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Sofitel Singapore, contact Steven 91006098 for details

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无形智慧之《商道》座谈会 每个人都现实的只想解决当下的问题,因为当下的问题造成了当下的烦恼和不安,企业不赚钱,经济动荡,外忧内耗,财来财去,人聚人散……看不透就总着急解决眼前的问题,从不去思索造成当下问题的由来,任何一件不想要的事情发生必定都有个由来已久的积淀…… 夫万事万物皆有其道。上古之人不学数理化,数理化讲现象的规律,道是揭示现象背后本质的规律,这比我们所认知的一些理论更为透彻。古时称其为道,古人大都学道,而当今社会少有学道者。





日期: 20171118日,星期六

时间: 上午8:30 – 下午 6:00

参会者: 公司高管,企业总裁

联系人: Steven Zhang (9100 6098)

* 本次座谈会将用华语进行

Seminar on “the Pathway of Doing Business”

---- part of the series seminar “Invisible Wisdom”

Every one of us only focus on solving issues of the moment, as these pressing issues are causing us troubles and disturbance. We tend to solve the pressing issues without understanding the root causes of the problems, like unsatisfactory profits, fluctuating economy, wealth come and go, people gather and dismiss… we never ponder why these problems exist. There is a root cause behind every undesirable event that happened which might has been accumulated for long time.

The law of nature is behind everything that is happening. Our ancient ancestors did not learn math and science, neither did they learn the theories of natural phenomenon. ‘Dao’ reveals the root causes and laws of nature behind phenomenon. ‘Dao’ is deeper and more fundamental than many theories that we have learned. The ancient Chinese name it ‘Dao’ and most of them learn ‘Dao’. However, there is few people learn ‘Dao’ in our society today.

The basic meaning of the so-called ‘Dao’ is pathway. No matter what we want to achieve, where we want to go, we should firstly be clear about the pathway and direction, then we conquer and accomplish. The methods are effective only when our direction is correct. ‘Dao’ is the key. We will surely not be able to achieve our ultimate goal, if we merely think of what methods to use for problem solving but deviated from ‘Dao’.

We are drifting away from the truth, what is even worse – we do not believe in truth. This is similar to a situation where we are in a vast desert. We want water, however, we can only drink something that might be harmful to our body, because we do not have the capability to find where the water is.

All the other matters will not bring us pressure and emotional turbulence, except for – do not know ‘Dao’.

All these are caused by unawareness of ‘Dao’!

Come to “the Pathway of Doing Business”, understand the meaning of life, reveal the truth of the world. By then, the ropes tied to your heart and soul will be released thoroughly, and you will feel the true joy and freedom of life.

Date: 18 Nov 2017, Sat

Time: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

Who should attend: CXOs, entrepreneurs and business owners

Contact: Steven Zhang (9100 6098)

* the seminar is conducted in Chinese

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Date and Time



Sofitel Singapore, contact Steven 91006098 for details

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