Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission

Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission

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The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village

5951 Silver King Boulevard

Cape Coral, FL 33914

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Bridging the Mind and Body to take transformation and healing to the next level

About this event

Have you struggled with feeling like you have come to a certain place in your spiritual or personal development journey and are now stuck? Do you still struggle with feeling guilt, shame, fear, lack, insecurity, unworthiness, or dis-ease in your body....and that it is blocking you from experiencing lasting passion, purpose, abundance, and joy in your life? Do you feel like you have already done a ton of "work" but the most important areas of your life aren't changing? Are you tired of "knowing" all the spiritual wisdom and personal development concepts but not being able to integrate or embody it? Do you want to get more comfortable being IN your body instead of always trying to get out of it? Are you more than ready to lose the old limiting stories, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions and step into the most healed, abundant, and authentic version of you? And are you ready to experience the power of breathwork in a group setting, in person, where you are safe and free to finally truly surrender!?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this 4 day workshop is for you!

What most people don't realize is that your root chakra is very much connected to all areas of your life. That is where we hold on to and carry the very dense emotions as well as the limiting beliefs that block us from the flow of life. This is where the default self lives. It is also where our life force energy resides. That life force energy cannot move through you if these lower energy centers are blocked. In the same means, if you are always focused on the upper chakras, you can struggle with not being able to be grounded and "rooted" in your body to actually implement, integrate, and take action on the higher teachings. You will be on an endless chase to go out of the body, but not be comfortable in it. By unlocking and moving this energy, you are unlocking your access to not only pleasure in all forms, but abundance, confidence, worthiness, self trust, self confidence, courage, intuition, creativity, and the ability to consciously manifest your life.

In this four day workshop, you will learn exactly what dense energies you have been holding onto in your lower chakra system, who your default self is and how it's been ruling your life and keeping you stuck, why your brain and more specifically, your Reticular Activating System (R.A.S.) continues to keep creating the same events in your life, why you don't feel safe to let go and be the authentic you, what it takes to balance and create flow in your energetic system, re-wire your brain to create a chosen version of yourself, releasing and letting the default self go, gain clarity on the authentic version of you that you want to show up as in your life, and a specific guide to implement and integrate the changes into your every day life after you leave the workshop.

This is unlike any other workshop out there right now as it works with the mind AND the body. It is a full immersion into accessing the power of both. We will take you deeper than ever before in these powerful breathwork ceremonies created specifically for this workshop. You will experience letting go and surrender in your body, releasing years and years of stored trauma and dense energy, allowing your powerful life force energy to move through you, and be supported and guided the entire time.

You will experience for yourself how breathwork is the key to opening your energy centers to release years of trauma that have been stored there as well as re-wiring your limbic brain. We will go through 2-3 breathwork meditations each day to let go of the old and bring in the new.

We will focus on discovering the true reasons your default self has been formed, the connection to who you really are and who you want to be, and how to move into total alignment in your every day life.

We will start on the evening of September 14th with a private rooftop dinner for the group along with a talk from Scott and Em to get you prepared to dive in the following 3 days.

The first full day will be focused on the default self. You will realize where the beliefs and energies of the default self were formed, how it creates the life you live today, and why you keep living out the same kinds of experiences that keep you small, in lack, unworthiness, fear, depression, and anxiety. We will then take you through breathwork meditations and specific exercises to release this default self from your mind and from your body.

The second day will be focused on your higher self and cultivating the connection to it. This starts with learning how to let go of control and move into the unknown. There will be specific exercises and breathwork to actually FEEL what surrender feels like in your mind and in your body so that you can move beyond your limited human self.

And the third day will be focused on your chosen self. Re-wiring your brain and creating flow in your energetic body. This is where we take the human self and higher self and integrate the two so that you can fully live out your most authentic life and the most authentic you. The breathwork will focus on what it feels like in your brain and body to step into the person you always knew you were meant to be. And how to walk into that in your life when you go home.

In the last couple years of my own personal journey of discovering the power of breathwork in moving into my authentic self, I have had so many people reach out to me asking the same questions I had previously asked myself. They were sharing with me that they can go really far "out" in meditation, but can't seem to make changes in their every day lives, or that they are afraid of losing control, or that they feel like their first chakra is blocked and they aren't able to move any energy. Because I had gone through this myself, I knew I had to share my wisdom with so many that are struggling with these very same issues. I also knew I was passionate about creating a safe container for these same people to experience something they weren't able to at home in their familiar environment.

So, this workshop is for you if you are fully committed and ready to release shame, blockages, lack, unworthiness, and any other energetic bond to what no longer serves you.

And not to worry if you haven't practiced breathwork before. As part of what is included in your registration, you will gain access to Em's Breathwork 101 Mini Series, a 4-module, self-paced, online course where you will learn and implement the basic breathwork techniques that you will be using at the workshop.

We have created a very loving and safe space for every person to go all in, if they are ready. You will be guided and supported to the highest degree. Creating a safe space is of upmost importance to us, as we realize you will never allow yourself to fully let go if you don't feel safe to do so.

Our previous event surpassed all expectations with people releasing energy that they never thought they could, connecting to the the quantum on an even deeper level, letting go of so many old stories and beliefs, and more importantly, creating a tribe that felt more like family than their blood family! Here are what some of them had to say:

"What an amazing experience! I am so glad I decided to make this retreat! My default self wanted to back out on so many occasions but Gabbie stood strong and oh boy is she powerful! Thanks for the great first time experience! I can't wait to do it again and again and again and again!! Love all of you!!"- Gabbie

"If you’re reading this and there’s even the slightest sliver of interest peaked, go do it. It is hands down one of the most transformative experiences I have ever had. And I am not coming home with an “event high”. I am coming home anchored in my most authentic self. Anchored in a new depth of clarity and love and trust. And freedom. So much freedom. It’s beyond words. And I’m not exaggerating!!! I know this is just the beginning!!! I am also coming home with an unwavering support system- my true heart family, my tribe - that will and does hold me accountable to this new standard I set for myself. They will not let me show up as anything else than the absolute best version of myself!!!" -Sage

"Oh Em, this workshop was the most transformative thing in my entire life. My body is so less anxious, I haven’t taken the second dose of anxiety meds in 2 weeks. Freaking huge. NOTHING has every worked prior to the Authentic Life Blueprint and the retreat. Thank you seems like it’s not enough to express my gratitude to you and the family you created for each and every one of us 💝💝💝💝💝💝"- Athena

*A private rooftop dinner on the 14th and breakfast and lunch for the following 3 days are included in the ticket price. Dinner is on your own and there are many options at the hotel.

*It is highly recommended that you bring eye shades, a journal, water, and anything you need to lay comfortably on the floor during the breathwork meditations.

*We have a block of discounted rate rooms at the Westin for $201 a night. You will book the room on your own, using the link you will receive in the confirmation email following your registration for the event, so please be sure to look out for that.

*The closest airport to the hotel is Fort Myers (RSW) and you can just get an uber to the hotel. There are restaurants on site so you don't need a rental car.

What is included in the price of admission-

1. 4 Day Workshop w/ Scott and Em

2. Breakfast and lunch for 3 days and private rooftop dinner on the 14th

3. Some of the breathwork meditations used in the event to work with at home

4. Full access to Breathwork 101 Mini Series upon registration

***NO REFUNDS GIVEN FOR CANCELATIONS AFTER AUGUST 15TH. If you cancel your registration before August 15th, you will get a full refund, minus eventbrite fees.

Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image
Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image
Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image
Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image
Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image
Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image
Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image
Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image
Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image
Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image
Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image
Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image
Mind and Body Blueprint Workshop- General Admission image

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