40th Reunion! Paly Class of 1978

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Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel

625 El Camino Real

Palo Alto, CA 94301

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The Palo Alto High Class of 1978 Class Reunion will officially be held Saturday night, September 22, 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel on El Camino (We reserved a block of rooms. Mention our reunion when you make reservations). We are also going to organize some activities on Friday night and Sunday where classmates can come together to catch up after so many years since we were in school together. Please purchases your tickets as soon as possible and no later than August 1st, 2018 so funds will be available to cover all that is due prior to our Reunion. Thank You!

We want to make sure everyone is saving the date, making plans, getting tickets, and notifying others of the selected weekend so we're launching the ticketing site now. We will continue to post updates on all activities as we move forward along with reminders closer to the 40th Reunion Weekend September 21st - 23rd!

Even though we have received the official list from the Paly Alumni group and have gone through Facebook and LinkedIn, we still need a lot of email addresses and can use your help. Please be sure to check in with your good friends from Paly and make sure they know about the event. We are also posting a list of classmates with missing email lists. Pleases review, share with us email addresses you have of those that are listed on the missing list, and be sure to share the event link with them too! Thank You!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email leoralangs@yahoo.com.

Also, if you know someone who has passed away, please let us know so we can recognize them and celebrate their life at the reunion. Very grateful for your help with updates on Classmates.

It takes a village... please help. Here's a list of classmates that we are still missing their email address. If you have it or know how to contact them please share their contact info with us by emailing leoralangs@yahoo.com and forward this email to them. Please review the list below. Thank you!

Kris Agnew-Bugbee

Ted Albalos

Barbara Almeter-Cohen

Joanie Ameen

Beth Anderson-Chase

Steven Andrews

Carol Bailey-Wilson

Elizabeth Baldwin

John Barton

Ali Bassom

Bassam Bayoughlu

Elisa Beerbohm-Newell

Lisa Befera-Farfan

Sara Benedict-Sampson

James Bertsch

Cecily Best-Murdock

Kelly Bevington

Paula Bittencourt

Tim Block

Ken Blum

Deborah Bock

Arne Bowman

Clay Brennan

Tyler Bridges

Katherine Brown

Katie S. Brown

Padraig Brown

Maria Burdick

Molly Burdick-Tracy

Katrin Carpenter

Chris Centrella

Mark Chadderdon

John Chamberlain

Gregory Chediak

Dorothy Chen

Deborah Clark-Seaton

Julie Clark-West

Sally Close

Steve Cottrell

Maureena Craig

Ann Crane-Nosworthy

Felica Danon

Jeff Davis

Clare Dekker

Liz Dement

Bruce Dielle

Lisa Dimock

Ellen Donahue-Douglas

Martha Doniach

Mark Donnelly

Dan Dorosin

Natalie Dunklin-Gioia

Martina Eggeling-Lavery

Craig Elevitch


Margo Emley

Margarete Enge

John Favero

Lisa Fein

Leslie Few

Mark Fletcher

Brian Folk

Andres Forrest

Tom Francl

J. Philip Freebom

Ken Fried

Bob Fruth

Leigh Ganschow

Alan Ganschow

Teresa Gex Alan

David J. Gibbs

Kari Goertel

Cornelius Gorres

Gail Greeberg

Rikke Grevstad

Eric Grey

Brian Grochoske

Jennifer Hamilton

Susan Hammett

Melissa Harriss-Harrington

Molly Olson

Peter Harrow

Tom Harvey

Linda Hastings

Laura Hay-Bridge

Greg Hayward

Ken Heckinger

Don Henderson

David Hendren

Karen Herzog

Thomas Himes

Peter Holland

Phil Holmes

Kelly Horan-Bossut

Alan Hughes

James Hughes

Steven Inness

Jon Iverson

Jeffrey Jacklich

Dan Jaqua

Yvonne Jennings

Clifton Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Patricia Johnston-Moore

Sally Kallenbach

Reyad Katwan

Jeff Keegan

Jim Kidder

Tracy Kietzmann

Jenifer Leans

Joe Lennihan

Laura Letts-Anderson

Lori Levy-Abramson

Nancy Lewis-Dorsey

Kendra Lillard-Sheldon

Richard Locklin

Allen D. Long

Morgan Lopez

Tom Lorey

Adam Lowe

Margaret Luebs

Sherry Lyttle-Salyers

David Maar

Ian MacLeod

Jennifer Madden

Lucia Manley

Stephen Mao

Victor Maraschin

Emily Margot

Krista Marsh

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Martinez

Gary Mason

Kieran Markham McCarty

Andrew A. McCracken

Colleen McIntosh

Naomi Meyers

Rick Miller

Sue Miller-Long

Daniel Chadwick Moore

Dale Mosher

Rosemary Muscat

David Naar

Thomas Nee

Debra Neilsen

Jeff Nelson

Lori Nelson

Martha Nitzberg

Tim O'Leary

Lisa M. Owens-Brown

Ross Palmer

Deborah Pardo

John Parker

John Perkins

Joseph Perl

Brian Peterson

Chuck Piercey

Susan Pilling-Bickel

Marc Pinneo

George Pizarev

Margaret Powell-Cunningham

Linda Power

Bill Preston

Elizabeth Racz

Peter Ralls

Erick Ralston

Lynn Ramsay

Tom W. Rau

Juan Reese

Peter Riggs

Jonathan Ritchie

Jeff Robinson

Lizzie Rodriquez

Amy Rost

Vanessa Ryals

Fereshten Sadeghet

Liz Schaefer

Scott Schaefli

Steven Schmitt

Steven Scholpp

Mark Schultz

Michael Schwartz

Steve Silver

Janine Simerly-Burnham

Janine Simerly-Marquis

Michael Simmons

Alan Simpson

Jean Sliney

Betsy Sliney

Kirk Smith

Megan Smith-Myers

Serena Speno-Lucey

Steven Spinola

Sydney Stephan

Rene Sterental

Alison Stevens-Brohmer

Alan Stewart

Jacob Stores

Herbert Susmann

Carla Swanagan

Susan Terhune

Ardine Thompson-McIntyre

Scott Tompkins

Herschel Turner

Elizabeth Urquhart

Michael Vipham

Susan Eileen Wagger

Meg Wallau

Robert Weikert

Jonathan Weiler

Laurie Weiss

Richard Welling

Marlene Wells

Norman Weston

Julianne Wheaton-Goldberg

Quincy Williams

Erin Wise

Jonathan Wohl

Damon Wolfe

Scott Woodworth

Diana Young

Jomarie Zeleznik

Gordon Zink-Brody

Please forward the invite to them and send me their email address. Thank YOU!!!

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Date and Time


Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel

625 El Camino Real

Palo Alto, CA 94301

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