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4 Weekends Pureland Qi Gong Instructors Training Program with Master Teresa...

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Eastover Estate & Eco-Village

430 East Street

Lenox, MA 01240

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Master Teresa has decades of experience training instructors and healers. She is a dynamic and compassionate life teacher, speaker, coach, mentor, healer and 2 time #1 bestselling author who is often referred by her followers as the “real deal” with 23 years of experience. She has a unique ability to see, read, and scan your body’s energy. She translates the messages into insightful and fascinating information.

She is the founder of her Pureland Qi Gong® system and sole successor to Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s Hunyuan Qi Gong system. She wishes to help the world be a more peaceful and loving place through the art of Qi Gong.

On the personal level, she is a single-mother who has raised beautiful successful children and healed her own body’s health issues, which included weakness from migraines, digestion, allergies to not need to wear eye glasses for reading.

Her teaching style is hands-on, gentle and motivational. You will enjoy her fun demonstrations on how to use the Chi in different ways.

The fastest way to have more Chi

is to have a Master send you her/his Chi

—- Grandmaster Wu

Grandmaster Wu was an educator who obtained the highest Qi Gong official title in China, as a member of the Chinese Qi Gong Talent Bank and was considered a national treasure. In 1990s, Wu’s Eye Qi Gong helped millions and he led a 4000-person clinical research study repetitive for 3 years with a 90% success rate in maintaining and improving the vision of students.

Master Teresa sends her Chi in every class generously

30 Benefits from Practicing Master Teresa® Chi Gong

  1. Organic and chemical free
  2. De-stresses and makes you feel more joyful
  3. Energizing and relaxing
  4. Restores life force energy
  5. Balances side effects of drugs
  6. Improve vision: macular degeneration and glaucoma
  7. Speedup healing from surgeries
  8. Re-oxygenate the cells
  9. Improve blood circulation
  10. Improve the texture of skin e.g. fewer breakouts
  11. Detoxifying and nourishing the organs
  12. Relaxes the muscles and joints
  13. Balance PH in the body
  14. Reduce all kinds of pain from headaches, migraines, menstrual pain to inflammation
  15. Raise testosterone for athletic performance
  16. Infertility
  17. Balance endocrine system
  18. Improve digestion e.g. colitis, IBS
  19. Improve breathing and lung capacity e.g. asthma
  20. Balance blood pressure e.g. increase or decrease blood pressure
  21. Improve metabolism and burn carbs to lose weight
  22. Improve metabolism and gain weight
  23. Balance emotions and build confidence
  24. Improve the quality of sleep
  25. Balances the heart, liver, pancreas, lung, kidney and more
  26. Improves focus, concentration, and endurance
  27. Improve the health of terminal disease
  28. Assist the healing of disease e.g. cancer
  29. Body, mind, and spirit practice
  30. Chi Gong raises DHEA

Pureland Qi Gong® Instructors Program

You can learn how to “Fa Chi”. Learning how to send chi to others is exciting, rewarding and gives you a satisfying and fulfilling experience. Through this program, you improve your self-esteem, self-appreciation and self-love as you master your own energy and create a new skill to heal others with Fa Chi.

She provides you with different training units in 4 weekends for an extraordinary breakthrough to move you to a higher level of energy.

“Fa Chi” is translated as projecting energy or applying qi. The art and method is hands-on. You will enjoy every minute of it.

Gain more energy by moving energy or “Feel more Chi by moving the chi”

Learn how to build your confidence and attract good people into your life.

Who should participate in the program?

  • Family members interested in learning how to help family members, such as your children or aging parents
  • Acupuncturists interested in learning how to send Qi during treatments
  • Nutritionists interested in learning how to send Qi to clients during a consult
  • Chiropractors interested in incorporating a Qi method in their patient treatments
  • Reiki Masters looking to enhance their ability to send Qi
  • Life coaches and psychotherapists interested to add more tools
  • Anyone who loves energy and mindfulness work and is working towards becoming Fa Qi Practitioner!
  • Increase your income and financial freedom with more tools

Weekend 1: Qi Gong Intensive Retreat – June 28-30; lodging guests check in June 28th, 4:00pm
(Pre-requisite for Fa Chi)

  • Learn basics of Qi Gong
  • Learn the gentle philosophy behind Qi Gong
    Learn how to practice Qi Gong to improve your health and heal your body
  • Learn how to practice 2 full unique Qi Gong forms to improve your Chi in your body
  • Wu’s Health & Fitness Qi Gong
  • Chair Qi Gong
  • Experience how Fa Chi works
  • Learn the foundation needed to be a Pureland Qi Gong Instructor
    Immerse your self in Qi Gong in a beautiful eco-resort
    Learn in a supportive environment

Bonus: Receive Balancing Healing Group Chi with Master Teresa

Free Practice DVD

Weekend 2: Fa Chi – July 5 and 7; lodging guests check in July 5th, 4:00pm

The healer’s weekend: Fa Chi to Others without losing your Chi

  • Clear your body thoroughly with intensive chi balancing
  • Use the traditional way of Chi (Qi) healing – “no-touching” method
  • Learn fast track specialized and unique hands-on methods
  • Learn how to not lose our Qi and stay well when sending chi to others
  • Learn to heal safely, easily and effectively
  • Become trained to open and bring Chi (Qi) into your body
  • Learn and Practice Pureland Qi Gong®

Bonus: Receive Balancing Healing Group Chi with Master Teresa


  • Weekend 1
  • Experienced Chi Gong practitioners can request for Qualifying Interview on Wednesday or Thursday with the Master Fee: $50

Weekend 3: Fa Chi training and Instructors Training with Master Teresa – July 12 and 14; lodging guests check in July 12th, 4:00pm

This weekend is designed for students who want to advance their personal growth. This is a continuation for advancement from Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 students.

  • Learn how to improve their knowledge of Chi and begin to teach Chi Gong professionally

– Teachings will be provided on correcting postures and correcting movements
down to position your hands and fingers

  • Continue hands-on Fa Chi to Self
  • Continue hands-on Fa Chi to Others
  • Learn how to protect your energy from being drained by the energy of others
  • Become stronger and confident energy healer
  • How to heal in sitting, standing and lying positions
  • How to share simple yet effective Qi Gong methods to clients
  • How Qi Gong can release difficult emotions will be covered

Bonus: Group Chi Healing Balancing

Pre-requisite: Weekend 2

Weekend 4

Master Mindset Instructor Training – July 26 and 28; lodging guests check in July 26th, 4:00pm

This weekend is for students who wish to become certified as an Instructor and Practitioner.

  • Learn the mindset of a healer
  • Increase your healing ability by changing your mindset
  • Intensive training on how to deliver successful Qi Gong class/workshops
  • Practice Fa Chi
  • 8 ways to build your holistic business without advertising
  • Greater energy and abundance in your life
  • Students will take a test to demonstrate their ability to practice the 2 forms taught in the program for certification
  • Instructor’s Manual

Bonus: Group Chi Healing Balancing

Pre-requisites: Weekend 2 and Weekend 3

If you take all four weekends, you can become certified and be listed on Master Teresa’s website with more privileges. Should students cannot pass their test during the program, a second test can be arranged with an extra fee of $100.

More information at http://www.eastover.com/workshop/pureland-qi-gong-instructors-training-master-teresa-yeung.html

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Eastover Estate & Eco-Village

430 East Street

Lenox, MA 01240

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