30 Lifetime "On-Demand" R and Research Methods Certificate Courses

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30 "On-Demand" Lifetime R and Research Methods Certificate Courses is a 24/7-available, permanently-owned, all-inclusive, comprehensive set of 30 certificate-bearing research methods / data science / data analytics courses hosted on Udemy. All courses' content, and all materials, were prepared by Dr. Geoffrey Hubona, a 25-year veteran of teaching and research at multiple major research universities in the United States. Dr. Hubona is currently an Associate Professor of MIS at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU). During the Spring 2018 semester, Dr. Hubona taught the following for-credit courses at TAMIU: (1) Business Data Visualization (undergraduate, overall student evaluations 4.38 / 5.0); (2) Advanced Programming using R (graduate, overall student evaluations 4.61 / 5.0); and (3) Data Mining and Business Analytics (graduate, overall student evaluations 4.43 / 5.0).

The 30 online courses are designed to train academics and other data science and data analytics professionals in the use of current research methods practices, mostly using R software (although some courses use other freely-available analytics software). The courses teach current “hands-on,” in-demand research methods skills pertinent to the growing professional fields of data science and data analytics for academia, industry, and government. All courses are taught in English, and the majority of these courses have English captions (which may be turned on or off) to provide additional benefit for non-native-English-speaking registrants.

Through July 3rd, we are offering a discounted registration opportunity for everyone. Anyone may register for a one-time registration fee of $100 total. Within 24 hours of your registration on this site, you will be provided permanent, no-cost access to all courses on the Udemy site. You will then have 24/7 online lifetime access to 30 professional, certificate-bearing data science, research methods and data analytics courses. Your registration never expires and there are no additional renewal fees nor any additional fees to pay, ever.

Each of the thirty courses has approximately 8-10 hours of video content (which does not include the provided exercises, solutions, readings and other materials). Some of the courses have considerably more content. All courses are "hands-on" in nature, teaching you to program and to execute, interpret, and to report the data science and analytics results. All software, all course materials, in fact, everything that you need and that you see on screen is included in the one-time $100 registration fee. There is nothing else to acquire, ever.

The 30 certificate-bearing, permanent R and research methods courses broadly relate to these categories:

  1. Introduction to and fundamentals of R;
  2. Creating visualizations with R graphics;
  3. Multivariate statistical analyses, linear and non-linear modeling;
  4. Data mining;
  5. R programming, application development, and simulation and monte carlo methods; and
  6. Variance-based (PLS-PM) and Covariance-based (CB-SEM) Structural Equation Modeling

Your single, one-time registration entitles you to 30 lifetime (permanently-owned) courses overall. All courses were designed and are taught by a published, 25-year research University professor, Dr. Geoffrey Hubona. The 30 video courses include all software, all course materials, interactive discussion boards, slides, readings, R scripts, models and projects, and all exercises and solutions and are available to you every day, 24 hours per day, on any device (smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer) that is connected to the Internet, in any country located anywhere in the world.

Each registrant enjoys immediate (within 24 hours) permanent access to these 29 R courses after registering. At least one additional Udemy course will be added in the summer months and you will then also have free, permanent access to this additional course to round out your set of 30 courses.

Currently, there are 17,200+ unique individuals from 150 countries registered for one or more of these 30 online courses. One may examine the complete curriculum details for each existing course, as well as individual course reviews from existing participants, by clicking on each course icon at the course listing site.

Until 11:30 PM EST on July 3rd, 2018, anyone world-wide can permanently register in all 30 courses as a set for a one-time registration fee of $100 USD total.

Your registration never expires and each course offers a Certificate of Completion (if you finish the course) from Udemy. There are no time limits for completing a course nor for earning your individual course Certificates.

Please note that we require a valid email address at registration so that we can set up your access to the 30 courses. We do not share your email address with any other party.

Refund Information: Upon request, the event organizer (Dr. Hubona) will process a full refund (less $5 for processing) by postal mail until July 3rd, provided that you have not registered in any of the 30 courses on Udemy before that time.

Thank you very much for participating !

Best, Geoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.

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