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45 Day Lvl 1 Survival Instructor Course MO

Sigma 3 Survival School

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 8:00 AM - Friday, December 15, 2017 at 5:00 PM (CDT)

45 Day Lvl 1 Survival Instructor Course MO

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Benefits you get from this course

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Make no mistake – this course is incredibly challenging and will change who you are, how you think, and what you can accomplish. Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive when you graduate with your own Sigma 3 Survival Instructor Certification

You will:

  • Be able to survive extreme situations.
  • Become a member of a global group of premier survival instructors.
  • Perform extremely difficult survival tasks with more confidence and less effort.
  • Meet strangers that become your brothers and sisters in the Sigma 3 Family.
  • Have a set of skills that is extremely rare, very valuable, and beneficial to everyone.
  • Enjoy learning things that are more useful than what you learned in traditional school.
  • Understand your full potential to conquer any difficulty that comes your way.
  • Have new understanding about how you can promote your survival skills.
  • Get the ability to be totally self-reliant in many situations.
  • Enjoy discounted courses and products in the future.
  • Be more fit and hardened to face life’s challenges.

What are past students saying about the course?

This is the most intense and long term wilderness survival training that Sigma 3 offers. This is the best way to take all our classes at once and become a Certified Survival Instructor for Sigma 3. You will learn all you need to know about survival and then have the option to earn money training others in survival skills! This course is our entire standard program all in one setting and a whole lot more! Skills will be worked in much greater depth and we devote many hours to the mastery of individual skills.


Course focus

In this program you will start with the survival priorities and then build on them to increase your bushcraft knowledge. Sigma 3 doesn’t teach you how to get out of the woods; we teach you how to live in them. You will become proficient in shelter, water, fire, food, tools, medical, bow making, navigation, and much more. You will learn all these survival skills with primitive methods as well as modern ones. Sigma 3 specializes in not only surviving, but we take our students knowledge level to such a high degree that you will be very comfortable anywhere you travel in the world. Knowledge weighs nothing and we are going to throw everything we possibly can at you, so be prepared! If you want to challenge yourself and learn these skills intensively and all in one blast, then this is the program for you!

Course goals


The point of this course is to teach an average person to walk off into the wilderness with nothing but a knife and survive indefinitely in comfort! This is the most comprehensive wilderness survival course on the market today! No other school offers such a diverse set of skills in one course and all in one session. This course is designed to take the average person and turn them into a well-trained survival instructor, capable of living off the land for long periods of time with minimal equipment.

Who are your instructors?

Founder / Head Instructor: Robert Allen

Director / Lead Instructor: Justin Williams

How long will I be training?

You will spend 45 days straight in the woods. This is the most intense and effective way to learn high performance survival skills. You will sleep in the shelters you create and be completely immersed into real world survival training. When you graduate, you will receive a Sigma 3 Instructor Certification which will make you eligible in the future to teach certain courses for us in your area. When you graduate, the Sigma 3 Certification provides you the credibility you have earned for passing the challenging tests and reproducing the critical skills to survive and teach others. Come prepared to work hard, face tough challenges, and push your limits to achieve your Survival Instructor Certification!

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All courses will be hosted in our new Missouri Headquarters location. You will stay the whole month in our survival village and sleep in primitive shelters. It’s a requirement of graduation that you sleep the whole month primitively. That means no tent camping or sleeping any type of modern shelter! Bad weather is common and cold wet conditions can be followed by days with heat and humidity so be prepared for all weather types. Our HQ camp includes: Tipis, Army Tent, Large Cabin Classroom, breath taking views.



Itinerary will vary according to many different conditions, but you will learn the survival standard program and a ton more than is covered in any course we offer. This course requires mastery of the skills and you will be pushed to succeed. We will teach you everything you need to know to survive comfortably with limited equipment in the harshest of conditions. You will occasionally get a day off to shower, and do things that you need to do in town. At least one day a week will be for nothing but rest and recuperation from the intense training. Except during testing phases!

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  • Week 1: Survival Standard Curriculum
  • Week 2: Advanced Survival Standard Curriculum
  • Week 3: Wild Plants, Advanced Primitive Skills, and Bow Making
  • Week 4: Survival Week Including Scout Survival and Knife Only Survival
  • Week 5: SERE, Advanced Bushcraft, Long Term Survival, Hunting or Fishing Trips, BBQ and Graduation
  • Extras: Business, youtube, blog writing training, and how to make money with this program!

ATTENTION: During the first two weeks, you will be paired with other standard courses running back to back. Our reason for doing this is that we want to be able to pick out the advanced students that already have a basic understanding of bushcraft and see how they interact with other students that are new to the skills. You will be gauged on how quickly you learn the skills and then move on to help others that are struggling. Remember that you are coming here to become instructors so we will be gauging your ability to relay learned information to others. You will also be expected to maintain a positive mental attitude and good demeanor throughout the course. You cannot pass this program without the strong ability to deal with others and a positive mental attitude at all times. If your a whiner, your assured to not make it!

Spring vs. Winter courses

The spring course will focus primarily on fishing and wild plants skills, while the winter course will focus more heavily on hunting. Both courses are excellent, but different seasons emphasize different skills. If you take the winter course, plan on hunting with your custom longbow that you will make. If you take the spring course then plan to spend a lot of time in and around the water, fishing and living off what the water provides. Life is good in either course you take.

Bow making and hunting

We will be making our own custom longbows from scratch and you will need to purchase at least one stave. You can build as many as you like to improve your bow-making skills. Hickory staves are $125. You will use your bow to hunt game during the various food procurement phases of the class.

3 – Gear For Classes

What survival gear do I need to take the course?

All equipment needed for the course can be purchased through our Survival Store, everything listed on the survival store is items we recommend and carry ourselves. You are not required to purchase these exact items through us in order to attend course. You just need the same equipment and of similar quality! The items we offer are the best you can get for the money and we highly recommend these same items no matter where you buy them.

Minimum Required Items: Outdoor clothing, goretex boots, poncho and wet weather gear, tarp, medium sized backpack, fixed blade knife, folding saw, stainless canteen, water filter, ferro rod, fishing kit, flashlight, headlamp, cooking pot, sleeping bag.

Material Fees:  These staves are pre-dried for two years and in perfect working condition. Hickory Stave $125. Course will include any other materials needed to finish bow. You can pay via credit/debit card when you arrive. Optional recommended items: farriers rasp and draw knife.


Food and water

You will provide your own food for most of the course. Water will be provided at the property. In some sections of the course, you will live from the land but when learning you will need to provide your own meals, which is about 33 days’ worth. We recommend quick ready to eat field type meals for convenience such as our in house camp ready meals. View some of the available meals on our web store below:

Local groceries and supplies

Walmart is within a short drive and several other stores as well. So you can get food locally very easily. We prefer you drive a vehicle to class, as vehicles will be needed during certain portions of the course. If your flying in then you can usually team up with other instructor candidates that brought a car to the course, which many usually do. In some portions of the course we will procure our food from the land, but in most sections of the course you will need to provide your own food. The links above are our recommendations for camp food. Please help support Sigma 3 by purchasing your food and equipment through our store instead of other vendors. The funds are used to make the courses better and the school bigger for your benefit!


During the class we will be doing some hunting and fishing and you will be required to purchase an Missouri state hunting and fishing license. I would advise you to not get your license until you get here. They can be bought at numerous local stores. And you don’t need the annual license. Average cost $50 or less. Call for more details if you have questions.


If you have a favorite hunting rifle or concealed carry weapon that you would like to bring. It’s welcome at our camp! Licensed concealed carry is allowed.


Start your own Sigma 3 Training Center

After you graduate this course, you will be a Level 1 Sigma 3 Instructor and this will enable you to teach weekend classes and our most popular course The Survival Standard. These are SIGMA 3’s most popular and best selling survival programs! You can make a good living from just running these courses. We will also let you do custom courses of your own design and help you promote these specialty programs. The purpose of the survival instructor program is to create  training centers with Sigma 3 instructors all over the world so that we become ‘THE LARGEST NAME’ in survival training! In two years this program has been open we have begun to spread all over the US and internationally. We already have several new instructors setting up locations to be launched this year. Within in the next two years we will be on both east/west coasts, the midwest, the southeast/northeast, Rockies, and two international schools in Nicaragua and Sweden. The goal is to have a survival training center within a 6-8 hour drive of everyone in the lower 48. We already have international survival programs open and they are part of our Level 2-3 survival instructor program. Sigma 3 is kicking off a self-reliance revolution and we are enlisting you to our ranks to spread it all over the world. If you have been looking for family and brotherhood, then you have found your home in our family of experts.

Why are there not more training centers open to date?- This is a commonly asked question. This program has been going 2 years and it takes time for things to sink in with new business start ups. What many people come to understand once taking this course is that they have so much to learn and practice that they feel they need to take a year or more of dirt time to practice up what they have learned before they teach it. Very few people that graduate will be immediately ready to jump right in and teach these skills to others. You will have the knowledge, the backing, the teaching resources, but you may not quite have the experience yet to be able to teach these skills to others. That is all depending on your skill level and experiences prior to taking the course. Many of our graduates decide to take a year to practice these skills and get that much needed dirt time.

Another factor is land and where will you teach the courses at. We will help you find land and do the best we can in getting you the area you need to teach the courses, but this can take time. Students that already own land will have a significant advantage in this area. You also have to understand that you are essentially like a franchise of SIGMA 3 and that it will take time to get established and build your name. You will need to write blogs, do videos, and build your name in the with our online resources to draw people to you as an instructor. We have the marketing and everything you need to reach a huge audience already, but you must make the initiative to talk to that audience and get them to want to train with you. There is a lot to contemplate when taking this course for the sole purpose of teaching for us. Either way you will walk away a self reliant survivor with the ability to take care of your survival needs anywhere in the world. We prefer people to take the course for the skills and if they love them as much as they thought once they graduate from the course, then most certainly you should start teaching them. It is our goal to spread these skills worldwide and you are our gateway to do just that! So if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us and ask what is the best program choice for you!

instructor course pic

How you make money from the Survival Instructor Program

Sigma 3 Survival School has the best marketing and most comprehensive survival instructor program in the world. We have the 3rd largest survival school Facebook fan page in the world and the 4th largest Survival and Bushcraft channel on YouTube. We have the most visible survival school on the web due to our team of tech guys. We have over 1200 google first page keywords! That is un-heard and actually out does many Fortune 500 companies internet exposure in their respective industries. What does that mean? Simply put, traffic for your name and reputation turns into money for you. Your signing onto an already very well established brand that is quickly becoming the largest of it’s kind in the world! When you become certified, we provide you an unmatched platform to work from that is already established and is currently working for other instructor graduates. That saves you the thousands of hours doing computer work and figuring out what works. We do the tough stuff and you enjoy your time teaching in the field. With our team of business and marketing experts you can focus on survival and teaching students and we will handle the business side of things! After graduation, active instructors will be able to purchase substantially discounted gear to turn around and sell at the courses you host!

Marketing support and business leads

We will market you and promote you after you successfully meet the requirements of this course. That means you can teach these skills anywhere in the world and make money doing it. We will help you fill classes and you should think of this as creating your own business under the SIGMA 3 umbrella of schools. Make good money, teach the skills you love, and help people be more prepared! The profit split in this arrangement is very very much in your favor. Not only do we teach you bushcraft skills, but we will also teach you how to build a business within Sigma 3. We coach you on how to shoot YouTube videos for major internet impact, write blogs, and do things that will let people recognize your valuable skills so that you can make money from them. This course is more comprehensive than any other survival school offers because we teach the widest range of survival skills as well as teach you how to make a business out of it. Wilderness, Urban, Tactical, Medical! No where in the world can you go and get all this training in one package!

Sigma 3 will market you and help you promote classes through our website, YouTube channel, and other social media outlets. We have the most recognized survival school website on search engines over the widest range of keywords which enables us to have massive web exposure. The profit split is heavily in your favor and you can easily pay for the cost of this course by hosting a few courses of your own locally! If you’re interested in more details about the programs potential future profits, then Contact Us.


You will have to successfully complete all aspects of the course curriculum and reproduce these skills under harsh conditions. In order to graduate you have to meet the requirements of each section of the course. After graduation you will have to attend a course every 2 years to maintain your instructor status up to date and to re-certify your skills.  You may also be required to complete a series of homework assignments before each type of course you decide to teach to make sure your skills are up to par to teach courses. These are pre-class workups to make sure your skills are honed and ready to pass these skills on to other people.





Simply put, that means we want you to be the best you can be when representing our brand. We hold high standards, so we want you to come back for future training! So after you become a SIGMA 3 Certified Survival Instructor, you can take our other non instructor related courses for free to stay sharp and build on new skills. Tactical tracking, stalking, herbal medicine courses, and so much more. You aren’t just buying a single course, your purchasing a lifetime of training! This does not include level 2-3 instructor courses and this offer is only valid if you are an active instructor. All our instructors become friends that keep in touch and meet up again for training at SIGMA. It truly is a family as much as it is a business! Integrity and honor in all that we do. We hold a very important job as instructors of Self Reliance, so we take your training very seriously!

Payments – No refunds

There are no refunds for this course. You are locking in your spot either through down payment or payment in full. Once you register, it’s final. Your credit is good for 3 years if you decide to cancel and that credit can be applied to any course we offer. This policy discourages last minute cancellations.

Payment plans

Payment plans can be established with a $1000 down payment and payments as you can afford them. You must make payment in full before attending the course! Contact us for more details on how to setup a payment plan. There is a down payment registration link provided below. If you register via the down payment link, you will need to come up with a payment plan and let us know when you intend to pay for the remainder. Thanks and we look forward to training with you! Semper Paratus!


Have questions about 45 Day Lvl 1 Survival Instructor Course MO? Contact Sigma 3 Survival School

When & Where

Missouri Survival School Headquarters
1233 State Highway B
Mansfield, MO 65704

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 8:00 AM - Friday, December 15, 2017 at 5:00 PM (CDT)

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45 Day Lvl 1 Survival Instructor Course MO
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