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35mm screening of SUPERGIRL (w/ Helen Slater Q&A!)

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Vista Theatre

4473 Sunset Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90027

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35mm screening of SUPERGIRL (w/ Helen Slater Q&A)

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Part of our FEMALES ROCK FILM! series. Saturday, November 16, 2019 @ 10a, The Vista: SUPERGIRL (1984, Warner Brothers, directed by Jeannot Szwarc, 35mm, 120mns)

SPECIAL NOTE: Special Q&A panel with actress Helen Slater (SUPERGIRL herself!).

This movie is guest programmed by Secret Movie Clubbers, Kryztofer Stefanic and J Angel Sierra. The beautiful 35mm print is provided by Kryz, Angel, and Victor Gardea.

In November, we’re doing a special two part series featuring in-person Q&A’s with the female filmmakers behind some of the biggest American movies of the 1980’s.

We have no doubt that the next generation of American filmmakers will be (and should be) filled with some of the most talented female directing, writing, producing, editing, acting voices yet to make movies.

We want to shine a light on some of the female pioneers who are coming to tell their stories and take your questions about their experiences making movies.

First up, actor Helen Slater joins us to discuss her daunting task of playing SUPERGIRL one of the very first female superheroes in American cinema.

Before Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel or Gal Gadot’s wonderful Wonder Woman, Ms. Slater blazed a trail with her performance in the Salkind’s 1980’s superhero movie.

Here’s what guest programmer, Kryztofer Stefanic has to say: “After Superman: The Movie, and Superman II changed the game of the Superhero genre, producer's Alexander and Ilya Salkind wanted to expand on the franchise and broaden the genre's repertory. It was only natural, that the best place to go, was in the family. SUPERGIRL first soared across comic book illustrations in 1958, created as the female counterpart to Superman. Kara Zor-El established a predecessor to feminism with her energetic youthful nature in poise and storylines. The Kryptonian mythos had created the exact counterpoint that was needed - woman, who was strong, intelligent, and was sent to earth, from Argo City where she was born, to help fight for truth, justice, and the American Way with her cousin, Kal-El. The Salkinds immediately went to work on 1984's SUPERGIRL.

Directed by Jeannot Szwarc (Jaws 2, Somewhere in Time) lit by the luxiouious vision of Alan Hume (Star Wars Episode XI: Return of the Jedi, For Your Eyes Only, numerous James Bond films) and scored by the extraordinary Oscar winning Jerry Goldsmith, Supergirl was a picture that relied more on the fantasy styled impetus and narrative of the female Superhero, and marked itself as a departure from the verisimiltude chic of Richard Donner's Ground breaking Superman: The Movie. Roy Field's, opticial effects extraordinaire, who showed us a man can fly his work in SLTM, returns and imparts equality on women as he shows, particularly with a movingly shot scene near the beginning, that a girl can fly too, and his efforts yield some of the most compelling flying scenes ever put to 35mm.

The film, like many of it's type, was beset with production problems before the camera even rolled. Christopher Reeve was to reprise the role that made him famous, appearing as Superman to help his cousin in her quest. After the messy reception, both critically and financially, of Superman II, Reeves dropped out at the eleventh hour, and much of the script was revised, altering as little as could be given the short amount of time.

The film, often misunderstood, boasts some of the most thoughtful ideas ever presented in a female driven action film. The fact that Kara faces her journey alone is one of the best attributes. For this, the film boasts an optimistic look at a female who is smart, strong, sensible, brauny but also very demure in her character. Unlike the later feminist icons such as Ellen Ripley or Sarah Conner, who lose some aspects of their femininity, Supergirl flies and defeats her way through the film while keeping it classy, which is an attribute that was lost on almost every female superhero movie that has followed after. Moreover, the adversary being female was a concept that hadn't been explored on such an epic level. The film plays somewhat ahead of it's time. “

We’ll show Supergirl first, on a beautiful 35mm print. Then Ms. Slater will come up to take your questions about how she shouldered an entire franchise at the tender age of 21!

If you’ve got daughters, sisters, mothers, nieces, besties, bring them and cheer on Supergirl as she takes on the campy evil of a scenery chewing Faye Dunaway, gets tutored by a wonderfully sardonic Peter O Toole, and flies through a series of gloriously expensive, eye candy special effects sequences in one of the 1980’s most memorable super hero entries.

Before Marvel and DC, there was Helen Slater. And there was SUPERGIRL!

Best always,

Craig Hammill

35mm Secret Movie Club Founder.Programmer


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Date and Time


Vista Theatre

4473 Sunset Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90027

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