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4 Weeks Only Tableau BI Training Course in Christchurch

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New Zealand

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4 Weeks Only Tableau BI Training is being delivered April 19, 2021 - May 12, 2021 US Pacific Time.

About this Event

This event has been UPDATED since it was first published. View the UPDATED & Detailed Tableau BI Training course for beginners Information here.

4 Weeks Only Tableau BI training is being delivered from April 19, 2021 - May 12, 2021 US Pacific Time for 16 hours over 4 weeks, 8 sessions, 2 sessions per week, 2 hours per session.

  • All Published Ticket Prices are in US Dollars
  • The course will be taught in English language

4 Weeks Tableau BI Training Course Schedule

Features and Benefits

  • 4 Weeks, 8 sessions, 16 Hours of total Instructor-led and guided training
  • Training material, instructor handouts and access to useful resources on the cloud provided
  • Practical Hands-on Lab exercises provided
  • Actual code and scripts provided
  • Real-life Scenarios


Any IT Professional who is interested in learning Tableau BI.

Course Objectives

  • Create Interactive dashboards
  • The necessity of reporting and analytics ETL
  • Understand the Tableau architecture and components
  • Gain knowledge of using R scripts in Tableau
  • Simplify and organize data with data connections

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Data warehousing

• What is Database evaluation?

• Database Evaluation types

• What is Data warehousing

• Data Warehousing Characteristics and Architecture

• Difference between OLTP and OLAP

• What is Dimension table

• When to use Dimension

• Types of Dimension Tables

• What is Fact table and types?

• When to use Fact table

• Types of Fact tables

• What is Star schema and snowflake schema?

2. Business Intelligence

• What is Business Intelligence and Visual Intelligence?

3. Tableau Introduction

• Why Tableau

• History of Tableau

• Characteristics of Tableau

• Tableau versions.

• Differences between different versions of tableau.

• What is VizQL

• Use of VizQL in Tableau.

• Tableau Architecture and components.

4. Tableau Components

• What is Tableau Desktop, Server?

• What is Tableau Reader

• What is Tableau Online

• What is Tableau Public?

5. Tableau Extensions

• Types of Extensions

• When to use Tableau Extensions

• Differences between. Twb and .Twbx extensions

6. View Sections

• What is Dashboard, when to use Dashboard and Ways to use Dashboard

• What is workbook and When to use Workbook

• What is work sheet and When to use worksheets

• What is stories their usage

• Ways to use Workbook, Dashboard, Worksheet, Stories

7. Dashboard Components

• Horizontal

• Vertical component

• Image Component

• Text Component

• Blank Component

8. Data Connection in Tableau Interface

• Types of Data Connections in Tableau

• Connect to Live Data connection

• Connect to Extract Data connection in Tableau

• Creation of Extract file in Tableau

9. Data Joins in Tableau

• What is Join

• Types of Joins

• When to use Joining

• Rules to perform the Joins in tableau.

• What is Custom SQL.

• Custom SQL Enabled Custom SQL.

• Writing

• Data Refresh

10. Data Blending in Tableau

• What is Data Blending

• Types of Data Blending

• When to use Data Blending

• Rules to perform the Joins in tableau

• Join vs. Data Blending

11. Graphs/Charts/Bars

• Line Graphs

• Single Line graphs

• Dual Line Graphs

• Blended Axis

• Difference between Dual axis and Blended axis

• Horizontal Bar Charts

• Vertical Bar charts

• Side-Side by bar charts

• Stacked Bar charts

• Pie Charts

• Gantt Charts

12. Maps

• What is Tree Maps

• Heat Maps

• Tree map implementation

• Filed Maps

• What is Geo-Coding and implementation

• Importing External Custom Geo coding

• Symbol Maps

13. Filters and Types

• What is Filters

• Filters on Dimensions

• What is Wild Card

• Filters on Measures

• Context Filters

• Global Filters

• Quick Filters

• Defining Filters at Source

• Defining Filters at Custom SQL

14. Creating and Using Parameters

• What is Parameter

• Creating Parameter

• Exploring Parameter Controls

• Work with the parameter

• Click interaction working with parameter

• Parameters and use with real time examples

• Dynamically Show and Hide Sheets with Parameter

15. Groups and Sets

• What is Group

• When to use Group

• Editing Existing Group

• Limitation of groups

• What is Set

• When to Use Sets

• Types of Sets

16. Calculated Fields

• What is Tableau Calculation

• When to use INDEX (),RANK (),LAST(),FIRST() Functions

• RUNNING_SUM Calculations

• WINDOW_SUM Calculations

• String Calculations

• Boolean Calculations

• DATE Calculations.

17. Trend Analysis

• What is Trend Analysis

• Logarithmic Model

• Exponential Model

• Linear Model

• Polynomial Model

18. Fore Casting and Reference Lines

• What is Fore Casting and implementation

• What is Reference Line

• Lines

• Bands

• Distributions

• Box Plot

19. Annotations

• Mark Annotation

• Point Annotation

• Area Annotation

20. Aggregation and Disaggregation

• What is Aggregation

• When to use Aggregation

• What is Disaggregation

• When to use Disaggregation.

21. Page-shelf or Automated Maps

• What is Page Shelf?

• When to use Page Shelf

• Page Shelf Customized Controls

22. Drop Lines

• What is Drop Lines

• When to use Drop Lines?

• What is summary Card?

• When to Use summary Card in Tableau?

23. Actions in Tableau

• What is Actions & When to use Actions

• Types of Actions in tableau

• How to Trigger the Action

24. Hierarchy in Tableau

• What is a Hierarchy?

• Relation between Drill downs, Roll ups and Hierarchies.

• What are Automatic Hierarchies?

• How to create Custom Hierarchy in Tableau?

• Removing Hierarchy

25. Tableau Advanced Charts – User defined Charts (IMP)

• Waterfall charts

• Donut charts

• Funnel Charts

• Lollipops charts

• Whisker plots.

• Scatter plot

26. Case Study

• Resume Preparation

• Mock Interviews

• Advanced Tableau 10 New Features.

• Reporting Migration Process and Check list in Real-Time.

Student Testimonials and Reviews

"I am getting a great deal out of the Tableau training. I LOVE your enthusiasm and you have deep well of knowledge. There is nothing I like more than dropping my empty bucket in a deep well of knowledge." -Kevin B, BI Professional, Miami★★★★★

"The Tableau training was reliable, of high quality, useful and unique. I really liked these aspects of training . I love that the info is recorded. I am overall, very satisfied with the training course." - Charles, BI Professional, Charlotte★★★★★

"Good value for money. The training met my expectations. I will be able to apply the knowledge learned. The training objectives for each topic were identified and followed. The content was organized and easy to follow. The materials distributed were pertinent and useful. The trainer was knowledgeable. The quality of instruction was good. The trainer met the training objectives. Class participation and interaction were encouraged. Adequate time was provided for questions and discussion. -Tony, BI, Charleston★★★★★

"Being a busy professional , this training was perfect for me as it was spread out over 4 weeks. I could take the time to grasp the concepts in between the training sessions. I found the course and was immediately hooked. I knew there had to be someone, somewhere who could teach Tableau for beginners I now feel very equipped to apply my Tableau knowledge from this training and do better in my career."- Chris, BI Manager, Omaha ★★★★★

"The training was very useful and interactive. The trainer helped develop the confidence of all individuals by using hands on activities to bring out the best in each participant." - Michael, IT Professional, Calgary ★★★★★

"The content and topics covered by the trainer were upto the expectation. Knowledge delivery was also excellent. Overall satisfied with the training."-Kirk, IT Professional, Akron, Ohio ★★★★★

" The trainer was very good with technical knowledge. He was able to resolve our queries effectively with the proper live example. The session was very helpful and interactive. Overall satisfied with the training"- Eugene, IT specialist, Orange County ★★★★★

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Date and Time


IT Training Center

Tech Training Solutions


New Zealand

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