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5-day Natural Cheesemaking Class at Glencolton Farms

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Refund Policy

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David Asher will be partnering with Glencolton Farms to put on a 5-day cheesemaking class in Ontario. Michael Schimdt and Eliza Vander Hout of Glencolton have been at the forefront for the fight for the legalization of raw milk in Canada. With milk fresh from their small herd of biodynamically managed, pasture-fed, Canadienne cows, this will be the perfect setting for a natural cheesemaking class.

Course outline:

From culture propagation to rennet coagulation and on to affinage, this comprehensive and hands on course covers nearly all aspects and styles of a natural farmhouse cheesemaking.

On the first day we learn to care for the cultures of our cheese. We begin with a session on dairy fermentation, covering Clabber, Kefir, and yogurt.

On the second day we use our cultures and rennet to make fresh lactic cheeses such as Cream Cheese & Chevre, and Geotrichum-candidum ripened lactic cheeses such as Crottin, Valençay and Saint Marcellin. Also included are acid-coagulated cheeses like Skyr and Quark. As well as Creme Fraiche and Cultured Butter!

On the third day we look at rennet cheeses, preparing, in the morning, the basic curd that can become many different styles of cheese. By the afternoon, the curd’s acidity will have developed and we’ll be able to stretch the cheese into Mozzarella, Burrata and other Pasta Filata cheeses. We also explore the different rind ecologies of rennet cheeses including the white fungus of Camembert and the orange rinds of Limburger

On the fourth day we make a Stilton, and explore the cultivation of blue fungus that gives this cheese its veins. A cheddar will be made alongside to see how the same make can evolve two completely different cheeses. We will also prepare a traditional calf vell to use as rennet on our final day of cheesemaking.

And on the fifth day we make an Alpine cheese. We will learn how this firm wheel can then become an aged cheese like Comte, Tomme and Caciocavallo. And with its leftover whey we will prepare a batch of traditional Ricotta.

Five days of learning allows students to see many styles of cheese through the many stages of their evolution, and provides insight into how all cheeses can evolve from the very same milk, with the same culture and the same rennet. The course will focus on natural methods and a full circle, small-scale cheesemaking: no freeze-dried cultures or synthetic enzymes will be used in any of our makes.

The class will be from 10am to 5:30 pm daily.
with an hour break for lunch from 1 to 2pm
and snack and coffee breaks at 11:30 and 3:30
please arrive by 9:45 am.

Cost: The cost of the 5-day class, including mid-day meal, snacks, and cheese, culture and rennet to take home comes to $1,100 per student.

Accomodation and after-class meals at Glencolton farms available for $550 per person. participants are welcome to arrive as early as sunday evening; and leave up to saturday morning.

Please email for questions and more information

More can be learned about David Asher and his work at

More can be learned about Glencolton Farms here:

Glencolton hosts a summer symphony series called Symphony in the Barn. More info about the event can be found here:

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Refunds up to 30 days before event

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