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3 Divine Feminine Workshops With Yoga, Essential Oils & Ceremony

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The Light Centre

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☆☆☆ Three Divine Feminine & Women's Wellbeing Workshops with Yoga, Essential Oils & Ceremony with Dr Alexina Mehta☆☆☆

Over the weekend of 18-19 Nov, Inner Peace Wellness is very blessed to be hosting Dr Alexina Mehta, a Naturopathic Doctor and Energy Medicine Practitioner from Canada, who will be offering THREE separate Women's Wellbeing workshops:
☼ Sat 18 Nov, 10am-1.30pm: Devi Yoga & Women's Natural Health Care with Essential Oils
☼ Sat 18 Nov, 2.30pm-6pm: Chakra Balancing Yoga with Essential Oils & Shamanic Gratitude Ceremony
☼ Sun 19 Nov, 10am-5pm: Devi Yoga Workshop: Awaken the Divine Feminine

Dr Alexina will be sharing her extensive knowledge & wisdom on Yoga, the Divine Feminine, Essential Oils, Natural approaches to Women's Self Care & Ceremony. She will be offering 2 HALF DAY WORKSHOPS on SATURDAY 18 NOVEMBER and a FULL DAY WORKSHOP on SUNDAY 19 NOVEMBER. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather as women, embody our Femininity, Empower ourselves and improve our Wellbeing guided by a beautiful Goddess and qualified Doctor who is passionate about being of service to women. And there are DISCOUNTS available if you sign up to MORE THAN ONE workshop! A rare and beautiful opportunity not to be missed! These will be small, intimate workshops, so we suggest booking early to avoid disappointment. Full information on all 3 workshops below. Improve your Health & embody your Femininity over a weekend dedicated to the Divine Feminine, Women's Wellbeing, Yoga, Nurture, Ceremony and Sacred Connection.



☼ 1.5 hour Devi Yoga practice: honouring the Divine Feminine through a sacred and sensual yoga session to bring out your inner Goddess. We will work with 15 major Goddesses from around the world and learn associated mantras, mudras, meditations and postures for each Goddess.

☼ 1 hour Talk led by Dr Alexina with Q & A on common major health concerns for women relating to Hormone Health, Digestive Health, Sleep, Weight Management & Mood Energy. And some natural solutions which are easy, effective and safe so that you may nurture yourselves. There will also be an opportunity to do some shopping at the end for self-care tools.

☼ 1 hour Emotions Potions session: Make your very own signature emotion "potion" with certified pure essential oils under the guidance of Dr Mehta & find out which plant essences can help with your emotional state for inner calm, peace and happiness. Leave with your own signature potion to take home!


"After my yoga and essential oils class, I realized how much I was disconnected from my body. Yoga is great but the effect in combining the pure plant essences showed me how much deeper I was capable of relaxing. The smells were divine, and I could tell how the oils used were different- they were super pure." Daniella S.

"I loved Dr. Alexina's Yoga and Doterra Essential oils workshop. After experiencing the oils in yoga, and feeling how much more powerful yoga became, I knew I needed the oils in my life. My health and my family's health has transformed ever since. Most concerns can be dealt with natural remedies, and now I know! There is no turning back!."


☼ Only £55 / £50 Earlybird for this half day workshop (Earlybird ends Nov 5)
☼ For both half day workshops on Saturday: £90
☼ With either half day workshop on Saturday the full day workshop on Sunday is only £85
To pay via Paypal please email frjavaid@gmail.com
Limited space, so book early to avoid disappointment.



This workshops consists of a 2 hour Chakra Balancing Hatha Yoga with Essential Oils mini-workshop followed by a 1.5 hour Shamanic Peruvian Gratitude (Despacho) Ceremony.

The Chakra model is a powerful tool to understand the imbalance in one's body and life. Using ‘mother nature's’ wisdom via plant essences is a wise way to support one in balancing physically, mentally and emotionally. This session is open to everyone, and no prior Chakra knowledge or experience is needed. Each participant will receive their choice of a Chakra balancing essential oil sample to take home.

☼ 2 hour Chakra Balancing Hatha Yoga with Essential Oils Mini-Workshop:

Discover how you can utilise essential oils, gifts from the earth, for yourself and your Yoga practice. Adding essential oils to a Chakra balancing session or yoga class can help one's energetic systems find increased homeostasis. In this mini-workshop we will use ten therapeutic-grade essential oils, and balance the seven chakras while practicing a Hatha Yoga session.

During this Chakra Balancing Hatha Yoga with Essential Oils mini-workshop you will:

• Receive information and tips on how to enhance your Yoga practice and wellbeing through the use of essential oils
• Learn how to create a healing environment
• Learn how to more deeply calm the nervous system and create more mental clarity
• Discover new emotional aromatherapy blends
• Soothe away tension and muscle and joint discomfort
• Address specific concerns which Dr Mehta will assist with

☼ 1.5 hour Shamanic Peruvian Despacho Ceremony: Gratitude as a Superpower:

A Despacho is a Peruvian Shamanic Ceremony which is used to honour and give thanks. This particular ceremony is a Gratitude ceremony where we connect to what we are grateful for as a launching point to set our intentions under the New Moon. On this New Moon, we gather for the perfect opportunity to set our intentions moving forward towards the time of year where much of the focus becomes internal. With the Winter Solstice about a month away, we prepare to create from a deep place of inner connection and consciousness.

Gratitude is in fact the most powerful energy to create anything from. We will enter into a space of profound Gratitude together in this Shamanic ceremony and then draw on the forces of Love, Light and Wisdom to align with the highest intentions for our future.

The result: feeling hopeful, inspired and motivated to move towards your dreams.

Benefits of this Ceremony:

• Renewed hope in your future as a powerful woman on this planet- yes, YOU can make a difference
• Camaraderie with a community of women who are choosing to be warrioresses of the light (together, we are stronger)
• A profoundly deep spiritual connection to your inner healer, for your inner peace and well-being in body-mind and spirit
• Refreshed and Inspired to practice Yoga as a Ceremony
• A deeper connection to your true Self
• A steady peacefulness in your being, that you can come back to again and again.


"The gratitude ceremony helped me shift out of a negative space I was in within moments of when we began. It was the most beautiful ceremony I have ever attended. It's amazing how quickly one can change when in the right energy." Lisa M.

"After the gratitude ceremony with Dr. Alexina, I had a renewed sense of hope in my work and family life. My energy came back, and a deep sense of calm, that I was going to be fine and that I have the power to change my life for the better." Jessica C.


☼ Only £55 / £50 Earlybird for this half day workshop (Earlybird ends Nov 5)
☼ For both half day workshops on Saturday: £90
☼ With either half day workshop on Saturday the full day workshop on Sunday is only £85

Limited space, so book early to avoid disappointment.



Awaken the Divine Feminine within you & improve your Wellbeing through the practice of Devi (Goddess) Yoga in this one day workshop. During the day, we will practice 15 different Yoga postures, each which honors a specific Goddess from a different tradition (Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek) to help us remember the qualities they symbolise within ourselves. This is a sacred and sensual approach to Yoga to bring out your inner Goddess.

This workshop, led by a qualified Doctor and Naturopath, will also explore common women’s health concerns and how the Goddess is connected with the solution. We will use Essential Oils to help balance the related Chakras associated with each Goddess, so this workshop will also help to improve your overall Wellbeing, and increase your inner Balance and Harmony.

This workshop will also include a 30 minute talk on women’s Self Care using plant medicines.

For example, the pose to honor the Goddess Durga reminds us that we have strength in the moments when we feel weak. The pose to honor Lakshmi reminds us that a blessing can come to us in any moment, often when we least expect it. This pose teaches us gratitude for blessings to come.

The workshop will contain information about the 15 different Goddesses with actual physical practice of Yoga poses, mudras, mantras and meditations for each Goddess which connects us even more deeply to the intention of the pose. For more information on the Goddesses see below.


"A wondrous and supportive environment, allowing for deeper learning into oneself. Alexina provides guidance with grace and deep wisdom." Nancy B, massage therapist

"Dr. Mehta's Devi Yoga workshop is amazing. She brings forth a wealth of knowledge from her life experiences and many travels. She presents each Goddess with reverence and in an accessible way. I am excited to incorporate this wisdom into my personal practice. " Jennifer K, Yoga Teacher

"I really enjoyed the Devi Yoga workshop. Alexina truly embodied the energy of humbleness, gentleness and love througout her teachings which helped me to understand and learn more fully about what she taught." Rebecca C, Yoga Student


☼ Only £97/£90 Earlybird for this full day workshop (earlybird ends Nov 5)
☼ If you also attend either of Dr Alexina's workshops on Saturday 18 Nov this full day workshop on Sunday is only £85

Limited space, so book early to avoid disappointment.


You can find more information about Dr Mehta on her website: http://dralexinamehta.com/bio-2/ and

Also, check out her ‘Celebrating the Goddess’ page on Facebook:

For more information about this event, please email: frjavaid@gmail.com


With each Goddess we will learn:
• Meditation to connect to the energy we are working with
• Posture to symbolise the what the Goddess represents
• Mudra (hand gesture) to connect more deeply in the body & mind
• Mantra to focus our minds
• Common women’s health concerns and how the Goddess is connected with the solution
• Essential oil to help balance the related chakras associated with the Goddess


☆Durga: Courage and Strength.. So you can triumph.
☆Lakshmi: Blessings, Prosperity, Opportunity… for you to thrive.
☆Saraswati: Divine knowledge to have the right guidance to know what is best for you in your life.
☆Kali: The power to let go of what no longer serves so you can focus on what does serve.
☆Radha: Love of the highest order..because it is the highest energy of the universe! Learn how to love more and better. In this picture you see her with her beloved, Krishna.
☆Sita: The ability to nurture and care for yourself and others. Mother earth connection. Healing from the inside out.
☆Parvati: Love, devotion, strength, empowerment…like the energy of a Queen…develop much greater reverence for yourself as a sacred being.

☆Dakinis: The ability to dance with life. Learn to be more adaptable and flexible..because life is easier when we can do this.
☆Green Tara: Compassion and Forgiveness…the world needs this now more than ever.
☆White Tara: Health and Protection…so you can live out your highest purpose.

☆Kuan Yin: Compassion and Forgiveness. (We need this in double doses, which is why we work with Green Tara as well).

☆Isis: High Priestess…an icon of divine truth. She helps us remember our divine truth so we can be authentic in our lives.
☆Sekmet: Lioness known as a warrior and healer…she helps us find strength to move forward and to heal.
☆Hathor: Joy…this makes living life so much sweeter.

☆Aphrodite: Divine Love…this sensual Goddess reminds us that we are too.
☆Athena: Empowerment and Wisdom…in these times of women rising, Athena reminds us wisdom is key. Empowerment results when we work from wisdom.

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The Light Centre

114 London Wall



United Kingdom

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