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3 Commercial Imperatives for Marketing + Sales + Success in 2019 (Webinar)

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This webinar will provide Sales, Success and Marketing participants with insight into the 3 most important transformations underway among your Public and Private Enterprise customers in 2019 and 3 recomendations on what you can do to combat these shifts.

When the New Year comes, we’ll either see a period of the same or slower growth (perhaps an early recession). But even if things pick up significantly, here is what you can expect from the CFOs, CHROS, COO, CCO, and CIOs in the Enterprise world you are working with:

  • Continued Digitization of the Firm - As you know your customers are digitizing. They’re folding people processes into software, looking into AI/ML investments and getting all those little self-service channels up for customers and vendors. 2019 will see even more of this!

  • Putting Structure Underneath Culture - 90% of the senior executives you are selling to have "agility" on their radar or some version of it. And while the same firms have had “culture” on the top of their agenda for some time, the big shift in 19' is going to be from “individuals” to managers + teams and this will extend well beyong IT and product into the Sales and Success world. In fact running a similar system to your clients is something they are going to start to expect.

  • Niching Down to Scale-Up - To ‘recess” is to ‘niche’ and although we don't want a recession, we will see more enterprises niche down on their most valuable activities to improve customer facing activities in 2019 maximize profit and make room for newer investments.

Our recommendations on the webinar for what you can do include how to:

  • Remove the "friction" between sales, success, sdrs, product, marketing

  • Maximize Account-Based Marketing efforts

  • Run more effective weekly/monthly commercial team meetings and standups

  • Tie customer/market data to insight

  • Tie collaborative work (sales+success+marketing+product) to incentive work

  • Improve confidence of the commercial team in creativity and teamwork

  • Improve productivity of the commercial team through iterative work

Who Should Attend:

Enterprise sales and success organizations curious about improving their Account-Based Marketing, insight development process and agile ways of structuring the team.

What you'll also get for $50 investment:

  • A copy of the presentation

  • A summary of the toolkits we're recomending to address these urgent shifts

  • A 15% discount code should you decide to pursue one of our Team Alignment Workshops. Click here for more details.

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