3rd Friday Forum with Hive Leadership

3rd Friday Forum with Hive Leadership

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Connect and collaborate with leaders like you to discuss challenges we have in common and our various approaches to meeting them head-on.

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We're experiencing even more change at work, at home, and in the world than ever before. So let's talk about it! Join us for an hour on Zoom for our 3rd Friday Forums starting on June 17 at 8:30 am PT. We'll dive into juicy leadership challenges you and your colleagues are grappling with today.

Carlo and Monique will tee up a main theme, provide structure, and keep the conversation moving. We'll then decide as a group where we want the conversation around the theme to go. That way we keep the discussion relevant and timely. Expect lively and substantive conversations, where we get to learn from one another. Here's 2022 lineup:

Session 1 (Friday, June 17): Returning To The Post-Pandemic Office

In our work with leaders and teams, we've come up with a few ideas to help you and your team make the transition back to in-person work intentionally and successfully, and stay sane, connected, and productive. Some areas we could explore include:

  • My Space, Your Space, Our Space (Literally and Figuratively)
  • What? Another Surge? Navigating the Ongoing Pandemic Uncertainty
  • Connection Is The Key - To Everything

Session 2 (Friday, July 15): Navigating Tough Conversations

The biggest barrier to courageous leadership is our general discomfort with leaning into the tough conversations. That's what Brené Brown found in her research for her seminal leadership book Dare To Lead. Here's what we could explore:

  • What Makes Us Sidestep Tough Conversations?
  • Being Intentional With Our Intentions
  • Tips and Tricks for Holding Tough Conversations

Session 3 (Friday, August 19): Building Trust In Teams

We often consider teams through the lens of roles, responsibilities, processes, agreements, etc. These are really important. Trust is what makes these things come alive in high performing teams. These things could come up:

  • Relational Agility - The New North Star for Teams and Trust
  • Operationalizing "Assuming Positive Intent"
  • Psychological Safety As a Choice and Practice

Session 4 (Friday, September 16): Change Leadership in a VUCA World

Just when we thought we were through the most tumultuous times in our careers, BAM! We're hit with yet another wave of change. Leading through unending flux requires a special type of capacitor - Connection Centered Leadership™. We might wanna talk about:

  • Change As a Driver of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
  • The Six Facets of Connection Centered Leadership™
  • Curiosity - The Fear-Buster

Session 5 (Friday, October 21): Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback conversations can be uncomfortable and tough, and many of us avoid them until a crisis happens. However, giving and receiving feedback are crucial leadership skills that can be learned and practiced. We could touch on:

  • Is Feedback Really a Gift?
  • How To Not Take Things Personally
  • Feedback Frameworks and Practice

Session 6 (Friday, November 18): We Can't Stress This Enough...

Anyone had their share of stress lately? Us too. Stress may keep us moving (and alive) but it takes a toll on us mentally, emotionally, and physically. As leaders, we need to hit the pause button now and again to get back on our game. Here are some ideas to discuss:

  • Knowing Your "Tells" - How Do You Know You're Stressed?
  • Stress Surfing, or How To Ride Out The Cortisol Curve
  • Presence Is The Best Present

Once you sign up, we'll send you a Zoom link by email. Please reach out to us at info@hiveleadership.com with any questions. We hope to see you at one or more of our 3rd Friday Forums!

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