3rd Annual Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit (ccr) AS

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Philadelphia, PA 0000

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3rd Annual Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit

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Most drugs on today’s market display poor solubility, but the use of modern solubilization technologies can improve a drug product’s bioavailability and performance. Even the most promising API, monoclonal antibody or therapeutic peptide can only be turned into an effective and marketable drug if formulated in such a way that it is bioavailable. However, finding the ideal solution that gives a particular drug the desired profile is still a major headache for pharmaceutical firms. Additionally, biopharmaceutical firms hoping to develop oral delivery alternatives for biologics will also need to work out how to maximize the bioavailability, safety and effectiveness of their products. Small-and large-molecule therapeutics urgently need to overcome drug formulation and delivery challenges in order to improve bioavailability and therapeutic performance.

Back by popular demand, the 3rd Annual Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit will be providing a holistic overview to bioavailability enhancements. We will be covering everything from large molecules to small molecules; oral drugs and parenterals (including nasal, pulmonary, transdermal, microneedles, ocular and more); as well as will be bridging the gap from early to late stage discovery and development. Throughout the program we will be bringing real-world stories and case-studies and covering the sessions and topics with best practices and lessons learned in interesting and interactive sessions, panels and roundtables instead of the standard, “mundane” traditional-style presentations.

In addition, the 3rd Annual Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit strives to provide you unique and interesting solutions that can assist you and others on your team. We know that prediction and modeling tools and technologies; the move to continuous manufacturing; manners and methods to utilizing data; and legal, regulatory solutions amongst others are important to your role and company. And, our goal is to make sure we can provide you a wide array of ideas, tools, technologies, perspectives and thoughts to make your job easier.

This event will truly provide to you and your colleagues great ideas and perspectives to share and further improve your strategies to bring novel formulations to-market more quickly.

New for 2019: This event is co-located with the 3rd Annual Oral Drug Formulation Innovations Summit. Attendees and sponsors have access to this event as a value add.

Who Should Attend

  • Pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device professionals responsible for:

  • Formulation/Preformulation

  • Solubility/Solubilization

  • Pharmaceutics/Biopharmaceutics

  • Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics/ DMPK

  • Manufacturing

  • CMC

  • Drug Delivery

  • Medicinal Chemistry

  • Preclinical Development

  • Analytical Development

  • Material Science

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Toxicology

  • Physicochemistry

  • Process R&D

This Program Will Also Be of Interest to:

  • Solubility and Formulation Service Providers

  • Drug Delivery Service Providers

  • API Manufacturers

  • CROs

  • CMOs

Most ​drugs ​on ​today’s ​market ​display ​poor ​solubility, ​but ​the ​use ​of ​modern ​solubilization ​technologies ​can ​improve ​a ​drug ​product's ​bioavailability ​and ​performance. ​Even ​the ​most ​promising ​API, ​monoclonal ​antibody ​or ​therapeutic ​peptide ​can ​only ​be ​turned ​into ​an ​effective ​and ​marketable ​drug ​if ​formulated ​in ​such ​a ​way ​that ​it ​is ​bioavailable.

Most ​of ​the ​drugs ​and ​APIs ​currently ​on ​the ​market ​are ​poorly ​water-soluble ​and ​need ​to ​have ​their ​bioavailability ​improved ​through ​the ​development ​of ​enabled ​formulations ​and ​patient-centric ​delivery ​mechanisms. ​Finding ​the ​solution ​that ​gives ​a ​particular ​drug ​the ​desired ​profile ​is ​still ​a ​major ​headache ​for ​pharmaceutical ​firms.

Additionally, ​biopharmaceutical ​firms ​hoping ​to ​develop ​oral ​delivery ​alternatives ​for ​injectable ​biologics ​will ​also ​need ​to ​work ​out ​how ​to ​ensure ​that ​their ​products ​are ​bioavailable, ​safe ​and ​effective. ​Small-and ​large-molecule ​therapeutics ​urgently ​need ​to ​overcome ​drug ​formulation ​and ​delivery ​challenges ​in ​order ​to ​improve ​bioavailability ​and ​therapeutic ​performance.

Curtis ​& ​Coulter’s ​3rd ​Annual ​Global ​Drug ​Bioavailability ​Enhancement ​Summit ​will ​examine ​and ​showcase ​the ​industry’s ​latest ​formulation ​and ​delivery ​technologies ​for ​enhancing ​solubility ​and ​maximizing ​bioavailability. ​Learn ​directly ​from ​leading ​global ​formulation ​experts ​in ​both ​industry ​and ​academia ​on ​how ​to ​effectively ​develop ​poorly ​soluble ​drugs ​into ​scientifically ​unique, ​compliant, ​patient-centric ​formulations. ​Additionally, ​learn ​innovative ​strategies ​to ​significantly ​reduce ​product ​development ​timelines, ​brush ​up ​on ​the ​latest ​regulatory ​requirements ​and ​learn ​multiple ​innovative ​strategies ​to ​optimize ​and ​enhance ​your ​product ​portfolio.

Please ​note ​the ​3rd ​Global ​Drug ​Bioavailability ​Enhancement ​Summit ​is ​co-located ​with ​the ​3rd ​Oral ​Drug ​Formulation ​Innovations ​Summit. ​Attendees ​have ​access ​to ​BOTH ​events ​as ​a ​value ​add.

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Philadelphia, PA 0000

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