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35mm John Huston's THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE at the Vista, Los Feliz

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Vista Theatre

4473 Sunset Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Refund Policy

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Part of our THE INSPIRATION & THE INSPIRED series. Saturday, August 10, 2019 @ 10:30a, The Vista: THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE (1948, Warner Brothers, dir by John Huston, 35mm)

In August, on four successive Saturdays, we’ll be showing the original movie (the inspiration) as our morning matinee and the movie it birthed (the inspired) in our midnight slot.

It’s always fascinating to watch how the movies that inspired moviemakers get transformed, re-processed, reconfigured into new totally beautiful works of art whose parentage is still discernible. Like very successful children who nonetheless owe much to their supportive parents, we hope this series will provide a road map to all of us in love with cinema who nevertheless need to find our own singular unique voice.

First up, we screen John Huston’s 1948 masterpiece, THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, which filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson watched countless times as he thought of than wrote his own masterpiece THERE WILL BE BLOOD.

Huston’s original is based on a book by mysterious author B Traven. It tells the story of down on his luck Fred Dobbs (played with anti-heroic commitment by Humphrey Bogart) who, stranded in Mexico, befriends fellow vagabonds Tim Holt and Walter Huston (director Huston’s own father).

When Dobbs wins enough money in the lottery to buy prospecting equipment, he enlists Holt and Huston to be his partners. The three men vow to split whatever they find in their claim evenly and call it a day. Their plan is to make just enough to never have to be bums again. Only old man Huston has seen enough to know the dangers that lie ahead and beyond the well meaning intentions of men who have never actually had enough money to actually consider what sharing it would mean.

Of course, after much adventure and hardship, the trio do strike it rich when they discover gold in a desolate Mexican mountain. But far from society, they begin to distrust each other. To horde their money. To turn from the promise they made when they were poor. . .

THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE plays with all the force of a tale (it is in fact based partly on a story from Chaucer’s THE CANTERBURY TALES) in a lost book of the Bible.

Filled with juicy performances and Huston’s trademark insightful, unsentimental, clear-eyed understanding of what makes humans tick. Come join us for one of the great movies and the inspiration for. . .

Best always,

Craig Hammill

35mm Secret Movie Club Programmer.Organizer


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Date and Time


Vista Theatre

4473 Sunset Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90027

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Refunds up to 1 day before event

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