifestyle.

Day 5 includes a round up of what we've learned and what can be achieved if we complete the Daily Discovery Sheets to create your very own Personal Brand Power Plan to shine and attract the business and life you want. At the end of this course you will have: your personal brand tagline, your Fireside Story, your Action Plan for your Platform, Targets and Goals. Boom!

Are you ready to aim and grow? We're kicking off this course with a special offer. Regularly $99, just $25 for our first course. All five days - and a map for success - for the price of a latte a day.

NOTE: The Facebook group will stay open for 30 days to give attendees time to get to all the lessons if they can't do one a day. This gives you the special offer without the rush to start on 4/29 if you aren't able.

I hope you'll join me on this personald brand journey.

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