Deck The Holograms - Chicago

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Deck The Holograms - Chicago

Pet a reindeer, craft your own winter wonderland, and play holographic snowball target practice in this unique holiday-themed verse!

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Navy Pier - Terrace A West 600 East Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60611

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This fall only, experience the newest immersive exhibit: Deck The Holograms at the world famous Navy Pier in Chicago.

Explore a winter wonderland in the world’s first Holographic Theatre presented by Verse Immersive.

Deck The Holograms is unlike anything you’ve seen before - be the first to tell your friends about the future of immersive intractability with cutting edge holographic headsets also used by NASA (No nausea!).

No experience required, the perfect entertainment option for work parties, friends-night-out, date night, and creating unforgettable family memories.

Ages 7 and up welcome. Please leave the furry friends at home.

Walk-in tickets are available but they often sell out by 2pm so please book in advance.

About Deck The Holograms

Deck The Holograms takes you through an interactive holographic winter wonderland! Interact with the environment, feed the reindeer, decorate trees with ornaments, shoot off fireworks, and maybe if you’re lucky: hit all the targets in a snowball throwing gallery!

Deck The Holograms is perfect for first-time “Verse Walkers”. There is no experience required to enjoy the show, but you might not find everything the first time you play.

Remember: Stay curious, look everywhere and touch everything!

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Getting To The Venue

Check-in at the Verse Immersive mall kiosk in the front entrance to Navy Pier and they’ll give you instructions for entering the Holographic Theatre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, what is this?

Deck The Holograms is an immersive augmented experience which puts you at the center of a holiday themed winter wonderland. You’ll walk around wearing fully transparent headsets while you see and interact with reindeer, snowmen, ornaments, fireworks, and snowball fights.

Do I need to bring my own headset?

Nope, we have you covered! Just bring yourself and your phone for selfies!

How long does the experience take?

Each round of Deck The Holograms lasts 15 minutes.

Can I transfer my tickets or get a refund?

All Verse Immersive event tickets are non-refundable. If you are not able to make it to the event, feel free to give your ticket to a friend or family member.

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